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Premier League Memories

Championship Newcastle United
by WizardToon (U13818433) 25 May 2009
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So Newcastle have finally bowed out of the Premier League... I admit that only a few years ago, I never once thought this would happen, but a lot's changed since then and there's little point dwelling on the past now, or everything that's gone wrong since....

However, after 16 years in the top flight, we'll also be leaving some good times & great memories behind... great goals, great matches, awesome performances from some truly outstanding players and more besides... From the halcyon days of near Premier League success in the 90's to reaching two FA Cup finals, to some great European nights against Barcelona, Feyenoord, Juventus and many more, I feel that there's still a lot to have been genuinely proud of over the last 16 years even if it has ultimately ended in disappointment, failure, and another relegation

So, what will you remember most about our time in the Premier League? and what will you miss most about it now that we're gone (for the time being anyway)?


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posted May 25, 2009

lucky Barca are missing Dani/Abidal may make it difficult for Barca but with that midfield I cant see Mutfc coping and Messi et all enuff said 3-0 Barca

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posted May 25, 2009

To FriendlyManUtd

Your an absolute t w @ !

Its Utd fans like you that give us all a bad name. Cocky, arrogant and rubbing salt into the wounds of a bunch of fans who must be devestated.

If we lose on Wednesday (god forbid) and our boards are flooded with Newcastle fans rubbing it in im guessing thats pretty much down to you and a load of other sad sacks who cant just enjoy our own teams success.

Sure, i could say plenty about how poor Newcastle have been this season etc etc but really apart from annoying people what do you expect to achieve by writing the drivel you do?

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posted May 25, 2009

ill not bleat on about how these over paid under-performing players have let us down, but this mess firmly lies with Mike Ashley he sowed the seeds of distruction the day he let keegan walk.
Newcastle left the premiership with a mere whimper.
myself like every other toon fan would like to see some drastic changes of we even are to survive the championship as we will get relegated from that league as well with the same set of players, and I truly hope to see the admission prices slashed to one third of what they currently stand at since we are not paying for premiership football, they cannot expect same prices or higher foe championship football.

I hate to think what this means cost wise dropping a division but it wont be good.

Mike Ashley has killed football in Newcastle, killed our passion, killed our pride, killed our club, and hope he is pretty pleased with himself!!!!!

One thing for sure and I voice this of many a Newcastle supporter I WILL NOT be paying to go to any Newcastle games next season to watch trash.
They say we will bounce straight back up, “no chance what so ever” !!!!!!!!!!


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posted May 25, 2009

comment by friendlymanutd (U13982713)
posted 6 Hours Ago

Hay guess wht Manutd are off to Rome today. I hope that they will win the champions league this season so tht it will shut up the red side of mersey. I really hope that we beat Barca. Score 2-1 to United before the 90 minutes are up....


In light of that, and your other kind hearted comments here..... come on Barcelona!

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posted May 25, 2009

its odd how kevin kegan got newcastles into the premier league and he was one of the unsuccessful managers that saw u leave the PL this year

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posted May 25, 2009

wasnt a surprise to see ya go down, but with the amount of individual talent you have its unbeleivable you got into such a mess.whats the latest on ashley? will he do what milan mandric did with us and try to rectify it or will he bow to fan pressure and sell. I really dont think shearer is the man for the job, no experiance at all.The championship will be a totally ball game, no pretty stuff, you need a team of grafters and judging by the villa match you dont have it. It will be grat to see you all at the Walkers next year.Brilliant loyal fans you seem to be the only credit to your club.All the best for next season( as long as we take 6 points of you and we both go up)

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posted May 26, 2009

Newcastle down and Burnley up - a great weekend of drama. I am delighted for Burnley - who showed everything that newcastle lacked - hunger, desire, team before individuals, no delusions of grandeur, seeing the game out, pace and shher honest endeavour, the premier league will be a better place with burnley in and newcastle down, and i look forward to seeing villa V burnley at turf moor. It is great to see that money does not always buy success... i do however feel for the newcastle fans who do back their have been let down by the club...and occasionaly you do have delusions of grandeur, thinking you are better than you are...big crowds win nothing...i hope shearer stays and sorts you out he is a top man but i think it will be a 2 year job as west brom, reading and sheff utd know what they are doing in that league and are my tips for promotion next year. As a villa fan and having friendly rivalry with my in laws who are newcastle fans, i asked myself who out of newcastles squad would get in the team at villa???
I dont think any of them would apart from a fit owen who is scoring...that sums up newcastle, not good enough, villa arent the finsihed article but you would expect at least one pler to be able to get into out side but frankly from newcastle no one...!
Enjoy the summer, hope newcastle dont go bankrupt, comments???!!
cheer up

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comment by Tatloaf (U1591557)

posted May 26, 2009

The cries of "we dont belong in the Championship" and "we are too big for the Championship" have annoyed me and so many other nuetrals that these Newcastle fans have bought the wumming upon themselves (I realise you arent all like it!).

The fact that teams like Wigan and Bolton can survive in the EPL with revenue at a fraction of NUFC tells me they deserve to be here far far far more than NUFC.

An interesting fact, last time Newcastle won the league was 1927 whereas Burnley last won it in 1960.

Oh and to the Geordie who I spoke to in a bar in Albufeira on Saturday night, you got what you deserved muppet!

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posted May 26, 2009

the title of this debate makes it sound like newcastle were unlucky to go down...'After 16 years in the top flight, we'll be leaving a lot of good times and great memories'. get real!

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posted May 26, 2009

Get real?

I didn't say they were all good, and we deserved to go down, no question about that

But 8 Top 10 finishes (6 of those Top 5), 2 Cup finals and regular European football, including 2 Champions League campaigns since 1993?

Beyond the top four, I don't think too many teams would have been unhappy with that

Every club, even ours, has a right to be proud of it's past, and the last 16 years, more often than not have been the best, and most enjoyable in decades

Trophies mean a lot, but if they were all that counted, then we might as well all just be Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool or Manchester United supporters

Anyway, to wrap this thread up... thanks once again to everyone who contributed, and good luck to your respective clubs next season


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