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Bahrain set to start 2010 season

Formula One
by Andrew Benson (U1647787) 29 August 2009
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Bahrain is set to host the opening race of the Formula 1 season next year, according to a provisional calendar that has been released to teams.

The schedule lists 18 races, starting in Bahrain on 14 March and ending in Abu Dhabi on 7 November.

Canada and Britain are the only two events listed as provisional.

Canada has not yet signed a commercial deal, while in the UK there are doubts whether new host Donington Park will be ready for the 11 July date.

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posted Sep 21, 2009

I dont want Silverstone......why do people think that everyone in the UK wants Silverstone...the most BORING track in the country to keep the British GP?
No, Give Donny a chance to shine and kick Silverstone in terms of excitement.
Great to see Canada back...bit miffled that its kinda the same calendar this season...why not many races in Americas?

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posted Sep 22, 2009

"why not many races in Americas?" cause americans know F1 is a boring, corrupt circus that costs hundreds of millions of Euros to produce with absolutely know commercial benefit.
What's with you Europeans and your love of Laguna Seca? There's no way an F1 car could come close to passing there. Road America, Watkins Glen, Mid-Ohio, Barber Motorsports Park of a street race..only options.

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posted Sep 22, 2009

Laguna Seca is too short, I seem to recall. They looked at that option many years ago, before any of the recent Indianapolis races. I'll agree with the comment above that you'd get better racing at other circuits in the US too, such as Road America.

Still not a fan of Donny... if the F1 has to leave Silverstone, I'd much rather see it back at Brands Hatch.

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posted Sep 22, 2009

Don't think we need a French GP as Magny Cours was a bad circuit.
They do have Spa, Monaco & the German GP on their door step as well.

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posted Sep 22, 2009

Now that we're all about cutting costs in F1 and trying to be more 'green' surely we should consider holding races in a region at a time. I.E.


7-Abu Dhabi

8- Spain
9- Monaco
10-Britain (Donnington)
11-German (Nürburgring)
12-European (Rotating)
14-Austrian(Österreichring(A1- Ring))

18-USA (Watkins Glen)

I also think that there is a strong case for a fourth race in the Americas, Mexico or another in the US.

I think the European race should be rotated between places like
Portugal (Estoril)
Britain (Silverstone & Brands)
German (Hockenheiem)
Spain (Jerez & or Valencia)
France (Flins-Les Mureaux)

Another consideration would be a race in South Africa. As they are on the same time zone as Europe this won't cause any problems for TV coverage/revenue and opens up a whole new audience.

Obviously at some point there will have to races chopped to accomadate new ones and new markets. However a 20 race season is acheivable.

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posted Sep 22, 2009

I like this race calendar. Montreal back is GREAT!!!! (so long as Bernie agrees the contract)
I agree with Melbourne for the season opener but Sakhir opened in 2006 so it's not a totally new thing.
The best thing imo, except of course for Montreal, is that Interlagos returns to the season finale.
The permenant return of Suzuka is another positive as it's one of my personal favourites. The rest are all pretty standard, except I'd like Hockenheim's finances to fall through, the Nuburgring is a much better track, why did they ever do away with the forest section?????
What I'd still like to see is Imola back, possibly replacing Valencia and taking the European GP name. I also don't understand the ridicule over Magny-Cours, it had plenty of overtaking places and was a good track imo, but anyway Bernie has requested a new track, under the name Flins-Les-Mureaux.
Portugal may also feature again in the not too distant future, with the new Portimao track looking quite impressive over the weekend GP2 round. If fitted with some plantlife I think it would be something Bernie would go for.

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comment by Kenny (U13975899)

posted Sep 22, 2009

Britain as the main nation in the history of F1 i.e manufactuers etc. should have two races so this is hoe season should unfold Bernie.

3.Japan (Suzuka)
5.San Marino
6.Europe (Donington)
8.USA (Laguna Seca)
11.Russia (Moscow Strret Circuit)
12.Britain (Silverstone)
13.Germany (Nurburgring)
14.France (Paris Street Circuit)
15.Belgium (Spa)
16.Italy (Monza)
18.South Korea
19.Abu Dhabi

No Bahrain or Fuji or Hungary. We need exciting races in F1 and 20 should be the minimum number as I feel us F1 fans are deprived with long breaks between races. This calendar gives us a mix of classic races and exciting new races.

Please Bernie Please

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posted Sep 24, 2009

My calender would follow pretty closely actually to what someone else put here.

1 Australia 28th February
2 Japan 14th March
3 China 28th March
4 South Korea 4th April
5 Sepang 18th April
6 Singapore 25th April
7 Abu Dhabi 9th May
8 Turkey 23rd May
9 Donnington 6th June
10 Spa 13th June
11 Estoril 27th June
12 Barcelona 4 July
13 Monaco 18th July
14 Monza 25th July
15 Nurburgring (nordschleife and do it for 10-15 laps would be immense) 8th August
16 Brands Hatch 22nd August
17 Canada 5th September
18 Laguna Seca (i'd love to see an F1 car deal with the corkscrew and it would not be too short!!!) 12th September
19 Argentina (Bring back the argentine grand prix, it was awesome!!!) 26th September
20 Brazil 3rd October

That way all the races in europe are together and as such need no real money spent on travel and then because each one is sequential throughout europe it only needs a week break between many of them. Ending earlier in the year would also help the prodominantly european audiences...I would love to see the argentine Grand prix back as i thought that track was really good, and it's not been included for almost 15 years!

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posted Sep 29, 2009

"and it would not be too short!!!"
ROAD AMERICA IS BETTER THAN SPA(faster, more scenic, more dangerous), why go to that tight california cirucit? Road america has more passing spots than ANBY ACTIVE circuit...7 places on the track 7!!!! where else can you say that?

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posted Sep 29, 2009

I agree Andinero, one or two european 'super grand prix' comprising the old full length circuits would be great.

Imagine the racing on a 8-10 mile length circuits.

Great idea I love it.

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