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West Ham United 2 - 2

by johnyzola (U14064867) 31 October 2009
31 October 2009
stadium of light
Premier League
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lets put the game into perspective
we should have won but we said at the start we would take a point and im happY with that

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posted Oct 31, 2009

Jones pushed both his hands into Ilungas face not his chest.
You could try, but you could not be more wrong <doh>

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posted Oct 31, 2009

Definite plus and minus points from this game.
Plus, gpals from the 2 strikers and Franco's first goal for us.
Minus, unable to defend a lead against 10 men for the second time this month but with their support at 2-2 probably may have fancied them to nick it so Johnyzola called it right. We would have taken a point from here.
Our fixtures in November will test GZ's theory that we are better than our league position suggests with 3 at home against Villa,Everton and Burnley and away to Hull. No easy points in this league but we have got to be looking to pick up points in this month because December looks a lot less comfortable with Man U and Chelsea consecutively at home.

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posted Oct 31, 2009


I dont know what they put in the water down south!

West Ham deserved NOTHING today. Maybe an OSCAR for what was a conniving and immoral performance.

The referee decided to rob us of the three points today

Jones was protecting himself from someone who was fully attempting to nut him!

The ref was constantly getting in the middle of our play otherwise we would have at least 3 goalscoring opportunities.

WE should have had a penalty due to a blatant hand ball.

WEST HAM are cheats. END OF

Carlton Cole is canny like. he has changed my mind about him today.


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posted Oct 31, 2009

Old Cynic <laugh> ( 2 hours ago ) <doh>

“ It was never a second yellow for Kovac “ “ he went to knock it back up the pitch and Bent came running in from the blind side. Bent got to the ball first, but Kovac was already committed to his kick, which caught Bent in the leg - How was that a yellow ? “

Regarding Cana’s yellow card

“ one just after he had been booked for a dangerous kick on Noble that almost took his head off “

What a hypocrite <doh>

The first comment could so easily have been made about Cana’s unjust yellow card <doh> but you decided to be “ two-faced “ about two similar challenges <doh>

I liked West Ham years ago when they were noted for playing football the way it should be played – before they became a “ dirty “ team a few years ago <ok>

I can’t help laughing at the hypocrisy in the cynic’s post <laugh>

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posted Oct 31, 2009

Didnt see the game but it does seem Fergie's mate Bruce has selective memory, last season I recall when his Wigan team played Man City a certain player named Zaki threw himself to the floor at every opportunity to win free kicks and a piece of amateur dramatics won a penalty that won Wigan the game.

You need to take the rough with the smooth Elephant Man.

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posted Oct 31, 2009

"The result brings to an end Sunderland's run of four successive home victories but the visitors will have cause to feel this was a game they should have won" quote by Phil Dawkes BBC. Absolute and utter rubbish. Both teams missed lots of chances but Sunderland squandered more. When is the media pandering to all things London going to stop? Never, as far as the BBC is concerned it seems. Publish or dont publish, quite frankly, I dont give a damn!

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posted Nov 1, 2009

I think all you Sunderlands fans should be looking in the mirror when you cry 'Hypocracy'. I Have watch back the Ilunga incident with Jones a few times now and if you think (along with a number of jurno's) that Jones pushed Ilunga in the chest in a 'half hearted shove' (as one report suggested) then you need to get a lesson or two in human physiology.

Ilunga's head was in Jonses chest, whether from an attempted butt as you all claim, of as a result of him looking for the loose ball (as he said he was)is irrelivant, Jones shoved his hands outwards at HIS shoulder level which put his hands in line with Ilungas face. I will concede that it was only one hand that made contact with Ilunga's face, the other was somewhere around his shoulder/neck level.

A number of your fans yesterday were claiming that the ref was biased to WHU as we were getting more fouls due to our 'play acting'. All the stats tell a different story ranging from you conceding 11 or 12 fouls whilst we conceded anything from 16 - 21 (depending on who's report you believe), over half of which came in the second half, which backs up my conjecture that your players were 'falling over' more easily in that period.

Quite how you can compare the Kovac booking and sending off incident, (which was accidental, as I have stated earlier, it was against an unseen player coming in and getting the ball first, once he was committed to the kick he caught your player with) to the deliberate two footed, studs up lunges Cana was recklessly making (one of which left Franco with a sizable gash in his shin - which was clear for all to see as he came off for treatment) beggers belief.

Baldy, How can you say the ref stole the 3 points from you? If anything it was the other way round as he failed to take action against Cana, who should have rightfully been sent off in the first half for repeat bookable offences, including dissent (which Kovac was booked for) when he was mouthing off and doing his specatacles impression to the officials.

Because of his inconsistancy and the way he was penalising our defence he let you back in the game.

As I did say in another post, I do not like the play acting that has crept into the game and managers should be doing more to prevent it, along with other aspects that seem to have become an accepted part of the game (which is one of the only two thing we are going to agree on). Also the standard of the refs needs to be addressed, it is becoming a joke - eight sendings off in the prem yesterday and how many yellows? It can't all be down to the players.

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posted Nov 1, 2009

west ham should of won??? no way!! great game but we had enough chances 2 win 20 matches. it was a stupid thing to do by jones but illunga was a disgrace, but you expect it from these soft southeners!!!

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comment by Dougal (U14071091)

posted Nov 2, 2009

Sunderland fan here who was at the game (I can only guess a lot of you lot weren't) and having read all the comments I felt the need to add mine.

At half-time if you had offered me 2-1 I would have taken it. We were poor in the first half and West Ham deserved the lead. However in the second half we were by far the better team and in the end actually deserved to win. Cana hit the bar, Bent cut inside and missed a great chance and we got in behind the Wet Ham defence on a few occasions.

I would like to point out a few of my opinions, feel free to agree or disagree:

1) Our best player this season and an early contender for our player of the year has to be Andy Reid. Constantly works hard, never gives up and always looks to bring the ball down and pass it. That was my first home game this year but I've taken in every away game and Reid has to be the first player on the team sheet every week.

2) How long are Sunderland going to have to wait for K Jones to play to his potential? We all know how he can play, but he very rarely does! I honstly think we should have sold him to Spurs when they were in for them. Stupidly got himeslf sent off and to make it worse some fans clapped him when he left the pitch! That Ilunga was terrible going down clutching his face, he's a grown man!!

3) Loriq Cana was brilliant and was my man of the match!

4) West Ham fans - I was very impressed with Carlton Cole, how we can pick Heskey ahead of him for England is beyond me, he was very good on Saturday.

5) Finally, I was gutted when neither MOTD or GOS didn't show Nosworthy's goal saving challenge on Cole! What a challenge, only 1 minute after missing the ball and nearly giving away a 3rd!!

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comment by Dougal (U14071091)

posted Nov 2, 2009

Haha, obviously I meant I would have taken 2-2 at HT!!!!

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