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Congrats SA

by Ashkeel (U14041285) 12 September 2009
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Well done South Africa Tri-nations champions 2009.
Great game and credit to All Blacks for fighting to the end. I thought that Du Preez was again the stand out player, he is for me the best player in the world at the moment. Frans Steyn is an enigma, just let the kid settle in ONE position and watch him flourish. PDV you are a mad and eccentric genius but you are winning SA fans over and if you are judged by results only then expect an IRB coach of the year award later on this year (how many nations or coaches can claim to whitewashing the AB's 3-0 in a season.) And finally John Smit you are an all time legend take bow sir.

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posted Sep 12, 2009

Well done Springboks from this Englishman.

You are undoubtably the best at the moment.

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posted Sep 12, 2009

Bok befok!!! We are back again where we belong!!

Chegorts - your comment "Remember the comments not too long ago about De Villers? Nice on SA and in their own back yard"

Pieter De Villiers is the luckiest coach in international Rugby!! He inherited a world class side from Jake White and has pretty much done nothing to it! He has not really progressed the side from where it was in 2007 and he has been fortunate so far as the odds have been in his favour.

Today's victory is down to brilliant play from the team and great leadership from John Smit.

Pieter De Villiers was just there to take credit and smile for the camera's....

Bring in more new talent to side and take the side a notch higher and then maybe will he be considered to be a decent coach.

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posted Sep 12, 2009

Pieter de Villiers is the man.

Muir and Gold are good and Smit and Matfield are good.

If this had all gone t its up, you guys would be blaming PdV. Come on. Give him some credit.

You are doing Smit and the boys a disservice to imply that they are led by a muppet.

Not wanting to get this post censored, how do I say this?: PdV you've given a big finger to all these detractors.

Seriously - if its so easy to coach a good team, why do we have coaches? Was Jake White also just standing there taking the credit?

Barca - you disappoint me. Normally I love your posts. Come on bru - be fair. PdV has done what's been asked of him. Give the guy a break.

The fact that he did this and STILL fills the quota should be a thing of joy for us. Not a reason to moan!

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posted Sep 13, 2009

Shame on you Slick08, if they had lost no doubt PDV would have been hung drawn and quartered.

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posted Sep 13, 2009

Regarding the refereeing it was so diabolical that one wondered if it was a conspiracy by NewsCorp to maintain interest in the tournament. Wayne Barnes was bad enough last week, but if it had not been for 'Welsh Wonder" Owen, the Springboks would have won by 20 points.

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posted Sep 13, 2009

Sick08..."take the side a notch higher". Where? They are No. 1 in the World, won the 3N for only the 3rd time, PdV's 2nd year in charge, beat a very good Lions team, 2 wins in consecutive years IN NZ!
PdV is doing a great job, and I really enjoy most of his comments; he is now showing a humble side and wit but overall great pride and passion for his Boks!

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comment by pelmer (U12197406)

posted Sep 14, 2009

Congratulations to the Bokke !!

It truley is a golden era we are witnessing !! Im very proud. John Smit...Matfield...Botha... Spies...De Villiers...Burger...du Preez ....Steyn..Habana...Steyn...bEEEEAST....all playing themselves into folklaw. Lets hope we can hold it together until the World cup.

Loving it !!!

Go Bokke

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posted Sep 14, 2009

Yes, South Africa showed emphatically why they are most worthy winners of the Tri-Nations. To beat the ABs three times in a row is nothing to sneeze at. For my money the Boks have proved that they are indeed the best team in world rugby currently - so no doubt the ABs will be fired up to redress the balance in the future, which will be great for all of us. The match at the weekend was a terrific spectacle, so with luck next weekend's finale with Australia will provide more of the same. And yes, it was nice to see the AB lineouts finally improving!

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posted Sep 17, 2009

As an Englishman...No...A very proud Englishman, I have to say well done to the Springboks.

People can throw what they like into the mix, be it... boring rugby, flash in the pan, whatever. This team is the best in the world and up their with the all time great teams certainly of my era.

World cup winners, Victors over a strong Lions squad and now 3nations winners. Impressive.

John Smit is now up there with the greats and he has done a terrific job with leading these men.

No questions asked.

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posted Sep 23, 2009

Well done South Africa. Thoroughly deserved to win . However I think what the Tri Nations really showed is just how good the Lions were . To go to SA play all the rugby apart from one half in the first test, score more tries, score points just shows what a good side they were . In this time of Wimbledon rugby The lions showed that even against the best defence in the world, if you have the ambition and get on the front foot you can actually run the ball from depth consistantly and with purpose

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