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Have England lost the series?

by QPR12thman (U11541156) 05 August 2009
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I've been reading a lot of negativity in the press after Edgbaston yet, the last time I looked you guys were still up 1-0.

Yes, your final day was a shocker and Australia took a lot of positives out of the three sessions - namely, England cannot win without swing and more importantly, we bowled Flintoff to the ground. Watching him chase the ball was as painful for us as it was for him.

However, Australia still have not managed to do what every other team in the cricketing world does to win a Test match - TAKE 20 WICKETS. We are winless on English soil in 7 (yes 7!) Tests and the streak will continue with the current attack. Lee and Clark are our last throw of the dice....but we really need the stars to be aligned.

Just goes to show that no matter how good your batting is, how many runs or how many centuries you score, if you fail to take 20 wickets then you've got fat a55 chance of winning.

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posted Aug 5, 2009

Its quite easy to blame on 20 wickets or when your taking wickets but not scoring in the runs, either way Mitchell Johnson is an interesting player duno what you guys think

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posted Aug 5, 2009 ozzies win first test of 5 last series...followed by win, draw, win, draw..we've had 3 tests this series..draw, win, draw....isnt that 7 etienne123?..

Ah ..great to hear so many whinging aussies on these forums...ha ha they are ungracious winners and even worse to be worst Aussie team here since 1985...Bob Holland et al...

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comment by TurboT (U12639815)

posted Aug 5, 2009

Etienne123 - The 12thman is correct. It is 7 test matched since an Australian win. 3 in the current series and 4 in 2005.

I think that both teams are really struggling to take 20 wickets and I think that the batsmen are poorer than in 2005, however, the biggest gulf is the bowlers. Both the Aussie and English attacks are a shadow of the two from 2005.

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posted Aug 5, 2009

I have to admit with Turbo1976.
You can't compare the two attacks. look at Australia to start with. Only Johnson in TOP form would have a hope of splitting Lee and McGrath, but may, and I mean may, slip in before Kasprovic. As for Hauritz v Warne ? Do I need to continue ?

England enjoyed an excellent opening attack. Hoggie and Harmison bowled well, and invariably took wickets. Freddie was Freddie at his best, Jones was superb and Giles chipped in with a few vital wickets.

Now, Anderson bowls great when the ball swings, Broad is a major disappointment. He needs to go back to his county and take wickets. Onions however, has been a major find IMO. Taken wickets and stiffled the Aussie batsmen.
Swann has bowled ok, but I think his batting is his saving grace at the moment, disregarding his dismissal of Punter.

Comments ?

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posted Aug 5, 2009

Think the aussies will make the inevitable changes and bring back lee and Clarke. They cannot continue to think they will get the wickets with this attack and will not leave it to a one test throw of the dice at the Oval.

Who they remove is more of a question, but I feel Hauritz will miss out for this test (may return later) and possibly Siddle. I think they still believe in Johnson and he has taken wickets (though very expensive). Get the line sorted a bit and he will be very handy. Hilfenhaus will not be dropped and the only other possibility was North but his performance in the 3rd test will secure him his spot.

England may be in a spot of bother as well, as if Flintoff misses out, they will have a big decision (decisions) to make. I can see trott playing and broad being taken out if flintoff is not fit with sideshow making up the bowling. Doubt they would play broad as part of a 4 man “attack” and with trott you have the extra batting.

Should be a good game and lets hope (assuming it is not cloudy with no rain as we all know what that does ;-) ), that the rain stays away and we get the full test in nice sunshine.

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comment by -21rr- (U14093318)

posted Aug 5, 2009

Turbo1976 - completion of Etienne123's comment is perhaps 6 test matches on english soil PLUS 1 on welsh...

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posted Aug 5, 2009

I understand why there is quite a bit of negativity amongst us England fans.

I dont think that many of us can believe that we are 1-0 up with the team that we are playing. Missing key player in Pieterson, with a shaky batting line up (Bopara seems to be a week point), and a reasonable bowling attack.

Dont get me wrong im glad that we are in the position we are and I wouldnt actually drop Broad, despite the last few test matches. But I think that we have relied a lot upon the aussies getting themselves out and that cant go on forever can it?

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posted Aug 5, 2009


thank you sir. glad someone's awake

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comment by Hooplar (U9740424)

posted Aug 6, 2009

"we have relied a lot upon the aussies getting themselves out" - this is a big point, I'd say.

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posted Aug 6, 2009

As I've said elsewhere, two mediocre but well-matched teams with only one world class player between them - obviously Ponting. On its day, either team can beat the other - but Australia need to find a way to take the required twenty wickets in a match. This might mean gambling on Lee who in any event is no McGrath.

If I was a betting man, which in a small way I am, my money would be on England to hold on to their 1 - 0 lead.

If Australia manage to do enough to hang on to their no. 1 rating by the end of this series, this says more about either i) the rating system and/or ii) the current state of world cricket.

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