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Day four at the deciding Test

The Ashes
by Jamie Lillywhite (U1647523) 23 August 2009
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They couldn't could they?!

Score 546, more than any team in the history of first-class cricket?! 128 more than any team in the 132-year history of Test cricket?!

They looked pretty comfortable scoring 80 for no loss from the opening 20 overs though didn't they?

If one batsman were to score a double century and three others make significant is easy when you think of it in those terms! Time is certainly not an issue. How close do you think Australia can really get?

And what of the wicket? It doesn't seem to have deteriorated much and didn't directly lead to a batsman being dismissed on the third day.

Andrew Strauss often had only one slip in place in the closing stages of day three, preferring men in close in front of the wicket. What do you think the tactics should be against the various Australian batsmen on day four?

What bowling combinations should Strauss use? Is Graeme Swann the key factor and how do you think he will cope with the expectation? Surely the stage is set for Andrew Flintoff in his final Test? How will he fare? Can he be the hero again? Please send in all your Oval-based thoughts.

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comment by alfie (U1730704)

posted Aug 23, 2009

Trapper - that's as it should be.
I quite agree, the only way Ponting would (or should) leave the captaincy is by his own choice.
Just have a feeling he might consider it - but that might be the effects of the celebratory drinks :-)

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posted Aug 23, 2009


That England vs Seth Efrica series is going to be interesting.

To be honest, I don't think it will go well for you. The Saffers have an extremely good side.

The depth of their batting is ludicrously good, and you'd better hope that Steyn performs as badly as Mitch did in the Ashes.

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comment by trebell (U9277532)

posted Aug 23, 2009

To whoever told me "dream on princess" when I said Aussie might be out for 260 in the first.

You have to admit it wasn't as far fetched as you thought!!

Thanks for being so arrogant in dismissing it though,made the 160 feel stunning.

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posted Aug 23, 2009

I'm still in Ashes land - but yes, SA is going to interesting and a bit of a nightmare for the selectors.

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posted Aug 23, 2009

comment by eirebilly (U2406794)
posted 3 Hours Ago


I will never doubt you again. You called it that Harmison would clean up he tail and now he is on a hatrick.

Great stuff


Billy, like him, hate him or loath him, 93mph from his height was always going to be too much for the tail. That's one reason who you need a 90+ mph enforcer like him in the side. Had Australia had one, they might have won the series by 2 clear Tests.

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posted Aug 23, 2009

What did Bopara do do get left out of the medals ?

11 players + Onions, KP and Panesar (14 players) got medals; Bopara did not.

Flowers went on about "14 players". Include Bopara, and there were 15.

What gives ?

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comment by richo (U11927470)

posted Aug 23, 2009

I must admit I have got to eat my words on this.I didn't think we would beat what is clearly a more talented batting side. Well done England. Does anybody else think that without the brilliant run out of Ponting by Flintoff, we might have actually lost!!!

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posted Aug 23, 2009

No, WiseMrBadger. If the Australians hadn't lost that way they would have lost some other.

Australia have, I believe, only ever made more than 370 to win a match twice. Just like a Lords, the task was only on if England had an absolute shocker and Australia did absolutely everything right. That England put down 5 catches and still won by almost 200 is proof enough of the gulf between the sides when it counted.

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posted Aug 24, 2009

Well it's the morning after the nightmare and im feeling...okay. :)

Re: The Aussie press and who is to be blamed...

You guys English and fellow Aussie Expats, may be interested to read some of the thoughts from Down Under this morning as they pick over the bones of our defeat.

It seems Punter's captaincy is going largely unscathed, but the selectors ( and rightly so in my opinion) are copping the brunt of the press backlash.

Some links below.,,25972237-5009880,00.html

Enjoy <ok>

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posted Aug 24, 2009

Much debate on individual contributions, 8 Aus centuries etc.
Look at England's last 4 wickets each test - total 909 runs (ave 29 per partnership) to Australia 424 runs (av 18 per partnership). If looking at 2nd innings only England 475 (av 40) vs Australia 114 (av 14).
The contributions of Broad and Swann and others in the tail were significant in pushing England to winning totals even if the top order did not always make the cenrury mark, and Anderson and Panesar saved the draw at Cardiff.
Against total runs scored (in innings where the tail featured) England's last 4 wickets contributed 35% of the team total. For Australia this contribution was 19%
Did our tail bat better, or was our bowling at Australia's tail better at closing their innings? Either way, the credit is due to our bowlers for making the difference!
Perhaps this is a symptom of the greater team hunger of the English side as a whole "the team won it".
Sorry about the stats, sad, eh?

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