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Cut Mayweather some Slackquiao?

by Mambo123 (U9657352) 19 September 2009
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Should we cut Mayweather some Slackquiao for ducking Pacquiao?

Pacquiao is thought to be the only one who can beat Mayweather. Mayweather is the last star in the hotbed of boxing, America.

Without him, interest will drop off completely.

There are no new stars coming through, the stars of today are all in the 140 lbs zone, and all over 30.

They seem to be getting smaller and smaller. At this rate, soon enough we'll be watching midget boxing.

Is that what you want? Midget boxing? Cuz we're almost there already. UFC doesn;t even have a 145 weight class.

So should we cut Mayweather some Slackquiao for ducking Pacquiao?

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posted Sep 22, 2009

Manny boxed against Hatton & De La Hoya when they were finished and everyone made a big deal about it but when Mayweather beats them there is an excuse and start bringing up why he never fighted names that were never mentioned to start with.

I can gurantee that Mayweather would make him look ordinary if they manage to sort something out but when he wins the haters will find another excuse.

Cotto, Manny, Mosley, Margarito the result would be the same. The only boxer I can see causing Mayweather problems is Williams.

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posted Sep 22, 2009

Forget Manny (Pacman), i want to see Shane Mosley versus Floyd Mayweathers at least Floyd will be fighting someone who is close to their natural weight unlike his pervious opponent (Hatton, Marquez etc)

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posted Sep 22, 2009

something no one has mentioned yet but as i recall judah actually gave mayweather some problems in the earlier rounds and landed quite a few clean shots on him and knocked mayweather down, tho it wasnt scored.

i see some similarities between pacman and judah. both southies and blisteringly fast with power. if judah catches fmj then think pacman can a few times too. would also argue pacman maybe has more of a dig than judah.

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posted Sep 23, 2009

comment by irondave85 (U8129218)
posted 20 Hours Ago

"Best LWW of our time, conveniently missed by FLoyd on his way through. Kostya Tszyu"

Conveniently missed because he WASN'T AVAILABLE at the time. How many times do ye Floyd haters need to be told this?


If you'd like to look at my post, I do in fact say that there was an issue with timing. However, it seemed to many observers that Floyd was looking over his shoulder when he made the step up from lww to ww.

Simple fact. If Floyd had wanted the fight, he could have made it happen. No one forced him to step up and fight Baldomir. But as with the rest of his career, he preferred to step up to average opponents than fight the best in his current division.

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posted Sep 23, 2009

"No one forced him to step up and fight Baldomir"

Well seen as Hatton wanted no part of him at 140 and Arum was keeping the still green Cotto wrapped up in cotton wool, what else was Floyd to do? By the way, the "average" Baldomir was the linear champion. If Mayweather never fought Baldomir I'm sure you'd say he was avoiding him as well!

Also, I don't understand your "looking over his shoulder" comment. Do you think Floyd stayed at lightweight waiting for Tszyu to get injured before making the move up? Man, as well as being a brilliant boxer, it seems Mayweather also moonlights as a clairvoyant.

There's no end to this man's talents!

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posted Sep 23, 2009

I want to see him in the ring with Shane Mosley. I still fancy him to be too quick but would like to see him finally facing someone relatively close to his own natural weight!

Pacman wouldn't be embarrassed by him but IMO his height and reach advantage would just be too much. Am I right in thinking Manny would be giving away 6 inches in reach? yikes

I just don't see Mayweather being silly enough to let himself get hit too often given a stat like that.

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comment by Prof_x (U14147888)

posted Sep 23, 2009

I believe a lot of the Pacquaio supporters are forgetting that you cannot keep going up in weight indefinitely and still be effective. Pacquaio stated at 107lbs and moving up by nearly 40lbs is not realist if MAYWEATHER is a true P4P boxer. Pacquaio record is outstanding, but do not confuse beating good/ average fighters in a small weight band makes you Willie Pep. Note: MAYWEATHER started at 130 but was only there for 4 years.

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comment by ted (U6576923)

posted Sep 23, 2009

floyd will beat pacquaio and make him look average when doing it.sure pacquaio will certainly try alot harder to bring the fight to mayweather but as we clearly saw marquez tryed that and it didnt work.
ultimately mayweathers superb defence and speed will see him get to grips with pacquaio and win another majority points win.

the mosely fight will be a better test for floyd but i see him winning that too after perhaps a few good flurries from mosley.shane can punch hard so if he connects right then you never know but can he connect right on the night thats the question? either way im a mayweather fan and would also like cotto to beat pacquaio.

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posted Sep 23, 2009

when Mayweather came out of retirement I was immediately excited by the prospect of him facing Pacman!! Thought it could be the fight of the Year....

Now after watching that performance the excitments gone!

Mayweather will eat every one of these guys for breakfast!! He aint ecen on their radar!! His defence is so on point Pacman will hardly be able to touch him!! and Mosley will get destroyed as well...

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posted Sep 24, 2009

Mayweather is the best. I can't see anybody beating him yet. Pacman will give him a good fight for sure. Remember Pacman beat Hatton in Two while it took Mayweather 9 rounds to beat Hatton. Anyway it will be a good fight but Mayweather will win for sure. Sugar should stay retired. He has a big right hand and thats all. He will be taught a beautiful lesson by Mayweather.

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