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tyson Gay runs 9.75 sec

by newshotta (U13785255) 26 June 2009
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It took Tyson Gay only 9.75 seconds to prove that, yes, he's healthy, and leave the rest of the track world wondering -- and maybe worrying -- about what he might do next.

With a helping wind at his back, America's best-known sprinter ran his 100 preliminary heat in the seventh-fastest time under any conditions Thursday, then exited stage right, not to be seen again at the U.S. championships.

Already qualified for this summer's world championships in Berlin, Gay used this single race at nationals as a tune up. Because of the wind, the 9.75 won't go down as the new American record, even though this was .02 seconds faster than the mark he set last year on the same track.

In the post race interview tyson gay say he is ready and fit for berlin, and ready for any team jamaica put out on the track, tyson gay is the fastest sprinter in the world this year with a time of 9.75. bolt as run 9.77

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posted Jun 28, 2009

It must be remembered that in Beijing, Bolt ran 9.69, EVEN THOUGH HE SHUT DOWN IN THE LAST 10M! He could've clocked 9.5 easy that day.

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posted Jun 28, 2009

I think bolt dropped his arms with 20m left to run and started banging his chest with his hand with 10m to go... he's got a LOT more in the tank.

Gay is also class so we can't dismiss any of the top guys out there.

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posted Jun 28, 2009

There is absolutely no way Bolt would have run 9.5 in Beijing - absolutely impossible. Yes he dropped his arms and banged his chest. But he still did the last 20 metres in, in 10m splits of 0.85 and 0.91. He was doing split at 0.81 before that (his top speed-which he maintained for 30metres). So maximum off his 9.69 would have been 0.14 meaning 9.54 seconds. But i really really doubt that he will ever ever run that.

Don't get me wrong, i'd like to see it but, i do not believe it'd happen.

Let us not forget that Gay has run 9.68 (in windy conditions).
Powell has run 9.72 (this is less than 30cm behind him (one torso, one lean into the line). And when he did that he was slowing down 15m from the line.

All i am trying to say, is that Bolt does not have it in the bag as yet. Only if he runs his very best.

What an incredible time this is, with so many people that we are expecting to run sub 9.8.

And it is great to know these guys are all clean!

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posted Jun 28, 2009

And remember that could've and should've are meaningless.

He didn't, and so whether he can or not is still up for debate. No one has run that fast, and if anyone can, he can. But he hasn't. No matter how many times the fans pound their chests, or he pounds his chest.

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comment by lsabre (U1743466)

posted Jun 29, 2009

In my view, both sprints are going to be very close in Berlin between the two as Asafa Powell doesn't seem capable of mounting a challenge.

Gay has been playing on a shrewd gameplan this season, having saved himself nicely for the second phase of the summer while having raced awesome every time out.

He didn't execute a really good race in that windy 9.75 the other day, which was actually his first over the distance so far this term - meaning the sharpness is not yet there.

Although Berlin lies quite a long way away right now, I would still pick Usain Bolt to claim the 100m but somehow I feel that Tyson Gay will take the 200m...

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posted Jun 30, 2009


Yes - i see what you mean. Bolt does nearly catch Powell in the last few strides of the race but does nt dip for the line, like he's not trying to win?
Why would he want build the confidence of a main rival (albeit a team mate) just before the Olympics?
Anyway its gonna be crazy this year if everyone turns up to the worlds with no injuries etc and runs well!! can't wait.

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posted Jul 14, 2009

Tyson gay is coming along nicely after his injury problems and its abvious he hasn't lost the ability and pace we saw at the world championships.But i still think bolt is a machine made for running.He just cannot be beaten,100m he owns and can go under 9.5,200m he owns but gay is close i feel.If usain can get a good start in either 200 or 100 he wins 99.9 percent of the time.If he's slow out the blocks thats where the other challengers(powell,gay)may have a chance to put him under pressure.

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