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Live - Turkish Grand Prix

Formula One
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Six races down, five wins to Jenson Button, and already some folks are suggesting this season is in danger of becoming boring.

The teams at the top of the time-charts may have changed, but the prospect of one man winning race in, race out, has led some to argue some of the joie-de-vivre has been sucked out of the sport in much the same way as when Michael Schumacher was dominating in his Ferrari in the early '00s.

You know what? Those naysayers reckon without Sebastian Vettel, Felipe Massa, Mark Webber, Jarno Trulli, Kimi Raikkonen et al, says me...

So could this be the race that throws the cat firmly amongst the pigeons?

All four winners at Istanbul Park have started on pole in previous years - and today that honour befalls Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel, not Jenson Button.

We now know from the fuel loads, though, that the Briton remains the fastest man on the track and, given he is heavier by two laps than his German rival, strategically the Brawn GP driver could have an advantage. Button is due to pit on lap 17, alongside Red Bull's Mark Webber, with Vettel 15 - a lap earlier than Button's team-mate Rubens Barrichello.

And then there's Ferrari pair Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa to consider, as well as Toyota's Jarno Trulli.

This race might just prove a right royal tear-up.

Let me know your thoughts and I'll see if I can't make you web famous for 15 minutes. Cheers folks!

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comment by andy9 (U2917074)

posted Jun 7, 2009

Is there any chance that Button was confident enough to let Vettel catch up a bit, in order to then slow down just enough to hold him up slightly, which in the end put him behind Webber for the day? After all, Vettel is Button's nearer challenger in the overall points ...

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posted Jun 7, 2009

im away in 2 week for silverstone but will defently be finding a bar to sit and watch do agree with some comments anbout commentary but its not to bad think eddie need to stop sounding so bitter about some things but its better than have ads in the middle of a race!!!!

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posted Jun 7, 2009

Do you think there is any significance in Barrichello choosing to revert to his original helmet colours as apposed to the Brawn colours Jenson is still using?

Is button sticking with the lucky colours for Silverstoun or wearing a special design as he has done in past british races?

Great job guys!

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posted Jun 7, 2009

Funny how most of the WUMs have football-related names...with Manyoo among the most prevalent.

Coincidence? <erm>

Sad that now the footy season is over, they decide to infest other forums and spout their ill-informed drivel.

True F1 fans accept the sport as it is and recognise the rules and regulations have as much of an effect on how seasons unfold (particularly in respect to car development), as the drivers, race strategies, the vagaries of certain circuits and even the weather.

This means you get close-fought seasons, like the last couple and you get times where one driver dominates (surely you haven't forgotten M Schumacher?)

To try a footballing analogy for the benefit of the WUMs, it like continuing to support your team, even after they've been relegated.

Then again, I wouldn't expect Manyoo fans to understand that either.

Getting back on topic:

Despite being very happy to see Button enjoying success after several seasons of struggling with poor cars, I sincerely hope, as a fan of F1 in general, that the other teams raise their games pretty soon.

Red Bull look like being the only serious competition at the moment and as we saw today, they simply weren't up to the challenge.

Although this race didn't materialise into the nail-biter we'd hoped for, it at least showed Jenson is capable of fighting for the lead and keeping hold of it - even under pressure (unlike Seb Vettel).

I was also pleased to see Williams, Toyota, BMW and Ferrari improve by varying degrees and get among the points.

Hope this is a sign that we can expect more interesting races in the future...even if the titles are in danger of becoming a foregone conclusion.

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comment by jason (U14021866)

posted Jun 7, 2009

i cant agree wuth you any more. last year there was one race that was like all 7 races this year. even the 2 races in the rain this year were not great, it is just mad that we were told that all these changes to the cars would make better more fun races. the only person that has done that is rubens but every time he does get past someone he has to pit for a new nose. then today the red bull team did something that aint right stopping there drivers from racing?! why the hell would you do that. it is just getting very rubbish and boaring and if something dont change people will stop watching. last two years were great fun.
I am sure there is a saying, Why change something that aint broken.

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comment by RAF (U13830415)

posted Jun 7, 2009


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posted Jun 7, 2009

why anit you posting ny comments!!!!!!

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posted Jun 7, 2009

brawn i think really wonted to clear things up for his feelings towards button last year,

he stated that the team loved him, and that he gave loads of info back to them- but brawn himself never realised, and he gladly said that button is a top driver and alot of it is up to him

if we had two barrichellos- this year could be a 4 horse race-,

button is doing the job, not all drivers can do his job well

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posted Jun 7, 2009

super win by jensen and brawn lets forget all the beraucratic politics of the sport and concentrate on the racing its self because to many people are jibbering along about it and forgeting the true side of the sport once again WELL DONE JENSEN!!!!!!

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posted Jun 7, 2009

borin borinborinborinborinborin

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