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England's Luxury Handbags

International England
by Fact Jack (U14167631) 22 October 2009
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What morons are behind the bid thought this was a good idea? Besides sounding a bit dodgy at best to influence a decision with gifts it really cheapens the integrity of our bid. We have a serious chance of hosting the World Cup and we can't mess it up again by being hasty or being clowns. Jack Warner is as corrupt as they come and I don't care if he says he wants to see the Queen or not, he should keep his trap shut. Instead of wasting that money influencing the wives of the voting panel how about spending on finishing that football academy project that is in what.. that has been 10+ years in the making. Disgusting. I am disgusted. 1 more strike from this England mockery community and I am out of here.

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posted Oct 22, 2009

We are on our knees as a nation if we are resorted to effectively bribing to bring business into this country at the moment.

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posted Oct 23, 2009

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

The World Cup bid team say they've been working hard behind closed doors ... now the cat has been let out of the bag

Now this is out in the open ... any member who supports our world cup bid will be accused of taking a bribe by other bidders; meven if they have SECRETLY been gifting themselves

I cannot see us winning this bid now

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posted Oct 23, 2009

Would a signed picture of Becks (not looking like the monkey in the Planet of the Apes of course) and afirm, contractually binding promise that Posh willnever sing in Trinidad and Tobago possibly do the trick?

It might work. Jack does seem to be pre occupied with things other than football for some reason.

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posted Oct 23, 2009

They dont want ta giv us teh world cup anywy in case we winit

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posted Oct 23, 2009

They could have made an effort at least <erm>

and Seezredd is right... now that this has been made public, it will count against them

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posted Nov 5, 2009

The FA have not broken any rule, there are two problems here though


2) Jack Warner

To the first problem, everything we do gets blown out of all proportion, one minute we are not doing enough for the bid (in Warners opinion being arrogant), next we are doing too much.

To the second problem and the BIGGER one, Warner absolutely hates England with a passion, he is a horrible little man who holds a grudge, he will do anything he can to pump his own ego and position while derail our efforts and in returning this "gift" he has done just that.

World football will be coming "home" soon enough, whether he likes it or not, mark my words

End of.

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posted Aug 24, 2010

How many "handbags", I wonder, bought the Olympics to London?

Anyway, perhaps it was just a joke by the FA.
Next time they should buy them all hair-dryers, but not for their wives.

The most dispiriting thing, for me, is not the corruption that is widely acknowleged. It is the reluctance of the BBC, their "journalists", and their moderators, to properly investigate and publish the details.

Why are they afraid of Sepp Blatter and FIFA? Is it law-suits for libel?
Bring it on. They are the ones afraid of laws.

FIFA is an unelected, unaccountable, organisation that hides away from as many laws (and governments) as it can in Switzerland. It issues threats to the FA, the government, and thus the football fans, of any country that steps out of line by questioning the probity of the organisation and it's officers.

It would probably only take the FAs in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Holland, Brazil and Argentina to say "enough", for there to be a fresh start.

Come on you FA people, show that you are vertebrates.

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posted Aug 24, 2010

...and I should not dishonour Uraguay by omitting them the list of countries in my last post.

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