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Rafa shrugs off Xabi questions!

Premier League Liverpool
by redbobby1903 (U8418423) 20 July 2009
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My hunch (see previous post) has been proved correct. Rafa refused to be drawn on Xabi's future. Guess we'll have to wait for the next clutch of Madrid players commenting on Xabi's 'imminent' arrival after tonights affair against Shamrock.

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posted Jul 21, 2009

if xabi goes we wont win the league.

we finished 4 points of utd. all we needed to do was recognise where we were weak and strengthen, weve bought a fullback, we now just need a decent centre forward to play with nando and another wide man because babel is useless. couple of squad players and were ok, we cant afford to break up such a strong side, i'll go as far as saying xabi is as important to the reds as nando or stevie now. i'd rather see javier go, alonso' range of passing and his general brilliance on the ball making him worth double what masch is.

I agree, and I think that both Mascherano and Alonso could have been firmer in wanting to stay (as Torres was), instead of sitting on the fence as the Liverpool Echo commented a couple of weeks ago.

If Alonso thinks that he will get regular first team football at Real Madrid with the size of the squad they have, he could be in for a shock. Better to stay at Liverpool where he is appreciated and he starts virtually every game. The same applies to Mascherano and his supposed move to Barcelona.

If Alonso does decide to go, I would like Liverpool to bring in David Silva. David Villa says that he isn't going anywhere outside Spain and Liverpool probably couldn't afford him anyway. Ashley Young is English but way over-priced and I wouldn't even entertain Villa's valuation, although it's probably intended to put clubs off.

Liverpool do need a partner for Torres and I don't think that Voronin is it, although I'd love to be proved wrong. Ngog isn't ready yet either although he might be in a couple of years. Babel has a lot to prove next season and, if he doesn't I would sell him.

We'll see what happens.

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posted Jul 21, 2009

Liverpool don't need a partner for Torres, since we don't play two upfront.







We can win the league with this team, I think Benayoun will have another good season if given enough chances also, especially against the harder to break down teams where Kuyt can partner Torres while Yossi plays at RM.

I'd like to take 1-2 players from Real Madrid but that would mean leaving Alonso and I don't want that to happen.

Sadly we've had a lot of recent strikers bought and promptly sold, so I'm happy to stick with Babel and Voronin as immediate replacements, Babel as a winger is terrible, he has pace but he just seems to try to play through defenders and it's failing badly. Voronin could be a 75 minute sub from time to time and I recon he can score a few.

If we buy anyone from now until the end of the window, hopefully it'll be a Spanish playmaker since Kuyt is more of a work horse and Yossi doesn't always start. If we have to sell Xabi, Sniejder and Van der Vaart would be a decent exhange.

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posted Jul 21, 2009

What some people do not understand is that Alonso is the heart of the midfield. Him and Masch control that line. We cannot afford to sell him and expect a replacement possibly someone like Lucas to step in and fill that hole. Xabi knows what he is doing, he has been in the premiership for 5 years, and i am telling u that if he goes, Liverpool will NOT win the league. Stevie is phenomenal no doubt about it, but he is more of a forward player now. I am praying that liverpool do not sell alonso as it will be a huge blow to next season. Also if we sign another foreign centre mid he will have to adapt which will take a while and by that point we already could be out of the race.

Ive seen some people mention Ryan Babel, i think that he is an amazing player. He does have some very bad moments i admit, but i am telling everyone that if this guy gets games. He is going to be a huge threat to any team. He has the skill, pace and power and now all he needs is rafa to work with him and have some faith in him to make Babel a better player.

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posted Jul 21, 2009

I have heard that Alonso is defientaly going to Real when his contract ends, which is soon. It ends about the end of this week, beginning of next week. And we are getting Frank Ribery to replace him, which I believe is good but we are going to need another holding midfielder, so lets hope Mascherano does not go.

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posted Jul 22, 2009

We need to replace the players we WILL lose like for like. I think Mascherano will go to barca. We should exchange him for either Yaya Toure or Marquez.

Alonso may stay, but again if he goes, then Sneijder or another good ball player will be needed.

Not a popular comment but I think voronin should be given another chance.

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posted Jul 22, 2009

I dont want either player to leave, but if we are not in a position to keep them at Anfield, the questions regarding why both midfielders want to go must be raised.

They can obviously see that we are a stones throw away from getting the league and that by being part of the backbone of the first team, how it would project them into greatness for the club, and what a way to go if this did happen.

The reports today mention both CFC & City as now putting offers in, Neither club has got a chance of signing them, if the reasons for their wanting departure is true.
CFC will have no chance because of the Alonso/Lampard issue, and could you imagine a Liverpool player at CFC with the rivalry?
I cannot see either going to City, because they both aparently want to go to the Spanish league/Climate/Language etc, but the possible Tevez link with mascha and a massive offer may sway them or even Rafa to sell, but it would be at the price of the league title.

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posted Jul 22, 2009

I think Liverpool should let Alonso go in exchange for Robin. Robin is something special and he can play right or left wing so why don't we consider this option. We can definitely find a replacement for Alonso. Rafa pliz get Robin!!! I still can't understand why Chelsea let him go......he is a brilliant player.

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comment by red-eye (U1803614)

posted Jul 25, 2009

in the last few postings, i don't think anybody has mentioned another player (or players) that come close to being a replacement for Alonso.

we should be busting a gut to keep him. The fans love him, Rafa needs him, Torres needs him, even if only for one more season, with one more big signing to prove to Alonso we mean business, whether it's Ashley Young or David Silva (in my opinion).

(PS Frank Ribery is the most overly-priced/rated player I have seen in a long time. 40-50 million? You must be joking.)

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posted Jul 25, 2009

The reason nobody has mentioned a replacement is because there quite simply isn't one. If anyone was to go to Liverpool in that position they would have to adapt to the speed and style of the game. There is no English player comparable unless Huddlestone was to get twice as fit, gposition himself more cleverly in order to intercept the ball and learn to move the ball more quickly.

The only foreign player that might have the relevant aggression, range of passing and positional sense that I can think of is Marquez and he has tended to play at Centre-back for Barcelona.

Suggestions that Plessis or Lucas might do the same job are far off the mark considering that Plessis range of passing is good but he seems unable to do it at pace. Lucas is just not physically capable yet and does not have the range of passing. He was much more of a Gerrard type player when in Brazil and he is still being converted now. There is no way he will take that chance with Spearing who I think is a fantastic prospect.

No, Xabi Alonso is irreplaceable at the moment. Getting two or three players in other positions will create more instability at a time when we know that Benitez has got most things right. He has the right formation and tactics and generally the right personnel. He has to keep the squad and add to it, not get rid of crucial players in the hope that he will have got it right come the start of the new season.

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comment by U10891573

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