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Justin Langer-

The Ashes Australia
by Cookie Monster (U13891667) 09 August 2009
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Im interested to hear peoples opinions on his dossier on england exposed in a sunday paper this morning. Should the ecb take a hard line and tell somerset to fire him.?

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posted Aug 12, 2009

It would be silly for the ECB to take any action. Langer didn't tell the Aussies anything they didn't know, and even England have the sense to do the same about the Aussies. He must be a bit dim to think an email is "private"! I see that he takes issue with the "ruthless" British Press for the timing of the release. He seems to forget how low the Aussie Press can sink. I'm not talking about the bigoted, macho rubbish they print about England when their side manages to win something, but what they say about their own. Anyone remember Kim Hughes? A very fine cricketer who had the misfortune to captain Australia when Botham cut loose in 1981. He faced three years of venomous sniping from Australian journalists, including a persistent campaign by Ian Chappell, before resigning in tears in 1984. So much for Aussie solidarity and team spirit!

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posted Aug 12, 2009

I find it hard to be angry at Langer for writing those comments.

For one thing, they're mostly accurate. If they weren't and his "dossier" was a comlpete load of rubbish, we and the England players would just laugh it off.

I do find it funny/suspicious that they were conveniently left lying around for someone to pick up and run to the papers with.

Maybe someone did think it would be a jolly good prank to publish the details and hopefully demoralise the England team in the process.

Perhaps they just felt it was "in the public interest" for the information to be published.

Personally, I hope the disclosure gives the England players some much-needed resolve and determination to win at the Oval.

God knows they're going to need all the help they can get! <erm>

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posted Aug 12, 2009

why are people listening to Justin Langer anyway he thinks he's some sort of hardman, boxing training, tough nut, JUSTIN your a cricketing gnome , stop bitng the hand that feeds you and take you, your family back to western australia, where you can take a pay cut

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posted Aug 12, 2009

re thosknapp

its not about what e sed, its the fact that an outsider as sent them a dossier on our players when he shouldent have stuck his nose in. like i sead he doesent play for australia anymore when our team did it it was from our coaching staff who were involved with the team, justin langers only done it to look like a big man. like i sead all ppl not involved should keep out of it.

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posted Aug 12, 2009

In sporting terms what will snippets like this "a bit of a pu**y" be handled ? Obviously the suppose secret dossier is no longer secret and i wonder how was it going to be viewed/understood/interpreted Down Under if the scenario was vice visa.

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comment by Slarti (U10746226)

posted Aug 12, 2009


You are not living up to your name on this matter, mate.

All the Gnome did was to send an email to a mate outlining HIS view on the England players. After all, he does still play County Cricket and would see most of these players in action on a regular basis. The fact that it got out into the press (at the time that his words were being proven to be correct - strange!) really have nothing to do with JL.

As for Anderson's claim that "Langer doesn't even know me, so how can he pass judgement on me?": I assume that he has played against you in county matches a fair bit over your career, Jimmy? If so, he'd have plenty of time to assess you as a cricketer - after all, he hasn't made any comment on you as a person, merely as a cricketer - JL has expressed regret for the publication of the term "p*ssy"(can't believe this word is censored!) (and by this, I assume that he was implying that JA is a bit of a softy).

Before the series started Pietersen was boasting about how he was in almost daily contact with Kallis and G Smith for info on the weaknesses of the Aus players - despite telling the media a year or two back that Smith is a waste of time and space and that he never even acknowledges his presence.... - I'm sure that they would have used some choice terms in their descriptions of the Aus players. It's just that the media didn't get a hold of them. At least Nielsen kept his enquiries to Australians.

BUUUUT, above all, you've got to remember that this IS the Little Brown Gnome we are talking about here - you don't need to take him too seriously.

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posted Aug 13, 2009

@Mark Mitchener, as a profession perhaps it's worth you reading through the comments before commenting? I'd already pointed out the Vaughan input.


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posted Aug 13, 2009

Who cares? Seriously JL is only telling the aussie coach what the england players know about themselves.
Perhaps this should be something to put the fire back in their bellies and prove JL wrong?

This thing goes on all the time - didnt a keeper have an ipod with all the penalty takers and which way they go before a final last year? Isnt that the same thing?

With the information thats out there, England probably have their own dossier on Australia, they just dont have the players to carry it out.

And also, when was the last time any of these guys played county cricket properly?

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posted Aug 14, 2009

J Langer=The Bus driver,the brown nosed gnome etc.This is a man with a little screw loose,5ft nowt,does martial arts,smacks of little man syndrome dont you think?.Mates in W Australia tell me he has delusions of grandeuor and thinks he is some kind of warrior,Go Home Langer if you Hate ENGLAND so much,you wont be missed.

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posted Aug 15, 2009

Langer was spot on, particularly his scathing "p*ssy" comment about Anderson.
After all, Jimmy sulked around for the first three Tests because his mummy said nasty words about his lovely girlfriend. Diddums.
Erm, what do you mean that wasn't Anderson...?

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