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Premier League Liverpool
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I don't know why, but I have just got a sneaky suspicion it's close.

Why, if the Press are to be believed, haven't the owners clinched refinancing with RBS?

How come they've suddenly gone really quiet at the one time they should be making noises about how they are gonna take the club forward? (positive spin to Supporters and Banks)

it's all gone quiet about the middle eastern consortium (Sharjah?) who had stated they were investing in a major Premier league Club (some suggested Fulham but nothing concrete yet..)

I may be clutching at straws but I'll swear blind something is going on....

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posted Jul 24, 2009

SoS don't deserve to be anywhere near the club they are idiotic and an embarrassment and I hate for them to have any control in what goes on.

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posted Jul 24, 2009

Blue Defence.... Are you Alan Hansen in disguise? smiley

Like the wise Scotsman... Completely agree with you!

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posted Jul 24, 2009

To 'Ronmanager' your comments are completely unfounded! You should think about doing a little research before posting your thoughts. Have a read and then give your opinion -


As a Liverpool fan, I HAVE read the link you posted out of interest. I genuinely cannot think of a worse idea then the fans buying the club. Too much is reliant on everything running smoothly without any hiccups (e.g. not qualifying for the champions league)

The fans behind it are deluded by thinking of examples such as Real and Barcelona....

Fleeting statements are made such as "politicians" are behind such a movement.... without quotes.... and even if there are politicians behind it.... so what?

Don't get me wrong, Hicks and Gillete have been a non stop nightmare, but they have provided 20-30 million a year in transfers. They also have a great many of their assets up against the loan, so even if their loyalty to Liverpool is questionable, their loyalty to their wealth has remained unquestionable, so things aren't as bleak as the papers make out.

Also again not their biggest fan but I would trust a pair of multi-millionaire (billionaires potentially if you join their assets) businessmen involved in sports their entire life, over a idealistic man who thought to..... errrr...... make a website.

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posted Jul 24, 2009

This is crazy. They can raise all the money they want. Doesn't matter cause Hicks and Gillette don't want to sell.

two, once you buy the club where will the $30+ mill needed for transfers coming?

What's their plan to leverage the global brand of Liverpool? Who's going to negotiate the shirt deals?

This is a business. if you want fans running a business you'll end up like Newcastle.
three, Even if you buy out Hicks and Gillete you still owe the clubs debt. It doesn't vanish. How to pay for that?

four, Where's the money for the stadium. It's estimated the cost has ballooned to 800 Million dollars now. So where will that money come from?

This is poorly thought out it's ridiculous. Where's their business plan.

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comment by BRAND-0 (U5767525)

posted Jul 24, 2009

I know this will sound really bad/cruel/odd, but what happens if one (or both) were to die, in terms of the club's debt?

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posted Jul 24, 2009

nothing happens to club debt if one person dies. That's why it's the clubs debt. The Club owes it not the person. His personal debt would likely pass to his heirs but to some extent that's a seperate issue. Besides if they have assets that can cover the interest on those debts no bank is going to force heirs to liquidate their assets. The main reason banks loan money in the first place is to get the interest.

Again i'll ask, where's the money to fund the stadium, players, global marketing improvements. It's one thing to be a fan it's another thing to run a business.

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posted Jul 25, 2009

I hope it's okay for an Arsenal fan to comment on here. I find what I'm reading here to be alarming. I dread the day too when Arsenal finally sell a majority holding to a foreign investor and the club is hocked up in a crazy debt too.

How did it get here that so many great English clubs are now saddled with depth, and are owned by foreign business people, whose motives are dubious? Where exactly are their interests? In the sporting success of the club, or trousering what money they can out of the club?

I have no idea what is best for Liverpool, but I wish fans of the club all the best in keeping the club financially sound. This greed is something that affects all of English football, not just one club.

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posted Jul 29, 2009

I don't think a fan takeover will ever happen at Liverpool. It only works in Madrid and Barcelona because they have a relatively wealthy regular fanbase. Liverpool while it can boast among the most comitted fans has a huge working class base who in the majority I imagine would be unable to afford the costs of this scheme.

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posted Aug 3, 2009

The banks will decide if Liverpool have a future or a new stadium ! if the banks pulled the plug on liverpool we are deep in trouble. The new owners are not what we thought and dont have the money to satify are needs for expansion and our dreams for the future.I feel uneasy about the whole thing and prey that we dont end up like Leeds United...our traditional boot room values have now died and now its a wait/watch a and see game...

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posted Aug 7, 2009

I have a source at the club who believes a consortium are already involved in buying out Gillet completely whilst Hicks will stay with a minority holding and oversee the stadium construction.
A slight problem is that he told me a month ago and that an announcement was due then. Still he has continually assured me it is a done deal. So we'll wait and see what happens. He is 100% an LFC employee as I even spent a day at Anfield recently meeting the staff and some of the 'legends' still involved at the club. I am convinced this guy is not winding me up. I am just not sure how much he really knows.

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