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Wiggins hints at Team Sky switch

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Bradley Wiggins says he will have to move teams if he is to improve on his fourth place at this year's Tour de France.

In an interview with BBC Sport, the three-time Olympic track champion said: "It's like trying to win the Champions League - you need to be at Manchester United but I'm playing at Wigan at the moment so I have to make that step up."

Looks a fairly clear indication of his desire to move teams to me and the obvious switch is to Team Sky.

British Cycling performance director and Team Sky principal Dave Brailsford refused to be drawn on the situation saying: "Key British riders are maybe under contract and we've got to respect that."

So, what do you think? Is Wiggo Team Sky bound?

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comment by ike2112 (U4429659)

posted Sep 26, 2009

Ha Wiggo!
If Garmin is Wigan, that makes Caisse Chelsea/Man U. Team Sky are Notts County/QPR.

And if we're going to use football analogies, Bradley Wiggins is Darren Bent. Why would Man U/Chelsea want Darren Bent (Wiggo) when they can have Drogba etc.

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posted Sep 26, 2009

FULL-TIME Wigan 3-1 Chelsea

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posted Sep 26, 2009

I was just thinking the same thing when I saw that score line laugh

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posted Sep 26, 2009

Wiggins vs Wigan

Wigan- all heart and passion, fighting against the big boys to deliver an unexpected result.

Wiggins the road racer- Can't see the wood for the trees and "blaming" his predicament on others in his team, rather then his very good, but sadly for him, not world beating talent.

A fractured Astana team with a 37 year old bloke who had not raced for over 3 years beat him, and I suspect will beat him again next year. God bless Wiggo!!

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comment by gelywa (U14071769)

posted Sep 26, 2009

Wiggins does not lack ambition, but I'm not sure that the riders that Team Sky are strong enough to provide him with a chance of winning next year's TDF as team leader.
It will take Team Sky a couple of years to "bed in", but until then he would be better off getting his head down with Garmin - there aregoing to be interesting developments as Astana implode in any event.

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posted Sep 26, 2009

A fractured Astana team with a 37 year old bloke who had not raced for over 3 years beat him, and I suspect will beat him again next year.
It wasn't all that fractured. Almost the whole team were behind Armstrong, and he was able to utilise that, and his experience (he never lost a handful of seconds by missing a move or a split at the line!) to outdo Wiggins. No shame there. Apart from Paulinho, none of the high-profile Astana workhorses were Contador men - though many of the lesser names, like Rast, Schär and Bazayev did their work impartially - and there is no shame whatsoever in losing to Contador or Andy Schleck over a three week tour.

What Wiggins should be more worried about is that there is no way Evans, Menchov, Sastre et al will let themselves underperform so chronically again. Somebody even scoffed at me for considering Sastre and Evans threats to Armstrong next year, but Sastre came 3rd in the Giro (allowing for di Luca's results being removed) and Evans came 3rd in the Vuelta - did he look like he'd "lost it"? Not a bit of it. A rider like Evans is more the competition to Wiggins - great time trialler, good but not great climber, and for many years criticised for not being attacking on the climbs, more just hanging in there and covering people. That's how I see Wiggins developing.

After all, it's only in the last year or so that we've seen the aggressive Cadel who attacks, and as a result he's won over a lot of cynics - pretty much everybody I spoke to was against him in the Tour 08, but when I criticised him in jest as being unlikable during the Vuelta, he was vigorously defended by several.

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posted Sep 28, 2009

>I don't understand all the suspicion about riders now with the bio passport in effect. If blood values exceed stated limits it's as plain as day and the rider is banned.

Its not a panacea because it doesn't work like that.

Afaik, the only thing that can stop you starting a race is a hematocrit > 50 % (eg Rob Hayles). Even then you don't get banned, you just miss that race.

If your blood passport is dodgy, for example your hematocrit is at 49% for the entire TdF, then you can be targeted for additional testing but again you will not be banned.

Normally the only was to get banned is to fail a traditional test ie "catch traces of epo" as you said. And if you consider that both micro dosing of EPO and autologous blood transfusions are currently UNDETECTABLE then yes we still have a problem.

The very cynical would say that all the blood passport does is to allow everybody to dope within known limits, that is not more mr 60% but plenty of mr 49.9999 % smiley

Agreed that the situation is much better with the passport but what is needed is a change in regulation that allows a rider to be disqualified from starting a race purely on the basis of a "dodgy" passport (as determined by an expert panel). Legally this is not possible at present.

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comment by omgidbi (U8078647)

posted Sep 28, 2009

for those of you who follow wiggo on twitter - i think his wigan riposte at the weekend reflected the spirit in which it was made initially....

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posted Sep 28, 2009

Brailsford was interviewed by Harmon during Eurosports coverage and he was quick to acknowledge the work being done by members of his team.

He also pointed out that Sky shouldn't be judged too much on next seasons results. They have long term targets and everyhing will be geared towards those.

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posted Sep 29, 2009

Absolutely delighted with the fabulous continued achievements of British cyclists, but that brings its own problems...

Surely a team targeting Yellow with Wiggo would be an entirely different beast to one targeting stage victories and Green with Cav?

Aren't these aspirations mutually exclusive? How could a single team support both functions?!

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