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Not exactly top draw...

by Eastupper (U11250882) 03 August 2009
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Of course the weather had a severe effect on our chances of winning this test, but I still feel our bowling left a little to be desired.

Fred I'm ok with; I don't think he was particularly feeling it but we know he can turn a match, and his agression and attitude are second to none.

I'm largely undecided about Onions. His figures benefitted from a brief period when the ball swung a lot, and he was good enough to take advantage of that, but where's the danger when he bowls, usually.

Anderson is great, I think. His line and length are good, he gets some swing, seam and pace, he takes wickets. A very good test bowler.

Broad may be the biggest worry. His action is good, his pace is reasonably good, and he has fairly good control and like many England fans, I like him, (his batting is improving too.) But when he bowls, I feel it's about as penetrative as a BB gun against HMS Belfast. A fast, accurate BB gun, but there's just no threat at all. Why? I can't explain. It seems like he's bowling for the batsman, putting it in areas where it's easy to defend rather than where it's hard to know how to play.

I'm also slightly undecided with regard to Swann. That being so, I'll get back to you after next test. Good in bursts, I'd say at the moment.

The batting was, on the whole, promising, althought the bowling against us wasn't too great. Both the top order and middle order were able to score some runs, which is a good sign.

However, I can see a 2-1 series win for England from this point.


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comment by Kpac (U10497309)

posted Aug 3, 2009

not sure who was saved by the rain in the end .. at 5 fer and a good lead the game was back in the balance ... in the end I think aus will be feeling slightly higher mentally than Eng ... time to take a punt on either Lee or Clark .. one win and i think we can reatain the old urn.

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posted Aug 3, 2009

I had to smile today when the Sky commentators kept repeating that Clarke deserved his 100.

Deserved?? How many batsmen can say that a ball hit their wicket while on 93 without the bails coming off. And then a few overs later on 94, are caught in the gully but are not out due to a rare Bopara no-ball.

Yet, Bell is deemed 'very lucky' because he achieves a 50 after being given not out at 16 to a plumb LBW.

Whose side are you on Gower et al?

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posted Aug 3, 2009

How bitter you sound, softandfluffy. They would have been referring to the fact that he batted under pressure to save the match for Australia as much as anything else.

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posted Aug 4, 2009

The BBC report "Australia Defy England..." completely incensed me. The fact is Australia got destroyed and if not for the weather I think they would have been caned good and proper. Defiance?

Bell played an awesome match, don't know what Cook was up to but he will be feeling a bit silly that's for sure. The england bowlers for once managed to bowl the ball straight and keep it on target which in itself is a feat.

This is leagues away from the 5-0, two matches to go Im betting on England.

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posted Aug 4, 2009

Its Funny how when England saved the game in Cardiff everyone was praising the team for not giving up and earning the draw to keep the series open. However, when Australia do the same thing, the attitude of everyone is that there is no comparison between the 1st and 3rd tests. I think Australia proved that their mind set is still intact and that they will not give up the Ashes without a Strong Fight.

Also whatever happened to Strauss's comments about "Australia losing their Aura". If that was the case why couldn't England finish off with a win. I think Strauss should watch what he says until their have that little Urn in their trophy cabinet.

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posted Aug 4, 2009

The reason England were praised for drawing in Cardiff was because it was odds on for a an Australian win. Edgbaston was odds on for a draw. Once Australia had batted out half the day the sting had gone out of the match. England probably knew it was impossible to win and the tempo and the bowling in the final few sessions reflected this.

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posted Aug 4, 2009

What's this 'if not for the weather Australia would have been caned'. Australia had a lead of 250 with 5 wickets still in the shed. I'd have loved another day to have a go at England on a 5th day pitch.

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posted Aug 4, 2009


I am not bitter at all. Well done Clarke for saving the match. My point is the England media are at it yet again! Criticising an England player for his bit of luck while praising an Australian for his.

Shouldn't it be the other way around or are our English rottweilers determined to undermine a player like Bell who presently needs as much confidence and praise as he can muster ?

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posted Aug 4, 2009

Bell is no Clarke, never was never will be

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posted Aug 7, 2009

Posted by Saturday_Sam 3 days ago:

"I think that the first morning session at Headingley will be crucial and could dictate the outcome of the Ashes.Most of us know what it is like there first thing if it is cloudy."

You certainly called this one right Sam!!

The pitch did help the bowlers but the batting was atrocious and certainly was not a 72-6 pitch at lunch.

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