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We are in big trouble !

Premier League Liverpool
by Ace Ven (U10725146) 16 August 2009
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We are in trouble. We can't expect to be in the Title race if we have to play the next 6 or so games with Lucas in our team. And what if Aquilani can't cope in the Premiership ?

We have by far the worst squad in the top 4, and Spurs and City have better ones as well. The likes of Vorionin and Dossena are poor.

Anyone not agree that we need a world class striker or Winger ??

If we don't, I can't see us challenging !

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posted Aug 17, 2009

"How come I can see this would make Liverpool more effective but Rafa can't?"
well, I think because the spanish style is so far removed from the English Premierleague but Rafa is too arrogant to change HIS style to suit the COUNTRY. He will continue playing good strikers and midfielders out of position, underestimating the opposition and not signing the players into your weaker positions. This is his FAILING.

I see l'pool suffering the same way we did under Ramos - the answers seem so simple to you and me but the manager cant grasp it. My advice, get an English manager / Manager with an understanding of English Football. Then breathe a sigh of relief as he finally stops the leaks and gets you back to winning ways.

442 anyone ?

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posted Aug 17, 2009

i really cant belive what I hear on these boards sometimes.

Firstly, I would like to say well done to Spurs, not many people would argue that they didnt deserve the win.

As for lIverpool, we spwnt all summer trying to hold on to Alonso, only to lose him 3/4 of the way through tthe friendlies.


Is this the same Alonso you tried to sell so as to get Barry? No wonder he wanted to leave

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posted Aug 17, 2009

I think the fact that our [Tottenham's] key men were largely out of the game is a positive sign in the sense that we seem strong all-round. Lennon was redundant for 89 minutes of teh game (excep for that 1-minute blitz after the break, which eventually turned to nothing). Even Modric who played exceptionally, did not show us his true colours. Defoe, as always, looked sharp, but could not force a breakthrough.
I feel Crouch's introduction was a bit premature, our whole style changed which allowed Liverpool back into the game. High balls and long crosses was all of Tottenham in the last 10 minutes.
Rafa needs to accept defeat gracefully - okay, every team gets bad decisions, but overall did Liverpool deserve a point, let alone all three?
Excellent game Spurs, in particular: Ledley, Seb, Wilson and Luka. COYS!
p.s. Rafa should play Yossi-B week-in, week-out.

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comment by Adam (U10253300)

posted Aug 17, 2009

United fan in peace, I think Liverpool weren't missing Alonso, they were missing Riera, when Benayoun came on he was probably the most capable of setting up or scoring a goal, Mascherano didn't play too badly, Lucas though is not good enough to start he should have been on the bench to start, Gerrard wasn't at 100% apart from the penalty which was well taken.

This loss isn't the end of your title challenge, you lost this fixture last year and still came close, just have to pick up and continue against Stoke, good luck for the season

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comment by duffy (U3557677)

posted Aug 18, 2009

Spurs played well.

Liverpool got the wake up the needed. We'll see what reaction Stoke get.

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posted Aug 18, 2009

Just amazed at the 'knee-jerk' reactions from some LFC -fans and non-fans alike. One performance makes a season? 'Oh, I can see LFC wont win anything with that performance', 'thought this year was your year'. I would love to see how these people actually make judgements in life.

It was an abject performance, something wasnt there from the pre-season and it showed. While I hoped it would correct itself come the Spurs game, we were just lethargic and to think we have one of the best defensive records in the league. We equalise and then concede almost straight away.

I've said before we are vulnerable from set-pieces and we need to address that. We need to let players roam and feel free to take chances, take risks instead of restricting them within a specific role out there.

Rafa, put Gerrard in the centre with Mascherano; have Benayoun right and Babel left; Kuyt behind Torres. When you can, change Agger for Carragher to have the Dane with Skrtel; Johnson and Insua will then link up with Benayoun and Babel respectively and ensure we hit teams much much harder.

Those who laugh now, we will laugh last and will laugh longer. And louder.

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posted Aug 18, 2009

i think it will only get better for liverpool i agree with an earlier post and think tuncay could be a great buy i would like to see kuyt play more up front alongside torres scoring more goals

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posted Aug 19, 2009

Is this the same Alonso you tried to sell so as to get Barry? No wonder he wanted to leave


I dont remember trying to sell him..I dont remember owning him...

Not many Liverpool fans wanted him to leave last season or this season.

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posted Aug 25, 2009

Great play by spurs. I knew tottenham were going to win from the start. Tottenham can challenge any of the top 4. Liverpool stuck in mid-table does not look good. Liverpool better get the results back the way they want to.

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