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The real issue of the Rooney dive.

by Goonerfied MC (U3112926) 29 August 2009
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The final score cannot be changed so Arsenal shall look into the future. The only problem is we have everyone trying to get our player banned since they have already decided that he is a cheat. There will be no investigation.

Rooney dives and there will be no investigation. Apparently questioning his actions is taboo and will have you shouted down.

The score will not change in the same way Man U's poor form will not change. Unfortunately one other thing wil not change. That is the xenophobia in the English game. The media will always give special treatment to the English darlings and the teams they play for and at is mainly Liverpool, man U and Chelsea.

They need to stop this otherwise it will reach a stage where it is just normal to be so anti foreigner that it puts the rest of the world off of the English game and England will be so poor in the World Cup it will be hilarious.

If you are going to clean up the EPL it has to include the English players. It's actually a slap in the face of the whole EPL that Rooney dived and it is even more appauling the so many people are trying to ignore it or justify it.

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posted Sep 2, 2009

you're right it is a bit heavy for a sports forum. Saying most people are anti-foreigner is a sweeping generalisation that I just don't believe is true - I'm not and I honestly don't know anyone who is. are most french people anti-spanish? are most dutch anti belgian? the french - english thing is basically just friendly banter. I think most people recognise that we're humans who share the same concerns.

Xenophobia exists because of fear and ignorance IMO. And that concludes the weirdest post I've ever written on 606.

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posted Sep 2, 2009

come on it was 24 seconds later! a couple of mins for the pen (utd players to argue, arsenal to celebrate), utd would have kicked off, you might not have got the ball back for another 3 mins... the goal was pretty much a direct result from fletchers foul. so yes you created two chances but one comes as a result of the other.

i know that you could argue that every tiny detail could have altered the course of the game but if you'd been awarded the pen (and you should have been) arshavin just wouldn't have picked the ball up in the same area with utd players out of position and who's to say utd wouldn't have gone on to score from the re-start?


24 Seconds is actually a long time with the ball in play. I can't remember the passage of play in between the penalty and goal, but lets just assume that United cleared to the half-way line, and Arsenal passed it about a bit before scoring.

One way or another, after the penalty, United would have had possession (most likely from halfway)

So, as a net result of the decision, Arsenal

- Lost out on a penalty (converted about 80% of the time)
- Gained possession in midfield (converted to a goal about 5% of the time)

So that's still about 0.75 (on average) of a goal that they lost out on.

The fact that Arshavin scored soon after was down to his skill alone.

P.S. Who's this "you"? I'm a United fan.

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posted Sep 2, 2009

Perhaps Wenger will now think he should have supported Rafa Benitez's rants last season when he quite rightly question the favourtism Man Utd recieve off the officials not just in last weekends game but in every game.
Until more people voice the disaproval more strongly then something might be done,until it is United will continue to win games by default --it has to stop now so lets not see more cowardice from United's opponents feared of upsetting Sir Alex Ferguson,moreso dont be disrespectful to your fans they are the biggest losers in all this...

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posted Sep 2, 2009

So just because Arshavin scored 24 secs after Fletcher took him out that makes it right does it? what utter trash but typical of a Man Utd making such a stupid comment.
Why no comments about the perfect goal from Arsenal in added on time that was unjustly disallowed? WTF is going on? hmmmm the same as whats been going on for YEARS --FACT!!!!

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posted Sep 2, 2009

Why dont the Premier League award United the title now to save them from more embarrassment from the fact that the officials are assisting them so obscenely?

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posted Sep 3, 2009

LOL! I think you need to address your bitterness.

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posted Sep 3, 2009

apologies filly, don't know why i assumed you were arsenal, that'll teach me to make assumptions.

okay so here goes...

i think we can all agree that arsenal should have had a penalty and that they probably would have scored it. that would have taken us to utd re-starting the game with possession in the centre circle, from here on no-one knows what would have happened and its pointless to try and guess. for anyone to suggest with any authority that arshavin would have scored the same goal again from a completely different passage of play is ludicrous. so in short pen or goal, not both.

puyolspocket - apart from the general whinging rubbish you posted and the fact that you don't seem to understand the offside rule, how many times do i have to say it should have been a penalty? if you have a problem with the rooney penalty just say so. but who are you blaming for diaby's own goal? - you know the one that handed utd the victory - the referee, SAF, the f.a. fifa?

listen arsenal were the better team, not by a huge amount but they were better. its their fault they didn't take their chances and individual errors from almunia and diaby cost them the game.

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posted Sep 3, 2009

astrollinthesunshine (U12030241) - one term for you:

"the Butterfly Effect"

That pretty much means that had Man U not received a single throw in earlier in the season they may not have won the league title.

Pretty much common sense really, one small event can have a very large affect on another event but it in no way proves that Arshavin wouldn't have scored that goal either ok

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comment by Andy (U14137684)

posted Sep 16, 2009

Unfortunately for you the idea that as soon as you feel contact you go down applies to Eduardo too. The Celtic keeper got the mearest of touches so down he went. His problem is that he is not Rooney so he is vilified by biased xenophobes like your goodself.

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posted Sep 17, 2009

Why no comments about the perfect goal from Arsenal in added on time that was unjustly disallowed? WTF is going on?


Ummm cos it was offside! doh
so not so perfect a goal huh?
of course your bitter blue eyes wouldnt have seen that, but i can bet your life that if we had scored that goal you would have said the refs were on our side and that it was a blatant offside!

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