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Fan Protest at Silverstone?

Formula One
by 91barrett (U13288826) 12 June 2009
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Who else has looked at today's news about the 2010 entry list with great concern? It seems that Max and Bernie are intent on destroying our sport with the war between Fota and the FIA set to continue into next week's British GP Weekend.

Silverstone is the home of British motorsport and one of the most iconic circuits in the world. The British fans are the most passionate fans in F1 and this is the perfect opportunity to show our displeasure at the way the sport is currently being run with total disregard to the teams, drivers, fans, media, sponsors i.e anyone who cares about the sport.

Let's use this chance to demonstrate in the strongest vocal, visible way i.e protest banners, even t-shirts. Get imaginative. If fans from other sports can do this at their events then why can't we?

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posted Jun 15, 2009

nah Fredalo (U8756006) he would enjoy a smacked bottom
i agree with the idea we as fans need to show our unhappiness at our sport being ruined by these 2 oap's its time they went cos i for 1 have had enough
So lets make a stand F1 fans at this weekends grand prix and show our support for fota with t shirts and banners etc
Lets show bernie and max we meen business

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posted Jun 16, 2009

They've been given unconditional entries because the FIA have a contract with both Ferrari and Red Bull (and so Toro Roso) that means they are duty bound to compete in F1 until 2012. (Swindonboy)

It is really more to do with FIA trying the old divide and conquer on FOTA.

Whether Ferrari are right or wrong about their contract terms having been invalidated.. Max Mosley was reported last week as saying the teams are free to leave if they want.

Given his position if he made that statement then they would be well within their rights to turn their back on F1.

And can FOM really expect TV companies around the world to be interested in paying previously agreed prices for a 2nd rate show?

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posted Jun 17, 2009

Ecclestone and Mosley have been growing their ego's at a monumental rate over the last few years, only exceeded by their own personal bank balances.

Protest? Sure. But someone earlier in this stream suggested that British F1 fans are the most passionate and fervent? Not quite. Yes we do love F1, but that passion has come abck over the last 3 seasons due to Messrs Hamilton and Button, N'Est Pas?

Oh and as far as rules are concerned, and who should make or break them? Look at the NBA last year. They have quite a large following and the money circulating is quite trmendous too. So the NBA decided to introduce a new ball, without asking the players what they thought. Within weeks it was withdrawn.

So it is not about the tail wagging the dog, or Ferrari running the whole sport. It is about democracy. If more teams are against the changes than for them, must they serioulsy be expected to just bend over and take it?

A1GP, Indycar, Nascar even, all must be rubbing their hands with glee at all of this.

Protest away guys and girls! I wonder if anyone will be watching and listening!?

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posted Jun 17, 2009

I just dont understand.....Ferrari and the Ferrair Torro Rosso Have been granted unconditional entry even though they refuse it...yet Mclaren who have rightly remianed tight lipped in regards to the FIA rule changes have to prove their worth...its time Max and his Croneys went...they are killing the spectacle of F1, how can teams adapt and compete when the rules are changed from under them every year! - i would be so gutted to see a breakaway series but F1 can not continue as it is -

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posted Jun 17, 2009

It's no good smacking his bottom because he might enjoy it and we couldn't have that.

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comment by Red_5 (U1579027)

posted Jun 17, 2009


Its already dead with the way this season has been going.

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posted Jun 18, 2009

its about time Max and Bernie stood down!!! Max has got ideas, that frankly are going to ruin F1, and Bernie is just trying to look after his mates at Donnington without consideration for the fans or Drivers!!. What can we do to stopo them ruining this sport.? From trying to make it more exciting they have brought it into disripute, they tried to change too much, now its a mess. I feel a breakaway series is probably best way to go.(away from Max and Bernie) They lost the plot !!

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posted Jun 18, 2009

I won't be going myself, as I'm spending most of my disposable income on concert tickets at the moment) but I will be watching and I would love to see lots of flags, banners etc. with MAX AND BERNIE OUT!!! and other suitable messages.

Either that or finally see FOTA make good on their threat to form a breakaway series. They now apparently have the backing of the European Auto Manufacturers' Association, which could give them the clout and impetus they need, if the two daft old codgers continue to be stuborn and inflexible.

This article does give me hope that F1 can be saved from ruin by the FIA.

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posted Jun 19, 2009

As this game of automotive Risk escalates this morning, I’d like to return this debate to its original point: a protest at this weekend’s British G.P. and how to show it.
Last weekend I suggested a fake funeral for F1 and Silverstone, which appealed to this article’s author, 91barret. He did, though, question where exactly it might be held and, as I’m unable to be there unfortunately, I can’t help with that.
What I can do though is offer a couple of cheap and simple ideas to express these sentiments:
1. Black armbands.
2. T-shirts painted with gravestones: “RIP F1” or “RIP Silverstone”. These can be done simply with white paint or tipp-ex on a cheap black T-shirt or even black marker on a white one. Ditto banners.
A mass of black around Silverstone (no pun intended) would make a striking impression.
Wreaths, coffins etc. are more extravagant possibilities. And if a fake funeral appeals, something more akin to a wake, perhaps, or a New Orleans funeral à la ‘Live and Let Die’; voodoo dollies of your favourite F1 hate figure optional :-)
What do you think?

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