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Skint but refusing to sell.

Premier League Everton
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Everton could really build to the next stage by making £20m for Lescott. If we wants to go, let's sell him quickly enough to bring in a replacement.

We're skint, so why pretend it isn't a deal which suits us? It's a four fold return and we should bit their bloody hands off.

Let's say we can afford Senderos (just...) before even dipping into the Lescott money, well we could bring in two or three players who would strengthen the side.

For me, it's a no brainer. The club wants to act tough and I admire that but it's naive because we can't actually afford to be tough.

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posted Aug 11, 2009

The most important individual in this saga is not Joleon Lescott it`s David Moyes. He is the one who is responsible for building a team to challenge the PL hierarchy and if he feels that it is right not to sell any of his squad then so be it. The Bluenoses trust him so we are in a win/win situation. On the one hand if DM is forced to sell JL for silly money say £25m+ then so be it. On the other hand if he stays JL dare not let his standards drop because that would affect his place in the England squad and DM would have to use his undoubted man management skills to restore his motivation.

The outcome? I think Moysey will get his way and Mark Hughes will have to find a different club to destabilise.

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posted Aug 11, 2009

With all the players City are signing, no one will be guaranteed a place so while the money might not be so good at Everton, he will at least get to play regularly.

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posted Aug 12, 2009

AS a City fan I completely understand Moyes wish to keep Lescott or to get a bag laod of money for him. Any manager would do the same. I also think that it is entirely understandable that a player would look at his prospects for earning and for being involved with a potentially more successful club with resources. I don't see any controversy here. It's just a normal to-ing and fro-ing in the transfer market. Let the cards fall where they might.

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posted Aug 12, 2009

tufnailsteve (U7877982):

Citeh have acted disgracefully in the brazen open way they have courted players this summer.

At least when Chelsea were buying everybody we showed some respect to the clubs we bought from.

Well done, mate. Of all the hypocritical, ridiculous fantasy posted by Chelski fans over the summer, this one perfectly sums you lot up.

Do you think the rest of us are suffering from amnesia? Abramovich used his money like a battering ram to force through the sale of the players he wanted. NOBODY respected Chelsea at the time, so get off your ridiculous high horse.

The only player that would appear to have been "openly courted" this summer is Lescott, but its David Moyes who has gone public on this, not City.

Was Adebayor "brazenly" courted? Gareth Barry? Kolo Toure?

Your talking complete nonsense. Your club openly bought two titles and a Champions League Final, and the whole football world knows it. Now someone else wants to do it you're throwing a tantrum. Boo- Hoo!

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posted Aug 12, 2009

sorry if I've missed something here(like an Everton press conf.) but why is the assumption made that Everton went public? Is it not more likely to be the agent (with City's agreement)?

For the Wolves fans - whats the % in it for you? Have you considered Louis Boa Morte - a fine player to bolster your squad...Lobby immediantly for his purchase...or perhaps Julian Faubert

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comment by Mike (U1281518)

posted Aug 12, 2009

I think he will stay.
He will have to keep at his best to get in England Squad so no problem there.
If he still wants away sell him in January when hopefully Jags will be fully fit and at his best again.

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comment by U8659606

posted Aug 12, 2009

Another thing Lescott needs to consider is who City will sign next season, and the season after. The likes of Bellamy and Wright-Phillips must be feeling pretty special now. They made the big move for glamour and excitement (and cash), and now they're destined for the reserves, behind the latest batch of signings.

Next season, when Hughes (Mourinho or whoever) spends £500 million on Vidic, Carvalho, Terry (or whoever), Lescott can see his England chances and hopes for regular football go up in a puff of smoke.

Hughes will go, and City will spend another fortune in January and next season. Two further reasons to stay away.

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posted Aug 12, 2009

I think any agent wants his players to be moving to these clubs and it is them turning the players heads.
I know from the particular job i did until recently that peole linked to Lescott have been hawking him round every club with money since he got into the england squad. first Chelsea then Real and if i remember correctly united too. now city. It was the same with Rooney once he became a big name. whilst we have agents and billionaires wanting to buy clubs as playthings, loyal players will always be pressured into moving on.
however, the argument that anybody would change jobs for a massive pay increase still stands. i sort of agree with that. but in the real world, what can you do with £70k-£90k per week that you cant do with the £35k plus lucrative add ons the current top everton players earn a week? i saw ashley wards house in a magazine the other day, he didnt earn as much as the current players before he retired but you cant say he and his wife havent provided a future for their family that royalty wouldnt be envious of! surely there comes a point where they money doesnt matter and loyalty becomes more important? if there is no suc hcut off point then theres no hope for any decency in this world and the greedy agents and hangers on will become bigger than the clubs and fans that blindly provide them with the market to behave in this way

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posted Aug 12, 2009

Im bored with the Lescott story and hopes it has now run its course but the talk of loyalty to fans interests me.

The reality is fans are now merely background extras for live coverage and end of season videos. About 15 years ago Man U realized that when the away team scored a goal at the Scoreboard End of Old Trafford, thousands of away fans would be pictured celebrating, in the era of blanket coverage they decided to move these away fans out of shot so every Utd goal is now framed with joyous supporters behind the goal. Virtually every other PL club has now followed suit, fans who attend games are movable scenery nothing more.

Utd drag in 3million per home game, sounds a lot, I suppose it is, times that by approx 30 for total home games and you are looking at around 90million a year, yet Utd gross nearly 300million i.e. fans and corporate generate less than a third of their income.
Itís the same story around the other clubs and the real reason a lot of clubs reduce their admission prices not out of good will because of the recession etc.

Player loyalty doesnít exist in football any more.

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comment by Simon (U14091612)

posted Aug 12, 2009

Don't sell Lescott Mr Moyes. It's not that he's a fantastic player he's OK but if we got £20mill we wouldnt get any replacements in till January. Face it everyone we've been linked with has been nabbed by bigger spenders around us (Delph to Villa Naughton to Spurs and Turner possibly to Liverpool)!

If we sell then other potential signings will see Everton as only a stepping stone club and not the top 4 challengers that we are. Lescott is under contract and if he wants to go to the World Cup has get to play out of his skin this season. So hold onto him and sell him next season if he wants to go. He wants more money at City that much is clear and he can have a big money move after we see how messy City really are this season. When Hughes gets sacked, Robinho goes AWOL. Tevez leaves in January and Toure has an on field bust up with that cart-horse Dunne.

Money cant buy success. Look at Newcastle, Blackburn, Leeds. The top4 is tough to bust into and City wont do it this season. None of us will!!!!

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