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Harlequins hearing

European Harlequins
by mrspoisson (U13855058) 20 July 2009
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Harlequins have been fined and Tom Williams banned for a year!

What do you think? Fair?

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posted Aug 15, 2009

Oh dear!

This gets muddier by the day!

The Telegraph has published an article which claims that Williams says he was cut after the match to cover up the earlier fake injury!

"Oh, what tangled webs we weave, when first we practise to deceive."

Sir Walter Scott 1880

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posted Aug 15, 2009

So not only did he take the capsule he let them cut him,I think the year long ban is spot on,why people are saying it is to long is beyond me.
This really does need to be stamped out now before it gets out of hand.Dean Richards hang your head in shame.I used to think you were a gentleman of the game,now all I see is a cheat.

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comment by Gibson (U9085380)

posted Aug 15, 2009

Jeezuz, this is getting so much worse. So,who used the scalpel? The Doctor of course! Will he/she - as a medical professional - get disbarred also?

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posted Aug 15, 2009

Big contradictions here.

Surely the club can't play the

"we're a business now so we couldn't own up at the start"

card, and the

"we are just a rugby club trying to do our best and it wouldn't be fair on our fans"

card at the same time.

If this was a business decision, they should suffer the business consequences.

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posted Aug 18, 2009

This pretty much confirms my conclusion posted four weeks ago.

How on earth the ERC inquiry just blamed Williams is of concern.

The IRB now seriously MUST do something to ensure that ALL faked injuries are treated in a similar fashion, particularly front row 'rotation' injuries.

Either something is done to allow a wider selection of subs or, like the view on the ELV's, THE CURRENT LAWS ARE ENFORCED PROPERLY.

This specific case arose from Quins not trusting Mike Brown with kicking any opportunities as soon as Malone went off.

When it was apparent that Walsh was unable to kick after the dodgey dealings to get him back on, they gave Brown a go and he came close but missed from far out.

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comment by Gibson (U9085380)

posted Aug 18, 2009

Posted posted on another Quins thread.

To all Quins fans on here.

Why should you feel or have to feel any shame or part in this? It was Richards who took the decision. Not you. I know it must hurt like Hell right now. But that will ease. Through adversity often comes strength. Believe.

Ye are still are one the best sets of fans us Leinster lot have met on our travels. We won't forget that. In fact - now is the time to remember it well.

I wish Quins fans some kind of return to normality - during the course of this season. ok

Leinster fan in The Netherlands.

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posted Sep 3, 2009

Bizarre that the blood was not seen for what it was - ridiculously fake.

But hold on - what is the greater sin, this or the secret votes to give NZ the world cup in 2011 and thus deprive Rugby of at least 100 million!!!!!!! ?

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posted Sep 3, 2009

This clearly...Although the voting agreements were distatseful they were not a violation.

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posted Sep 8, 2009

There was a violation in the voting in the sense that it was done secretly which is in contravention of the IRB constitution.

That is why there is no proof that the Asia voted voted NZ rather than Japan, although that particular person no longer represents Asia any more, naturally !!!

So some fake blood is worse than losing 100m !!!!!!???

Intersting that they have at last sorted out the chicanery of the uncontested scrums just as the blood issue got sorted.

No coincidence that !!!

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