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Current situation at newcastle united

Championship Newcastle United
by Nathan Fernandes (U9305745) 07 August 2009
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I do not really go on this sort of chat things often because i don't see the point in reading stuff that other people have wrote which is probably information which i have read for myself already on the news or wateva.

Im only 17 and i've only been supporting newcastle for about 6 or 7 years but the one thing i have learnt during that time from people i know who have supported newcastle or wateva is that the one thing the club lacks most of all is a clear plan of how to take the club foward, a real structure on the management side.

too many times have newcastle sacked the manager and appointed new manager and eventually has culminated in relegation to the championship small price to pay really for all the years of mismanagment.

newcastles a fantastic club with a fantastic support, a strong fan base and its a family club or i would like to think anyway but what people must remember is that this mess at newcastle is not just because of mike ashley (abigfactor) but also because of the previous owners who have appointed and sacked far too many managers.

4 words Bring Back King Kev

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posted Aug 10, 2009

Why are we letting this idiot run our club

I have just found this, us fans should unite and buy Newcastle

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posted Aug 10, 2009

SWia i agree with you i think Shearer should get the job, it does seem like hes the only one that wants it but i would not be suprised if MA purposely gets some one else in in which case id like GS or DA

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posted Aug 10, 2009

Let's face it, it's going to be difficult to get a half decent manager at the club now.

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posted Aug 10, 2009

Hey, just read on the NUFC forum that Alan Smith is going to be the new Newcastle skipper. How can they possibly decide this when there isn't even a man in charge yet?? Oh, what is happening to my beloved Magpies - some very odd decisions being made recently.

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posted Aug 10, 2009

For people that slate us; The NUFC fans. Consider this we gave Ashley a chance, he decided after he first put the club up for sale that he changed his mind (because he wasnt getting the money he wanted). I got over this and thought fair enough lets concentrate on football.

What happens we get relegated through really at the time nothing to do with ashley it wasn't his fault.

At this point I would expect a loyal owner, to go 'ok we have had it hard, we are going to have to make big changes and together get through this' ...... but he didn't he put us straight back up for sale and he still isn't getting the money he wants. Why? because we aren't worth it.

In all honesty I don't want him at the club because he doesn't love the club, it is a business for him (yes i know all football clubs are businesses) put he has in my opinion no passion for the cause.

However if he turned round now (in person and not through a spokesperson) and said 'i've made mistakes i'm sorry ... i want this club, and i want us to do great things together.

He needs to show passion for the club and for football for us toon fans to have any respect for him.

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posted Aug 11, 2009

"Personally other than Big Al there are only 2 people id want to see take the job Dick Advoacaat and Gordon Strachan.

Wot do you think?"

I think it has to be Shearer, as he is closest to the action (having been led to believe the job was his) and already has a game plan in place.

We certainly do not want, need or deserve O'Dreary or Joe F Kinnear.

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posted Aug 11, 2009

When i saw a news article saying the magpies had brought in Eriksson i thought, at last , this is somthing they should have done years ago. Unfortunately it turned out to be the wrong magpies. Watch Notts County go and be envious of what could have happened at Newcastle if they had grabbed Eriksson.

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posted Aug 11, 2009

The way i see it Mr Ashely has made two big mistakes; one, buying newcastle in the first place, two appointing wise rather than giving keegan control over transfers. The shambolic mess we are in is almost entirely down to a steady decline caused by Freddy Shepard before all that though.

Mike Ashley is just some idiot who thought he'd make a buck or two and have fun with a football club, found out it was harder than he thought and now wants out again.

I honestly believe ditching Sam Allerdyce for Keegan was a stroke of genius by Mike Ashley and probably the only thing that could have turned newcastle around again. Alas he screwed that up in spectacular fashion.

The current situation is that we need a new owner desperately because I don't know if I trust Ashley to back newcastle. It is obvious he really just wants out. Every time the going gets tough he puts the club up for sale. How is that going to help moral?

We need a new manager desperately too. I heard rumours of O'Leary which doesnt' seem exciting but at least it would be a manager I suppose. Shearer is a big gamble, and in my opinion he is not the right person at this time (maybe one day when he has some experience).

My dream is still for Keegan to be given the manager job and backed by whatever owner we end up with. If that person is Ashley I just hope he can rebuild the relationship with Keegan and give it a proper try.

Seriously though, why not we buy NUFC ?????

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posted Aug 11, 2009

To Michael Ashley, please, for once just do what the fans say. I dont mind if you stay or not, just dont give us another short term gimmick manager who the fans will reject and will make this limbo situation drag on longer than the 7-8 years it has already lasted. Two managers have brought us success over the recent years, Keegan and Sir Bobby (RIP). This is due to three reasons, man management skills, fan backing and CONSISTANCY. Give us Alan Shearer, at least let him try, and if he fails then at least you can say you LISTENED! Give us o'leary and you will have made yet another mess and can expect more repercussions, even IF O'Leary succeedes, he wont have the backing he needs to last for any length of time....

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