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Premier League Hull City
by Nick(Hull) (U2235552) 03 September 2009
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Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink - Signs 2 year deal.

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posted Sep 4, 2009

AC and Barca are, of course, fantastic sides, and no-one but you is suggesting that not playing in the Premiership means you can't be a good side. Celtic and Rangers, though, are bad sides, regardless of how well supported you are.
As for Gretna, I meant that they had at least 3 crowds under 1,000 (and at least one was a 3:00 Saturday kick-off) and that is irrelevant, which isn't a good thing in any league. Even apart from them, teams like Kilmarnock, Hamilton, St. Mirren, St. Johnstone get lower crowds than the likes of Wrexham, Oxford and Luton in our 5th Division.

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posted Sep 4, 2009

Who in their right mind wants to travel 75 miles every second weekend to watch their team play "at home". Nobody. And with Gretna having such a small fanbase already, the town has like 3000 people, they couldn't possibly have good crowds.

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posted Sep 4, 2009

"At least the Premier league is a 5 horse race!"

Yes if you split man utd and chelsea in half, then throw in liverpool you have a 5 horse race!

Honestly EPL fans really need to wonder wtf they smoke at times.

Oh and sorry mighty Hull fans. JVoH is pish. As is daniel cousin, (he did score a peach against Celtic though smiley )

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posted Sep 4, 2009

Hugh - your entire arguement seems to be based on the fact England has 10 times the population of Scotland. Yes some of our clubs have smaller crowds, but we have 50 million less people to go to games than you. doh

You point out Gretna, who were a tiny club who literally bought their way to the top division, despite small crowds - ring any bells? Sounds a bit like some teams from your league to me (Chelsea, Man City etc) - except Gretna mainly had homegrown (IE Scottish) players. Incidentally, when the rich chairmen left Gretna, THEY WENT BUST! Perhaps a sign of things to come down south....

You don't seem to realise that the Old Firm's reputation, history and consistant appearances in Europe provides a huge attraction for players. Despite poor finance, both sides consistantly perform in Europe's top competitions and continue to attract big names (admittedly on a reduced budget).

Now, imagine both teams suddenly had the same cash as EPL sides get (£30 mill minimum for even relegated sides!) - i think you would find that the old firm could get their pick of top drawer footballers. I seem to recall during the 1990's (when we were rich) a certain Paul Gascoigne knocking back several big EPL sides of the time (Man U, Spurs, Newcastle) in favour of joining the mighty Glasgow Rangers. It wasn't a tough choice, guarenteed champions league football and silverware, with one of the strongest squads in Europe. Rangers also had the highest bid for Ronaldo (fat) before he moved to Inter, and it was accepted.

You mention our smaller clubs: Hamilton, St Mirren, Falkirk - are they really any less 'exciting' than Wigan, Hull, Bolton, Wolves? I don't see too many arab shieks clambering over these clubs for some reason. Maybe it's because they are all rubbish, will never win anything and will never even play in Europe?

You sure have an inflated opinion of your 'most exciting league in the world' (tm), but look whats just happened to Chelsea. I'm sure theres a few clubs down south filling their underpants about this, no? You can't go about abducting foreign youngsters, just because your own youth teams are non-existant.

FIFA are going to bring rules in stopping clubs spending beyond their means as well - that's your entire league, mate. Also the 50% tax imposed on foreign players has caused an exodus of players to Spain, Italy, France, Germany - anywhere but England - has the bubble burst?

We may have a smaller country than you, but at least everything is fair and above board. We have homegrown players and clubs sticking to their budgets. We also have two of the world's biggest clubs, both historically and reputably - i'm afraid 95% of your Premiership cannot compete with that.

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posted Sep 4, 2009

Souness..Great piece, you've got it in one.

I said it recently to a neanderthal from Wigan. In football big means rich means successful. OK. the SKY money helps a team stay in the premiership but it will never win it without five times that income from other sources which they can't do without a big fan base.

I read a comment from a QPR fan complaining that they hadn’t signed any superstar in the window. I responded, saying.
“That’s just what the premiership needs, another club owned by people with more money than god and a 3rd div ground that they can’t fill”. I was attacked by other QPR fans who think they have a right to a place in the premiership which they’d claim if they were to win promotion but for the Premiership to move forward it needs to replace lame hangers-on like Portsmouth, Wigan, Bolton, Blackburn, Hull, Burnley, Brum and Fulham with Clubs that have the infrastructure to challenge the top four.

Whether Celtic and Rangers should be allowed to play in the premiership is a difficult question to which I don't know the answer but it is certain that they would be an asset, would challenge the top four and for fans of third rate clubs like Hull to disrespect these two great clubs says more for their ignorance than anything else.

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posted Sep 4, 2009

Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink is a player who has a vast amount of experienced having played with a different number of succesfull clubs scattered around Europe. And, as we all know, it is difficult for small clubs such as Hull City to attract big name signings so they have to try and go for the next best thing. Getting Hesselkink means they have bolstered their attacking options with a player who knows how to put the ball in the back of the net.

And, Hull have been chasing a striker since the year dot. We don't know if the Dutchman was one of Phil Brown's first choice picks but we know that the Tigers had to strenghten in this department so they should be pleased to have secured the services of a Dutch international. I feel that he will quickly become a fans favourite down at the KC Stadium.

Playing behind the likes of Jimmy Bullard, Gilas, Geovanni and Stephen Hunt with Altidore and Cousin other alternatives, it looks as if they have a vast array of attacking riches who have the potential to cause problems against other sides. Hesselink has been playing in Europe with Celtic and I feel he can take Hull City to a new level. They are now one step closer to staving off the threat of relegaiton.

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posted Sep 4, 2009

How am I the one who's entire argument is based on England having a bigger population than Scotland? All of your previous posts were about that same point!
And yes, I think it's fair to say that Wigan, Hull, Bolton and Wolves are a lot more exciting than Hamilton, St. Mirren and Falkirk, and more attractive to prospective buyers (Asian or not). And I don't see Arab billionaires fighting over Celtic or Rangers either, so...

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posted Sep 4, 2009

I'm glad Hull have signed Hesselink. He has scored just under a goal every two games at his last two clubs which is a positive sign. He can add a lot to the Hull strikeforce and it's great to get a player of his standard on free. I don't believe he is a great player but I hope that he will at least be a very solid player for a relegation struggling team.

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posted Sep 5, 2009

He's an SPL reject - i guess that's the way the EPL is going these days - eh, Hugh?

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posted Sep 7, 2009

comment by CelticBlood (U13362300)
posted 4 Days Ago

Celtic and Rangers have a big fan base. And both especially Celtic are steeped in tradition.

But does fan base alone dictate the size of the club? How about employment numbers? That's a good way of assessing how big a club is and in this context you will see Celtic struggle.

The point is Celtic are a big NAME in the game but they are less significant now. The game is passing Scotland. The gap is widening. And it's unfortunate but true nevertheless.

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