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can we get something from villa?

Newcastle United
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although its not looking great, i think that if we can get something from villa next sunday, i think that will be enough to see us safe.

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posted May 17, 2009

"Im a newcastle supporter. if they cant beat fulham at home, I have little hope against Aston Villa away."

Fulham are on the ascendency and Villa are the opposite. Wouldn't be surprised if Newcastle got a draw and Hull lose to Man Utd (even if it is a second or third team)

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posted May 17, 2009

Hi it’s davethetoon:

I have spent hours contemplating all the twists & turns of how things can turn out next week.

As things stand today, (Sunday 17 05 2009) even Sunderland could be sucked into the bottom 3. It could even work out that Hull City and the Toon stay up and Sunderland, Middlesbrough, and WBA, go down! That would be a repeat of the 1996 to 1997 season when the two went down with Nottingham Forest. Although that season Middlesbrough were harshly deducted 3 points when they cancelled a league game when half the squad were down with flu.

However, I agree with the comment that Manchester United will put a youth squad out against Hull – I hope they can still beat Hull as this would mean Toon will stay up even with a 0 – 0 draw. This would even stand if Middlesbrough were to beat West Ham United – unless they could win by 11 goals – 3 more than they put past Manchester City last year!

It’s a pity that all three NE teams have been sucked into the relegation mire; I’ve become accustomed to Newcastle and Middlesbrough being part of the Premier League furniture with regular visits from Sunderland. When I was a young whippersnapper Toon were usually referred to as the Magpies, and regularly went up and down like a yo yo between the 1st Division and the 2nd Division. Then Keegan rescued Newcastle and turned us into a Premier League regular.

But things look bleak even if we stay up – will it be another year of struggling in a league that seems to be leaving us behind. 5 years ago we were still a top 5 or 6 team, but then the Newcastle’s loyal supporter and manager Bobby Robson was sacked following a bad start to the season – at the time Wayne Rooney was contemplating coming to Tyneside, but as we know he went to Manchester United – sad to say a good decision – because during negotiations Bobby was sacked and this was the beginning of our decline.

I don’t know if Shearer will stay on as manager, if we stay up or go down, as far as I know he was only to take the job for 8 games – I would hate to see him take the job and then end up getting sacked if things went pear shaped – even further than now! I would much rather see Allan take the job when he has gained more experience - having said that – he does seem to possess the knack of bringing on a sub at the right time.

Well – here’s hoping we can pull it off next Sunday. I will support the Toon whatever happens – come on the lads!

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posted May 17, 2009

C'mon Shearer, weave your magic, do your bit, inspire the team, galvanise them, work them into a frenzy, talk them up, make them believe they're better than they are, make them think they're invincible .......... then take them down where they belong.

Great stuff.

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posted May 18, 2009

Newcastle will go down after taking a point at Villa but it won't be enough as Hull will collect a point at Man Utd. Will be a sad day for North East football but both Boro and Newcastle have played some terrible football and deserve to go down (and I am a Boro fan).

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comment by duffy (U3557677)

posted May 18, 2009

If Villa weren't so abysmal I would say your goners.

Wait a minute. Your absymal also. So you're goners anyway.

Good riddance.

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posted May 18, 2009

Geordie fan here,

I think Danny Wellbeck will play for Man U alongside Tevez v Hull, and I fancy 2/3 goals between them v Hull.

Now for my club, I know this is daydreaming and being really hopeful etc, but I fancy Shearer playing Carroll, Martins, Owen (provided he's fit) and Viduka all up front for the final 30 minutes against Villa and Viduka getting a goal with 5 minutes left.

As we all know, Man U have nothing to play for, but the kids will want to prove a point. The only thing Villa have to play for is fifth place but they already have Europe guaranteed for next season, so it depends on what kind of attitude Villa's players will have.

Pompey 2-1 Sundeland
Hull 1-3 Man U
Villa 2-2 Toon
West 'am 3-2 Middlesboro'
Sunderland 1-3 Chelsea

Those are my predictions for the final games involving teams who could still go down. Anyone agree???

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comment by TomK-B (U13972219)

posted May 18, 2009

If you think about it, newcastle only have to draw against aston villa, yes villa will be going for the win and so will newcastle but newcastle have a strong team it's whether or not they can actually maintain a good shape like they did against middlesbrough. If hull lose which i think they might do, as man utd wnt want to lose so either way if hull lose, a point will keep us up, i believe we can do it, we just need to get behind the players and back them for a whole 90 mins. We can win against villa, it won't be easy but we can win , all the players will be trying their hardest to win, no doubt about it, and the fans although we might be having the mixed feelings of gettin relegated running through our veins, we will back our team to the finish and carry them to the win!!!

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posted May 18, 2009

Just hope we get some well deserved Luck next week we Deserve it. We need to stay up and have Sir Shearer at the Helm.

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posted May 19, 2009

I dont want to sound cynical but perhaps Owen did not want to play against Fulham as he did not want to get injured as he has got to play against Villa so he can look good in front of the side that will probably sign him next season. The top 4 dont need him but Villa do, and now they are in Europe they will go for him I'm sure. As for Sunday, it will be won or lost in midfield and we are seriously lightweight in midfield compared to Villa. It will take big hearts and comittment and a huge miracle for us to win but us Geordie's never say die. Howay the Toon.

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