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Excellent Davy beats Rafa to Shanghai title

by RAF (U13830415) 18 October 2009
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Congrats to Davy for a superb match, he really ran after Rafa's short balls and serve, excellent forehand and backhand. I initially thought he would suffer from tiredness after the match vs Nole, but he didn't he just continued his best form and when you look back at the tournament as a whole you will actually see, the deserved man won, as he has been playing wonderful tennis from day one.

He was almost in tears at the end, so obviously this title meant a lot for him. I love him as a player, he has such a sweet backhand and forehand shot, they were on fire vs Nole and Nadal and he comes into net when he needs to, getting winners most of the time - amazing volleys and DP's.

It's quite sad he hasn't won a GS yet, but I suppose he does usually have meltdowns in certain big situations, hopefully he will take confidence from this win and move upwards in the rankings.
As for Rafa, he was too defensive - I think everyone could see that, he became more attacking towards the end of the second set, but it was too little, too late for him. He must learn and adapt his game to suit hardcourts when he is playing on them, his clay court movement naturally comes into play and it isn't good enough, the balls are too short and looping in the air for opponents to attack at will.

However some good points for him are that his serve has improved, much deeper and more powerful, they get him a lot of free points currently which is great and shows improvement because the likes of Federer, Nole and Federer use to use his weak serve as an advantage in a game - this isn't the case anymore.

With more and more games under his belt after injury, he will slowly but surely grow in confidence and will get back to near his best form. His mentality, in terms of strong mind, is as strong as ever, he just needs to adapt his game, from defensive play into more attacking tennis when he plays on hard courts.
Onwards and upwards to Paris.

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comment by RAF (U13830415)

posted Oct 18, 2009


drunk I think they choose the first article that states the official match score/result and mine was first, whereas your I believe was done before the match.

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posted Oct 18, 2009

But I edited it like right after the match finshed....


I had the linked article from Del Potro Murray in Toronto from the live text, that would still remain my finest hour ok

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posted Oct 18, 2009

Yet you make an asinine statement about that fake bread stick and bagel he handed out to Fed in French 08. Why is it that Rafa never managed to bagel Federer previously in those 4 or 5 years before French 08?? Was it that Rafa was playing out of this world or was it that Federer was clearly ill going by his movement and the way he had a scar on his face??



you get more pathetic with every posting stop embarassing yourself

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posted Oct 18, 2009

Gunner_Kid 2

"When Murray develops his attacking game to the level of even a top-50 player and demonstrates the shot-making extravagance required to win major titles, then he can be considered a contender"


I do like some humour on a Sunday afternoon, 'kid', but really your're more hilarious than the so called 'singers' in last nights X-factor thinking that they could possibly be in the same League as Whitney Houston

I warn you of the dangers of been disrespectful of talented players, by reminding you that Fed was classed as Switzerland's answer to Tim Henman when he was only 6 months younger than Murray

Finally, considering that Murray doesn't have an attacking game as good as a Top 50 player, his record against this rivals is truly remarkable, let alone his 4 Masters wins

He'll be some player once he learns to attack, eh, 'Kid'??


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posted Oct 18, 2009

You can't go blaming illnesses on the French Open 08.

Summer 08 was Nadal's peak, he may win French's and WImbys again, but I'll be shocked if he ever plays as good as that again.

For me the 6-130 shows just how good a player Nadal is, and doesn't really refelect bad on Federer.

And I believe it made Nadal complacent in 09, hence Soderlingate.

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posted Oct 18, 2009

And Soderling aint done an awful lot since has he ???

So there´s a lesson there somewhere winkeye

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comment by Tenez (U1653885)

posted Oct 18, 2009

I hate to sound like a Rafa basher but how on earth is he able to beat Federer on hard coart and not Davydenko?

Didn't Fed beat Nadal 64 61 last time they both played on this same court?

That was before both got their respective illness/injury.

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posted Oct 18, 2009

Good article!!!5stars.
My sentiments exactly.
Congratulations to Davydenko.Well deserved win.(was rooting for him anyway)Wish that Davydenko has a grandslam to his name.

As for Rafa....he got it wrong today and being a "stubborn" player refused to change his tactics.Pity..Well win some ,lose some..At least he is serving better.Hopefully for his sake he will learn from this match and not leave it too late.

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posted Oct 18, 2009

Davydenko is the best player now and in a long time not to have a slam. His finals record of 18-5 shows that he plays very well in finals (and he said that himself). If he were to reach a slam finals I think he will seal it unless he runs into Roger.

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posted Oct 18, 2009

Rafa's finals record is second to none: 36-11. So it is the same game he is being criticised for now that wins him so many finals so assuredly. One has to dominate him to beat him in the finals, which is not easy to do. But that is exactly what Davydenko did today.

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