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Chairman sets TOP 6 target for Hughes

Manchester City
by MCFC1971 (U13938718) 19 May 2009
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From official site this morning :-

MARK HUGHES has been given a top-six target for next season by Chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak as the club prepares for the next step in the challenge to join the Barclays Premier League elite.
With this season's final match against Bolton still to come, manager Hughes and Chief Executive Garry Cook have already sat down with the Blues supremo to discuss their shared ambitions to finish the 2009-10 campaign with a ticket back to Europe.

UEFA Cup quarter-finalists City can still finish ninth on Sunday after missing out on an instant return to Europe with the 2-1 defeat at Spurs, and the Chairman said: "I think a reasonable target next season is the top six.

"I think people see me as a reasonable and realistic man, and I think given what we have done this year and the ambitions we have this summer, a top-six finish next year should be a reasonable and achievable target.

"There will be money for new players this off-season. The areas in which the team needs us to invest are clear. We need more depth and to fill the weaker areas within the squad and plans are already advanced.

"I have been talking to Garry and Mark for weeks now. We are pretty clear on what we want, and I am clear on what Mark has identified as the areas that need to be supported, and we will step up.

"We all know we are not going to splash money around, because that model, that formula, doesn't work. You're not going to buy 22 new players and then the next year you win the Premier League.

"It needs to be done sustainably, with quality management, quality infra-structure and a quality manager by the pitch. That's what we are doing. The players will come, and the results will come."

But while Hughes will sign "more quality players" this summer, Khaldoon stressed that the Academy, which has produced stars such as Stevie Ireland and Nedum Onuoha, has a major role to play in the future.

He said: "We will not forget the Academy. It is key to our discussions. We have to be able to create that nice balance between a quality, strong first team with depth but at the same time retain the ability to bring in young, talented individuals.

"We have all seen what they (Ireland and Onuoha) have done since geting in the side. They have had fantastic seasons and there are more within the Academy. We need a good platform to bring the young lads into the team.

"Garry has done a wonderful job bringing in some incredible talent that will help take us forward. We have grown a lot as a team, and Mark has grown too. The foundations are in place for a very strong second season."

I think that's more than realistic and it's set the benchmark that the manager and squad need to achieve.
Over to you Hughes !

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posted May 19, 2009

And you won't do it...

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posted May 19, 2009

Or do we want to yo-yo up and down the division full of false hope each season before ultimately realising that there's nothing in place to keep the growth sustainable, like a certain club we could mention.

Might have potatoes with my tea.

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comment by U13836094

posted May 19, 2009

i'm really happy to see that they have set realistic goals to reach, it could have been so easy to throw 200 million at the team and expect campions league football. at least these money men know something about football. :).

i would love for man city to challange the top 4, then a top 5 would make the season very intresting with one of the teams not making the champions league!!

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posted May 19, 2009

I think what fans of Villa/Everton/Spurs are missing is that City breaking the top four would be good for them as well.

The reason the big four are pulling further away is because four teams are guaranteed champs league football. If we break that up for a couple of seasons, then Liverpool and arsenal in particular will have to alter their business models making it easier for other clubs to play catch up.

Ruined football? We've saved it!

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posted May 19, 2009

I like it. Setting a really strong and consistent tone from the top. It's the only way to go. If the fans get on board, the rest will follow. Worry the rest!!

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posted May 19, 2009

I thought Mark Hughes was a dead man walking on the brink of no return. Employed by the past regime, he would only be a stop gap until they found a more fashionable name to come and manager group of the world's finest to catapult Manchester City to the dizzy heights of the English and European elite. In theory, that was the aim and for so long it appeared as if these super wealthy owners wanted to buy the club success by hand picking the best player in every position.
But, thankfully, some sense has been knocked in to the City board and they are starting to figure out that it is a long term project, one that will take time to start, complete and finish off. The signings in the January transfer window, for me, suggested that Mark Hughes may have more control than people might have imagined, at first. Apart from the ridiculous attempt at luring Kaka to Eastlands, signing the likes of Given, Bridge, Bellamy and De Jong shows he is trying to stamp his authority on this team by bringing in his own players despite mounting concerns over his future at the football club.
Baring in mind the players already at the club and the players Hughes could be signing in the coming months, a top 6 finish is a perfectly reasonable request and they should be battling with the likes of Everton, Villa and Spurs for that supremecy. I would like to see Hughes sign Santa Cruz and David Bentley and then they really would have makings of a good side who were progressing, making all the right signs of development and improvement. Of course, Hughes has worked with Bentley before with their time at Blackburn together and Hughes would give him a chance to resurrect his fledging career.
Come on City, top 6 and you really can start saying you have the makings of a big club, who may have the potential of winning cup competitions. Who knows, breaking into the Top 4 may not be too far away if things are handled in the right manner.
My Man City team for next season -

Richards, Kompany, Dunne, Bridge
Ireland, De Jong, Elano
Bellamy, Santa Cruz, Robinho

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posted May 19, 2009

Man utd (Mighty Reds)
Nottingham Forest

And a few more teams I can't recollect.


When the heck did we lose to West Ham at home? I can't remember?

Second game of the season: City 3-0 West Ham

Chelsea, Liverpool we took the lead.

Everton was a last, last gasp loser.

Spurs was daylight robbery. We were 1-0 up and cruising, then they send off one of our players...

As for Fulham, United and Forest, I make no excuses. We were dire on all three days and got what we deserved.

All I'm saying is that we have the potential to beat any team in the league at home.

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posted May 20, 2009

The defence needs sorting and a little more consistency from the side, too often this season they are on / off. Top 6 is harder than people think, but with the right investment and players brought in and a strong work ethic they could do it. Hughes will certainly be out of a job if they don't.

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posted May 21, 2009

Al Mubarak sounds like he knows what he's doing which is an encouraging thing.

in terms of next year, i say a restructure of the defence. Ditch Richards, he was strong last season but hasn't impressed this season at all, in fact, he cost us valuable points.

I reckon Bridge, Dunne, playing Kompany at the back and a new experienced player would put us in good stead for top 6.

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posted May 24, 2009

City need a new defence and defensive midfield - who knows then - they are decent going forward

I fear Hughes won't last the season though if he makes a poor start to the season

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