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Live - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Formula One
by Caroline Cheese (U1647853) 30 October 2009
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Hello you

We're in Abu Dhabi (in a virtual sense) for the final Grand Prix of the 2009 season. Jenson Button and Brawn have already taken the big prizes but there are several issues still to be resolved, namely: the fight for second between Rubens Barrichello and Seb Vettel, and the fight for third in the constructors between Ferrari and McLaren. Should be fun.

Follow it all here:

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comment by HP888 (U3815979)

posted Nov 1, 2009

Does anyone who that random guy was who walked onto the forum during the start with a tray of shots? EJ was about to knock them back until Jake said "Were live, don't drink"

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posted Nov 1, 2009

I just want to comment that after nearly 30 years of watching Formula 1, the BBC's coverage this year has in my view been the best ever. I had my doubts about the presenters at the start of the season, however Eddie Jordan has really grown in stature following a shaky start the banter between him, DC, and Jake Humphrey is genius.

The addition of the Red Button practice sessions as well as the after race forum has also proved a brilliant innovation David Croft, Maurice Hamilton, Sir Jackie Stewart (who incidentally demonstrates great wisdom & insight), Holly Samos, and Anthony Davidson who's voice I hope I don't here next season for all the right reasons (due hopefully to a driving seat either at Brawn or Lotus).

The professionalism and knowledge of Martin Brundle and Jonathan Legard, backed up by Ted Kravitz, and Lee McKenzie should also be mentioned. I don't know how the shows producers intend to top their efforts this year I just hope we are treated to more of the same and that the BBC somehow keep this brilliant team of presenters together.

As usual the BBC's sporting coverage has been of the very highest standard just one request can we have a high definition feed for F1 coverage next season? biggrin

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posted Nov 1, 2009

Good race, good season, and an absolute relief to watch different teams fighting for wins and podiums. It was not just Brawn and Red Bull, but also Toyota and, amazingly, Force India!. Anyone who believes this was not a great season must be completely bonkers!. After year after year of McLaren vs. Ferrari, it's great to add more teams to the show...
And, even though he only finished fourth in the final standings, I want to applaud Mark Webber for a brilliant season. He drove superbly all year long and only a few "drops" of his perpetual bad-luck (plus a couple of disappointing races for the team: Valencia and Monza), prevented him from fighting for the championship. Vettel might be a wonderkid, but Webber did pretty well against him, something many doubted at the beginning of the year. If Red Bull keeps its form next season, both will undoubtly be favourites for the WDC. Well done boys! And my congratulations to Button and Brawn GP, Sutil, Kobayashi and Rosberg for being always "there". 'till next year!

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comment by jenlew (U14198350)

posted Nov 1, 2009

Totally agree re the red button comments which seem to have been removed!
Can we have a replay of this weeks forum on the F1 website please?

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posted Nov 1, 2009

Another pathetic Herman Tilke designed track. All he cares about is how it looks from a heli-cam and not how the circuit design adds interest to the racing.

Not a patch on classics such as Interlagos, SPA, Montreal, Suzukua.

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comment by IfImay (U7012929)

posted Nov 1, 2009

Boring with a capital B, a total lack of true competitive racing, oh sorry I forgot a couple of laps at the end with two cars.

50,000 capacity? Silverstone is in doubt with 135,000 plus.

I bet joe public was not their in abundance.

The only life I saw was the Brawn team after the event.

Agree with BrutalBernie. "antiseptic and clinical"

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comment by Faze105 (U1232241)

posted Nov 1, 2009

I don't know if because it were end of season, but I was totally bored, apart from the five laps from the end. The cars were very much spaced out and I don't remember much overtaking.

Yes it is a very nice venue, but it was deathly quiet when Vettel got out of the car to celebrate his win.

Contrast this to Brazil where the fans were so passionate and dare I say it, Silverstone where you can hear the crowd roar when Jenson or Lewis overtook someone.

Very nice circuit, no doubt lots of money paid to Bernie to host the race, but compared to traditional circuits, nowhere near as good.

Lastly, thank you BBC for excellent coverage this season, I have really enjoyed watching the coverage.

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posted Nov 1, 2009

A good race today.

Great coverage by the BBC this year on tv and radio.

I really hope Paul di Resta can get a F1 drive in 2010.

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posted Nov 1, 2009

WHAT A LAST LAP!!! I love F1 and that lap and Button's drive at Brazil is what F1 is about. I have followed F1 for aslong as i can remember and have videos stretching back to 94 and these last 3 seasons have been the best ever this season the best of the lot due to the return of the BBC where we miss no action due to adverts.

I must say well done to Kobayashi for 2 cracking races and I think he drove himself to a seat next year spectacular racing in Brazil aswell.

On a final not well done to Jenson Button and Brawn GP the cap from silverstone sits proudly in my room.

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comment by Alex R (U3425620)

posted Nov 2, 2009

Was I the only one who got teed off by the constant reference to a "fabulous venur/track" blah, blah, blah...? BrutalBernie, "antiseptic and clinical" got it in one. Yeah a great venue for real racing fans! It looked like a mix of an overpriced hotel with bored guests, and the cars getting lost at an airport. 23bn? Built by whom? Some poor saps from India, Pakistan or the the Phillipines on $3 a day!

Nothing happening but the stoking of some petro-dollar despot's ego. Thanks Bernie.

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