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An interesting article on injuries..

by Yappysnap (U13758807) 05 November 2009
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And how they are looked at and dealt with, within rugby.

Shades a bit of light on a part of the set up i never really knew much about.

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posted Nov 5, 2009

it was interesting your right

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posted Nov 5, 2009

Thank you.
I like to think i usualy am.

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posted Nov 5, 2009

Great read, thanks <ok>

I love the science-y stuff when talking about Robinson - 'a combination of various botanical bits and pieces'

I wonder if that's what they told him as they were about to inject him.

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posted Nov 5, 2009

Interesting. Reminds me of an article I read on an NZ site a while back - the author had anecdotal evidence from a number of players returning from NH club stints saying that injury management wasn't handled as well by the NH clubs (in France in particular) compared to the S14 franchises.

The article was quite prescient - talking about the risks of injury to Dan Carter a week or 2 before he was invalided out!

It's something borne out by friends of mine who've picked up sports injuries in the UK - in their experience the standard of physiotherapy in general is a lot better down under (apparently the reverse is true for chiropractors).

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posted Nov 5, 2009

However, the prevention of injury is the real priority and that is why we may see a slightly different performance from Jonny Wilkinson this weekend. His coaches have never been able to persuade him to change his ways but the science says that England will be much better off if he stays fit even if that means jacking out of a few tackles!


I like this bit. it actually would be very interesting to see if j-dogg will be consciously missing any oppertunity to nail an auzzie... hmmmm cant see it myself! he loves it too much! and its not like he's going to get mortlock down his channel now so he should be alright with his normal play.

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comment by xpat73 (U1677334)

posted Nov 6, 2009

"Others say padding is the solution - but Jonathan Webb, former England full-back and now a surgeon, disagrees.

In fact, he'd abolish all padding and headgear. "It gives a false sense of security - and convinces youngsters they're invincible. That could be disastrous. You have to rely on natural defence mechanisms." "

Very true. I am 100% convninced that there would far less injuries in ther NFL, for example, if they were not wearing helmets. The players charge into tackles head first like an exocet. Players would not be so reckless if they had no helmet.

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