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ATP Matches of the Day - 13/11/09

by pottiella (U7028587) 13 November 2009
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A daily update on the key matchups to look out for in the upcoming day of play on the ATP Tour.

**Matches will be ordered by approximate timing of play rather than appearance by court. Therefore there may be some overlap of matches.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Paris Masters ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

BERCY QF - The favourites continue to slump in the customary casualty-filled Paris Masters, while the remaining of them squeeze through another round to see the quarter finals.

But the lineup of the last eight today is no less colourful - not least with two Frenchmen still carrying the home hopes, including the defending champion.

Hopes for a final place at the Tour Finals may have all been eradicated except for one man left standing in the tournament; but with the tour giants wiltering, this is anyone's dream season-ending title to be had.

Court Central - Novak Djokovic vs Robin Soderling
Djokovic has been the only one of the top 5 to look at least half sharp enough to be considered the title favourite. However, perhaps he has not been tested as much as the others by a serious challenger who thrives on hardcourt - and indoor hardcourt at that...until now. This will be by far his biggest test heading towards the Tour Finals where Soderling is on song, in his favourite court conditions, and sensing it is entirely in his power alone now to snatch that final spot at the Tour finals. This could be 'edge of the seat' stuff in this match, but entirely dependent on Soderling.

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Court Central - Jo-Wilfried Tsonga vs Rafael Nadal
There is much at stake in this match. With Federer out and Nadal squeaking through each round, he has a glimmer of a chance to make a last gasp snatch of the world no 1 spot - if he finishes his year perfectly from now until the end of the Tour Finals. However, neither his form or fitness suggests he is in that once dominant or confident state to do so. Tsonga will be much less forgiving that Nadal's last two opponents, and of all the places Tsonga will not be lacking in motivation, it will be here at home defending his Masters title in front of an adoring crowd. Tsonga would have to be a favourite in this match, but with Nadal you just can't ever count him out...

Not Before 18:30(GMT)
Court Central - Marin Cilic vs Gael Monfils
This is perhaps one of the most intriguing of matchups, with little at stake but much to prove. Monfil thrives in front of his home crowd, but Cilic is not one to be intimidated - and is getting progressively better. Their contrasting playing style makes it all the more fascinating: with Monfils' flair and Cilic's thundering groundstrokes - it is a contest between outsmarting and outhitting. This could go either way.

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Court Central - Juan Martin Del Potro vs Radek Stepanek
It has to be said that Del Potro has - like Nadal - had a lucky escape to reach this far. Gonzalez could very well have edged him out if there was no retirement after two extremely tight sets; but perhaps this is when Del Potro manages to breathe easy. If his fitness issues have been tested over the last couple of matches, he has certainly passed enough to not be so threatened by Stepanek. Stepanek for his part, though is playing well, is coming from outplaying a tiring player, so may well enter this match with a false sense of security. Of all the matches today, this one seems the least difficult to apply a favourite - and Del Potro will be on his way to try capture his first Masters title.

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comment by BOO (U12535530)

posted Nov 13, 2009

I'm really sorry, I cannot serve

His first serves were over 80%!!!!

Makes you wonder;-)

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posted Nov 13, 2009

Such a shame. I really hope he's okay for London.

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posted Nov 13, 2009

Well see you tomorrow for some classis semis...
Rafa and Djoko - great and Montfils infront of a french crowd.

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posted Nov 13, 2009



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posted Nov 13, 2009

Rafa and Monfils to win. But I think it will be Djokovic and the second match is up for grabs imo.

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posted Nov 13, 2009


In reply to your comment about 4 pages or about 9 hours ago (sorry I had to get back to work..), you'll be pleased to know that I do at least see the validity of your argument even if I don't agree with the conclusion. It does depend though on whether you perceive Nadal to be unlucky in being injured or dumb because he plays too many tournaments at 100% and causes his own injury.
Personally I think Federer is number 1 rightly but I will admit that this is less clear cut than if he had done that against an injury free Nadal. However let's hope Nadal stays at full fitness throughout 2010 and especially for Wimbledon and the French Open.

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posted Nov 13, 2009

Del Potro

I was knocking around in the Argentine recently and played four coaches in different parts of the country. I don't know if this was just negative tittle-tattle but each one had the same comment even if put in different words...namely that the boy had spent too much time partying and not enough on court post his great victory. If (if) there has been a resultant basic fitness problem, he'd have to wait for the break to sort it out. Suspect he would. Seems a well-intentioned cove.

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posted Nov 13, 2009

I don't really like to get into this argument (we've all read it over and over so many times...) but I do feel that it should be remembered that Federer did not become number one BECAUSE Nadal was injured. He had to WIN both the French Open and chiefly Wimbledon in order to achieve it.

The reason I mention it is because there are a lot of people on these boards (I am not targeting anyone in particular) who seem to think that it was somehow "easy" to do that just because Nadal was not playing. It is not "easy" to win majors regardless of who is across the net from you.

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posted Nov 13, 2009

Anyway, that's me done for tonight.

Shame about Del Potro, I do hope he's alright for London. Same for A-Rod - no word from him. Hope they'll both be fit to play.

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posted Nov 14, 2009

It's funny how idiots talk of Djokovic's game as some sort of disaster for the sport and then hail a big hitter with no brain like Tsonga has the next best thing.



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