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9 months!

Championship Sheffield United
by Capt'n Blade (U8650494) 07 September 2009
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Radio Sheffield breaking news Paddy Kenny suspended for 9 months from any sort of football.

No more info as yet.

I'm guessing it basically rules him out for this season though surely

"Didn't have the drugs for performance enhancing and so a little surprised suspended for 9 months.
There is every chance for appealing it. Paddy is devastated.
He can't even train at all with the club.

These are the rules any athlete who takes anything from Night Nurse to any cough medicine will be banned.

Even though the FA saw this as not performance enhancing drugs they still felt because it was a banned substance the ban is necessary."

Suspension starts on 22nd July as FA understand.

Paddy's deal runs out this season and so could have played his last game for the club.

More of interview with Blackwell on Radio Sheff.

One word is ridiculous another is stupid and the last one is expected.

Hopefully he will play again for us...

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posted Sep 9, 2009


"I think drugs are a scourge and menace in sport and their use is completly unaccaptable and anyone found taking drugs should be punished severly"

Have you ever taken drugs?

Have you been prescribed drugs by a doctor?

Have you ever bought drugs from a chemist?

Of course you have. Because like everyone else on this planet, we get ill.

When we are ill, we take drugs to get better. Sometimes those drugs are controlled and have to be prescribed.

Paddy didn't take any of those.

Sometimes, we can just go to the chemist and buy an OTC drug.

Paddy didn't do that.

But his partner did. And that OTC drug was in her medicine cabinet.

Paddy had chest pains from being ill and took it.

You and me (I assume like me that you are not a professional athlete) can take it without an censure.

However, Paddy can't.

So before you get on your high horse, remember that what Paddy took is probably the same medicine most people would take if they were suffering from the same illness.

You might even have had it recently yourself.

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posted Sep 14, 2009

Ther cases are completly different as you say.
One was a technial administraive matter , the othera drugs offence. Drugs are a menace in sport and must be eradicated. That is why we have World Anti doping authority and not a World anti not filling in forms properly authority.
Marisa Hingis and Ben Johnason were banned for drugs offences but Steffi Graff and Boris Becker were not stripped of their titles because they tried to cheat the German taxman. And nonbody is suuggesting Lewis Hamilton & Jensen be thrown out of formula one because they live in tax havens.
Think carefully before you defend this vile trade.

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posted Sep 14, 2009


at which point have I defednded taking drugs?

You did NOT read my post correctly. My point is you cannot punish a TEAM because a player has gone off on his accord and broken rules regarding drugs.

What i'm saying is, only the PLAYER should be punished and that is what has happened.

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posted Sep 14, 2009

The whole team was punished in the caes of Luton, Southampton, Chelsea. In these cases thses were decisions made by indidvidaul menbers of the administative staff who have no role in playing or coaching. Kenny was a a player.

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posted Sep 14, 2009

66 was great year...
Paddy was always polite...and the Kray twins were such luvverly boys, always kind to their dear old mum.

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posted Sep 14, 2009

66 was a great year...
Agreed, but there is a lot of corruption in Italian football. A few years ago some of major teams were involved in a bribes scandal. Their fans are often badly behaved at international matches. A few yeara back a policeman was murdered at one game.

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posted Oct 20, 2009

fabio cannavaro took a drug for an alergic reaction to a bee sting and got off scot free paddy kenny takes medicine for a bad cold and or flu and gets a nine month ban it is silly realy the FA need to look again at the verdict and crush the ban

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