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Live - French Open day eight

French Open
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Hello to you

For your tennis viewing pleasure today: Fernando Gonzalez, Ana Ivanovic, Dinara Safina, Maria Sharapova, Rafael Nadal... oh, and Andy Murray.

You can follow it all here:

I'm keeping this short and sweet because it's not about me - it's all about you.

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posted May 31, 2009

I like how so many people are expecting Verdasco to be challenging for slams after his miracle run in AO. laugh Get serious guys!

Playing out of his skin he beat an ailing Murray over five sets. A healthy Davydenko is far too solid for 'Nando.

A Murray/Federer final please! smiley

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posted May 31, 2009

My head says Federer/Murray will win.

My heart wants Davydenko to win.

Need a miracle. Especially now that Nadal is gone and could quite possibly fall from grace.

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comment by Sam (U13808265)

posted May 31, 2009

I find it surprising to see not many people are talking about Federer having the best chance of winning this year's French Open. I mean, the man has been in the final for three consecutive years and four years ago couldn't reach the final cause he met then-champion Nadal in the semis.

Federer is favourite to win this, then the likes of Gonzalez, Murray and Davydenko come to have a go at it.

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posted May 31, 2009

Nadal may have missed his opportunity to opportunity to win five consecutive and break Borg's record but he still has this record... he STILL has never played a five set match at Roland Garros winkeye

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posted May 31, 2009

Federer is the clear fav.

It would need a miracle for someone else to win like Davydenko - an even bigger miracle than Diversity winning BGT over Susan Boyle.

Obviously Federer will win. He is the Biggest Shark in their and Murray is the 2nd Biggest shark.

All the rest are small fish. (No Offence)

I want Davydenko to win but Federer is the clear fav along with Murray who is the 2nd fav.

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posted May 31, 2009

"My head says Federer/Murray will win.

My heart wants Davydenko to win."

And your bookmaker hopes he doesn't withdraw after winning the first two sets?

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posted May 31, 2009

Murray is a poor mans Nadal and will be brushed aside by Fed.

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posted Jun 1, 2009

Scotland's No1 improves his record once again and with 'Wee Nads' getting humped, the path is clear for Andy's first slam title!

His position of being Scotland's finest ever sportsman will be ensured.

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posted Jun 1, 2009

comment by KingFed (U14005261)
posted 13 Hours Ago

All you Nadalites/whatever ur called, just read below

Road to the end of their unbeaten run:
Federer:Lost 2008 Wimbledon final in 5 sets although being 2 sets down against ranked (2) R.Nadal. Federer going for his 6th straight Wimbledon tiltle.

Nadal: Lost in 2009 French Open's 4th round in 4 sets against a ranked (28) R.Soderling. Nadal going for his 5th straight French Open title.

By reading the paragraph above any tennis fan...neither nadal/federer fan would realize that federer is the greater champion than Nadal can ever be. Ppl who dont know Federer was suffering from mono when he was playing wimbledon 2008 still he reached the final and didnt give up although being 2sets down against a 2nd ranked player who just thrased him few weeks ago in another grandslam final. He lost eventually....thats the kind of champion he is.

Nadal on the other hand winning the Aussi Open, some masters including one hard court, 3 clay court titles(Barcelona wasn't a master) on his route to french injuries or illness, best form ppl said abt Nadal. And what does he do? He just didnt loose, he lost to a 28ranked R.Soderling(no disrespect, played awesome), in a 4th round match (not in a final!!!not even semi) in 4 sets score 6-2,6-7,6-4,7-6...what a champion didnt even take it to a 5th set. Is that the kind of passion or determination a champion shows when he's down at his best surface clay, most favourite tournament RGarros.

And ppl compare him to R.Federer or any other greats for that matter.

Greats at their prime in their favourite/best surface dont loose in early rounds against a lesser known ranked player.

So all u Nadalites there goes ur dream of calendar slam (nonsense dream to begin with)

Tell you what here's my humble prediction he will not win either Wimbledon or UsOpen this year.....he'll do good but wont have enough to win any.

Unlike you guys atleat i dont say he's finished or anything like u guys did last year when Federer lost.

Favorite to win: R.Federer, A.Murray...Federer most likely to win because of his experience in previous years. And I'm not a blindfan i know he's the most favorite now because Nadal lost....then again Nadal was dumb enough not to loose in 4th round and not reach the final

Hi, no disrespect but as i can see from your name, you would obviously be VERY bias towards federer. Thats fair enough since you're a federer fan but your argument is completely invalid first of all. Being 21/22 nadal has already won alot more than federer when fed was that age. So to slate one champion over the other i think is quite rediculous smiley

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posted Jun 1, 2009

great win for Murray against a tricky opponent who looked to be playing well at stages in the match. btw, KingFed, your argument is ridiculous, everyone has off days, and Federer's had more than Nadal in recent times. I like Federer, but Nadal at the moment is a better player and a great Champ. Another point I'd like to make is that Federer won a lot of Slams before Nadal came along, and he didn't have a lot of competition (e.g. facing Roddick consecutively in Wimbledon finals, Roddick is good but not great),whereas Nadal has entered this era where Federer wins everything and overthrown him to become number 1. It is important to note that prior to 2006 (when Nadal became more of a force on other surfaces than clay), Federer had never lost a Grand Slam Final, and has still only been beaten in Slam finals by Nadal. Federer also trails Nadal 13-7 on head-to-head. Your argument is unfounded and biased.

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