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Inexperience costs us again

by dkscotland (U3925167) 30 August 2009
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Denly out first ball to one he should have tried to avoid and known was coming, it being his first ball in proper international cricket. Bopara then slashes wildly outside off stump at his third ball.

What is worse is that Bopara can hardly buy a run except against of the rubbish served up to him in CC Div2, and despite Kent reaching the 2020 finals, this had little to do with Denly, who barely had a decent knock in the competition.

Why are England selecting inexperienced and out of form players to open the innings?

Trott has been opening for Warwickshire this season, scoring 5 half centuries and averaging 65.
Lumb has been opening for Hants, scoring a century and 3 half centuries and averaging 44.

Surely it would make much more sense to open the innings with these two, as opposed to two players who have only mustered two half centuries between them in the format this season.

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posted Aug 30, 2009

Bopara by now knows he cannot succeed at this level. When is the fact going to dawn on the selectors?

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posted Aug 30, 2009

I agree totally with DKSCOTLAND. I have watched LUMB all year at Hampshire, and not getting into the squad just mystifies me. He has blundered attackes all year in the limited over game whether it be 20-20, 50 overs. His crisp hitting is exceptional. It seems that the selectors have their little 'click' and aren't prepeared to change it. I think we need some massive changes in the selection team. Is BOPARA, Nasser Hussains love child, and does HUSSAIN have an influence with the selectors!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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posted Aug 31, 2009

Don't play inexperienced players at the top of the order, bring in - Lumb.


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comment by dangary (U3303665)

posted Aug 31, 2009

surely Bell Straus and cook would do a better job, why noy play your best batsmen

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comment by James (U1735553)

posted Aug 31, 2009

I am astounded by Collingwood's declaration that he is "pleased with England's Spirit" and that they were "in a good position".

What game was he watching?

England were in a terrible position. A very very VERY poor performance in the field with 2 dropped catches that easily cost 50 runs. The Bowling from Anderson has sadly looked rather tame since the 4th Ashes test, and Swann I don't think is a T20 bowler, ODI and Test absolutely, but not T20. Rashid is by far the better option at T20 level.

I love Swann, but I don't think he's the right bowler for the shortest form of the game.

Poor in the field for me, and average with the ball except for Broad and Colly himself.

Then we come to the batting, and how I was so close to switching it off immediately after the first 2 wickets fell. Those shots smacked of stupidity, and were ringing memories of England's batting woes in all forms of cricket.

I would never play Bell/Strauss and Cook in T20, they arn't the right calibre of batsmen. Too slow, more accumulators of runs.

Denly is the right choice...when he's on form. I am gravely disappointed at seeing Ravi Bopara though. He was useless in the Tests, what on earth made anyone think he'd get it right in a much shorter version of Cricket? -Brainless if you ask me. Go back to County Bopara and stay there, you need to learn a whole lot more before you are ready at this level.

Denly I'd give the kid another chance, but way. He's failed all summer, enough is enough with giving failures constant chances. Why on earth Harmison was given a chance in this Ashes was beyond me. Chance after chance after chance. Drop the failures, plenty more cricketers waiting in the wings.

The Aussies are much more ruthless with their players, Brett Lee was a poor bowler when he first joined their squad. He was booted back to state level and told never to come back unless he got his act together...NOW look at him!

Look at Strauss! Booted back to County, scratches out 170+ in Napier and he's never looked back since.

It helps these guys when they get a good hard dose of cold water. Bopara is certainly in need of some.

Bring Key in. Much better batsmen in One day Cricket, and maybe having his county captain opening with him might give Denly the confidence...and indeed the calming influence that Key provides to get his head right.

Anderson...jury is out at the moment, he needs wickets to settle down again - although the dropped catch wouldn't have helped him. Maybe drop him for this last T20, give him a break then give him a chance in the 1st ODI, give him a full 10 overs to try and get back into sorts.

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posted Aug 31, 2009

I was just thinking about are batting order yesterday dont people think collingwood got it completely wrong what was shah doing at six and wright at seven. Shah is probably yesterday the best 2020 batsman and he is at six and wright should be at the top instead of bopara. COLLINGWOOD HASNT GOT A CLUE THE SOONER HE RETIRES THE BETTER! Does anybody agree?

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posted Aug 31, 2009

Please stop all the destructive criticisms. The selectors should be commended for stopping the bad habit of chopping and changing. It is obvious that they want to provide the platform for young talented/skillful players like 23 yr old Denly and 24 yr old Bopara to develop and practice their skills in the best school there is, the College of Hard Knocks. Please remember that young Ravi has already been identified as the future of England Cricket. He has already proven that he is an quality international player with the temperament and technique to score 3 rare consecutive test 100 just recently, even at this very early stage. All players go through bad spells. Class is permanent , form temporary. We must commend the selectors for recognizing this plain fact, and have the courage, patience and loyalty to stick with young Bopara, and avoid panicking, chopping, and changing. We must allow him plenty of time to develop his talents on the international stage in all forms of cricket . PLEASE stop pressurizing him and unfairly insulting him. Ravi has already been identified and proven himself as a special talent. He has already been reassured that he is part of the future of England cricket.

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posted Aug 31, 2009

Please remember that young Ravi has already been identified as the future of England Cricket.


Only the daft and the totally Essexcentric have identified him as the future. After his performances v Sri Lanka and Australia the jury is out as to whether he is good enough to be even a fringe player.

I remember both Bell and key being England's future and no doubt in a couple of years' time it will be someone like Northeast, but the thing about the future is that it isn't THE NOW.

Picking players before they are ready in the hope that they will be up to it in 4 or 5 years time fails time and time again. The international arena isn't some sort of finishing school for the IPL, it is for selecting the best possible side and winning matches.

The best place for a player to learn their trade is the county system. You only have to look at the players selected later in their careers to see that these are the ones that come into the side and produce consistent performances.

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comment by James (U1735553)

posted Sep 1, 2009

Quite right dkscotland.

I would point out that the 3 consecutive centuries gained by Ravi Bopara are against opposition no where near the class of Austrailia, South Africa, and India for example. AND they were gained at a time when he was fresh to his career, no bowler had figured him out...yet.

Thats changed now, he's on the circuit, the bowlers have found him out, and he hasn't adapted. The best cricketers adapt and adjust their technique in small ways to make big differences. - Bopara hasn't done that.

Right now: Monty Panesar is back at County level and is busy developing his game after being such a success and getting over 100 test wickets. Reason being: Because he's not as destructive anymore, and England need him to be. Watch this space...he'll be back, and when he does come back, he'll have a couple of variations that will make top class batters look like school boys.

There are a whole mass of England bowlers and batters that have succeeded against the likes of Bangladesh, West Indies etc. But fall flat the moment they are faced with opposition that tests every part of their game.

What Bopara needs to do, is get back to county and look at his game. Wafting and balls miles outside off stump whilst standing statue still, and jumping in the crease to short balls - All technical no no's that he needs to Iron out if he has any hope of succeeding at this level.

You give a player a few chances, if he blows his chances, you can't keep handing them out.

I hate to keep quoting the examples of Strauss and Brett Lee, but being given a cold hard dose of cold water really does give these boys a kick in the rear end, and does them the world of good. They were both told: Go away and don't come back until you're better. Strauss comes back, 170+ in Napier, Brett Lee comes back, now one of the fastest and dreaded bowlers in World cricket now. Both have never looked back.

I'd guess Bopara will be playing in this match tonight as well: But almost zero runs in the Ashes, A Zero against ireland, and 1 in Sunday's game...Technical problems, out of nick, call it what you like, but you can't go through playing 8 test innings and 2 ODI/T20 innings without scoring at International Level and not stare down the barrel of getting told to go back to county.

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posted Sep 2, 2009

But bopara is not as good as everyone thinks he is before he got those 3 hundreds against the west indies he failed against india. He has failed against the top teams and that proves he is not class because players will rise to the bigger stages and he is just not doing that. Also ravi himself thinks he is better than he is

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