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Congratulations Button

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Well done to Button over the course of the season he was probably just the better driver.

feel so sorry for Barrichello though after todays race, nothing went right for the poor guy. He will go down as one of the best drivers never to win a championship.

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posted Oct 19, 2009

Apart from the usual trolls and whingers, the very fact that Jenson Button's ability is a hot topic suggests that it is questionable.

You cannot argue that Alonso is top drawer. The same with Hamilton (although there is the Eternal Anti-Hamilton League) and Raikkonen (when he's not having an off day).

But Button? He deserves the championship this year, no doubt but is he a worthy champion? That's a different question.

I remain unconvinced because I have never seen a world champion drive so poorly and be out-qualified and raced so consistently by his team-mate as Button for much of the second half of this year. Really limp and painful to watch. And for those lauding his drive yesterday, it was a good drive but those he passed were low-ranking drivers and he struggled with Kobyashi. Both Vettel and Hamilton finished ahead of him from lower down the grid.

Button won the championship by dent of his rivals failing to capitalise on his very poor performances. How many times did we hear 'another get out of jail free card for Jenson'?

But being champion is what the record books will show and I have no problem with that but with half the grid under-performing for half the year or longer, 2009 certainly wasn't a vintage F1 year by any stretch.

As for Button, as long as he stays at Brawn and the car is competitive, rather than vastly superior, I think we'll see what he's really made of.

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comment by Dan (U1900095)

posted Oct 19, 2009

Possibly the most underwhelming "World Championship" in recent memory.

Can you imagine if Manchester United or Chelsea won most of their games in the first half of the season and then lost constantly, really badly for the remainder?

It proves more than ever that F1 is more of a farce than anything else. More based on what car / regulations are legal / illegal than what the driver does.

Sure, you need to be a decent driver, but really it's more about the car. Why bother with a driver world championship at all?

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posted Oct 19, 2009

Hmm, no comments on the fact that Button went into this race, actually 5 points down on what he should've been on, due to half-points in the Malaysian Grand Prix. Barichello came 5th in that race, so should have been a further 3 points behind Button going into the race in Brasil (Vettel binned it in KL on the 30th lap, nil point)

So, Button would've been 17 points ahead of Barichello yesterday.

Got to feel sorry for Barichello; after all, it's gotta be tough, driving racing cars for a living, taking part in a sport that turns you into a multi-millionaire, surrounds you with beautiful women and gives you global fame. Yep, poor old Rubens, what a tough life he has winkeye

Of course Button deserved to win you puerile, gabbling, inane mediocrities! It's a championship procession, held over 17 races, aimed at making lots of money for BE and CVC; yesterday's was a good show though, there was actually some overtaking happening on the circuit, under normal driving conditions. laugh

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posted Oct 19, 2009

In 2000 I rated Button on his first season. But since then he has consistently demonstrated a total lack in the killer instinct a true champion needs.
Button won this championship in a year where the majority of top teams went in the wrong direction with their car pre-season. With the added restriction to any mid-season testing to develop cars, Button was fortunate to have had such a massive advantage in the first half of the season to have accrued enough points to scrape through at the end.
Praise to (Honda) Brawn though for designing a car that delivered at the start - they are the worthy champions.
It will interesting to see what they can deliver next year without all those Honda workers.
Will Button stay on next year at Brawn? Why not - I don't see anyone scrabbling to sign him up even after becoming Champion!

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posted Oct 19, 2009

Yay go Button,i'm a firm Hamilton fan but I am so pleased that if Lewis couldn't retain his title,at least another Brit won it.

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posted Oct 19, 2009

Would there be so many Button detractors out there if he season had been slanted the other way, ie a modest start and then winning six out of seven races towards the end to clinch the championship with a race to spare.

Other drivers may have had a statistically better second half of the season, but the record books will still show Button as champion.

He has underperformed in the past and driven a few poor cars, but I'd have to say on balance that he deserves this years title.

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comment by Salyavin (U194150)

posted Oct 19, 2009

comment by SHAKYEAMO (U14179034)

posted 8 Hours Ago

The worst thing to happen inn years to F1. A self dillusioned champion of no real skill or charisma. Not a talented driver and the world over groaned as he won the championship.. a sad day indeed


I have seen plenty of idiotic comments n these boards but this one really takes the cake. An utterly oafish uninformed presumptious pile of twaddle.

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comment by TK421W (U11576217)

posted Oct 20, 2009

I have been a major critic of Button this year. I believe that the Brawn was vastly superior for the first half of the season and that as soon as things started getting tricky, Button has shown his true ability.

That said, brazil was easily the best race of the season by a few light years, largely down to button who drove like a champ should drive, pulled off some superb overtakes and was easily the class of the field imo.

For me, he showed what i have been waiting for him to show, and that is that he can drive through the field, relying upon his skill to make up places rather than pitstops.

That for me has proved he does deserve it, and whilst im not saying that one race makes a season, he pulled it off when he had to and good for him.

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posted Oct 20, 2009

all the people on here discussing which driver is better than the other...what a bunch of 'Pea brains' doh

it's the car that does all the God i thought football fans were thick, but you lot take the biscuit!

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comment by Craig (U14152793)

posted Oct 29, 2009

An interesting stat was put to me today. Before Button, the last 4 World Champions to win the title with races to spare were:


Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso, Mika Hakkinen, Jacques Villeneuve and Damon Hill all won their titles on the final day of the season.

And people still question if Jenson is worthy?!

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