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Where would you rank England?

International England
by manutdtreble1999 (U10077977) 07 September 2009
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Where would you rank England in the current state of international football? Not necessarily even on recent performance, but on player for player, manager for manger, past history in the big matches and big tournaments. Where would England be ranked

1) Brazil
2) Spain
3) Italy
4) Holland
5) Argentina
6) Germany
7) France
8) England
9) Portugal
10) Russia

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posted Sep 8, 2009

I do not understand how you could possibly insinuate that Gerrard is being played out-of-position. As one of the tope ten players in the world he should be able to play in any position in England’s midfield! He looks out-of-place in the current setup…is all I said! I still think if England sorts their midfield they could be up there with the best! The only way to start Lampard & Gerrard in the same team is if they played 5 across the midfield – not going to happen with the current manager.

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posted Sep 8, 2009

Gerrard doesn't look bothered when he plays either doesn't bother tracking back like he does for liverpool doesn't look as hungry as the rest of the english players. And having a 5 man midfield wont work as we will leave our best striker icolated.

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posted Sep 8, 2009

(1) Spain
(2) Brazil
(3) England
(4) Holland
(5) Argentina
(6) Germany

Agreed. No prejudice and no ridiculous FIFA rankings (I remember when Norway were in the top three according to FIFA). If this was a Premier League of international football then the above is about right. France and Italy have lost their way a bit due to ageing players. Germany have regrouped and are starting their march on Europe...ahem. Brazil... Well what can you say? I want to hate them. I want to dismiss them. They are not as fair as they used to be but they just turn up when it counts (okay, okay they don't win every game). Argentina and England are pretty much on a par in reality - not wishful thinking. Holland are just behind as they too are rebuilding, and are doing a good job. They were like frightened rabbits in the road against England in the second half of the recent friendly (don't give me all that best players rubbish either, it cuts both ways). Time to shoot me down everybody as that's what this forum is all about!

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posted Sep 9, 2009

comment by Slider 22 (U9976461)

"The only way to start Lampard & Gerrard in the same team is if they played 5 across the midfield – not going to happen with the current manager."


Actually, we do more or less play five across the midfield, two holding players, two slightly withdrawn wingers and a player expressly "in the hole". Strictly speaking the is 4-2-3-1, so that can either be interpreted as 4-2-4 or 4-5-1.

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posted Sep 9, 2009

England will not win the WC so why put them in the top 10 if they cannot win it?


Er, because we'll probably make it to the last eight, hence being in the top 10. If we thought they'd win it, we'd put them number 1. Fool.

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posted Sep 9, 2009

I dont think the Lampard/Gerrard pairing is an issue.
When you look at most of the recent games, the player who gave the ball away the most, which resulted in goals scored against us, was actualy Barry.

The Holland game, Rio was terrible and gave the ball away for 1 goal, and then Barry did the exact same type of back pass for the 2nd.

Now Rio had a bad game, which is rare for him, but I do not think that Barry, on a good day, would even be on the pitch, if Hargreeves or JCole come back in, I cannot see a space for Barry (Thank God).

In certain games, I can see why he is needed, but a team player not first choice (close though) the best Left footed player we have, if that is a requirement

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posted Sep 9, 2009

SLIDDER22 i think gerrard has to play out of position because there is a chemical problem its gerrard+lampard=faliure so he has to play out of possition and 4-5-1 is not reasonable becuase it does not work for england as we all saw in 2006

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posted Sep 9, 2009


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posted Sep 9, 2009

England are right up there in terms of their they have been for a while but they are actually making strides in terms of performances. They arent the finished article yet and some fine tuning before the World Cup is needed but we are getting better, stronger and more confident. As long as we keep our players fit and pick the right team we will be in with a shout.

Im trying to work out our best team and im confused about certain positions. I have 7 players which think are a shoe-in for their players at the moment and im concluding we will play a 4-4-2 shape, maybe dropping to 4-5-1 when we dont have the ball.

Right back - Johnson
Left back - Cole
Centre back - Ferdinand
Centre back - Terry
Centre mid - Lampard
Left mid - Gerrard
Striker - Rooney

So we have questions over :-

1) GK
2) Centre mid
3) Right mid
4) Striker

1) GK - my own pick would be Foster. He will play in some very big games this year and the more he plays the better he will get. Rivalled by James and one of Green/Robinson i expect.

2) Centre mid - people will laugh but if hes fit id play Beckham holding in midfield. Hes done it for Utd years ago, Real Madrid and Milan more recently. He is our best passer of the ball and the more we keep it the better chance we have. Match fitness is the key and i believe it would work. However, it will be out of Barry or Carrick. Barry maybe provides more cover but yet again against the best sides we will need to keep the ball and Carrick does this brilliantly. His passing is way above Barrys and more realistically than Beckham, Carrick would be my choice.

3) Right mid - i wouldnt play Becks here unless as a sub maybe as id love pace. WrightPhillips is nowhere near International standard and although Walcott and Lennon are not quite there yet there quality is superior. Hopefully Walcott will recover well and id take both of them with Lennon my choice at the moment. A forgotten man is Joe Cole and i fully expect him to be involved somwhere but right now its difficult to see where.

4) Striker - Heskey provides balance, an outlet and superb workrate and seems to get the best out of our 2 most attacking threats, Rooney and Gerrard. If he could nick a couple of goals in the finals as a foil to Rooney then that would be great but for Defoe looks sharp and should play. He is direct, quick and our best finisher and will make defenders very wary. Id take Owen without a doubt and the last place would be between Cole and Crouch.

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posted Sep 10, 2009

Congrats England,
I stand by All my previous statements with regards to Heskey, McClarren/Cappello and the Gerrard/Lampard aparrent, not being able to play together rubbish that has been on these boards for about 3yrs

For the remaining games, I would drop Heskey to the bench and try Rooney with Carlton Cole, who in my opinion would have scored 3 of the chances Heskey had.

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