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We Are Not Good Enough!!

Premier League Arsenal
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Face It.. At This Moment In Timee We Are Not Good Enough To Challange For Anything!! Lack Of Depth In Squad, Lack Of Experiance Has Caused The Arsenal Team To Be In Rightly 4th Place.. There Is No Way Our Team Is Good Enough For A Top 2 Finish!! We Need To Get More Experiance.

Arsene Is A Good Manager.. No Doubt About It..His Philosphy Has Let Arsenal Down... We Won Trophies Wen We Didnt Have Many Youngsters..Team in 2002..


Lauren.... Keown.... Campbell.... Cole

Wiltord... Vieira... Silva.... Edu/Pires

...........Bergkamp Henry

We Won Everything With The Experiance And These Players, We Even Went 49 games Unbeaten (H)

Squad Now Is Full Of Quality Youngers But No Experiance!! This Has Been the Reason For Our Downfall In the Recent Seasons!!

Now Our Main Team Is Good (But Mostly Injured)...





Subs: Fabianski, Silvestre/ Gibbs, Diaby/Song, Denilson, Walcott, Eduardo, Bendtner/Vela

But Our Bench Isn't Strong Enough And Are Players Are Always Injuredd :@

Suggestions For Improvements.. Who To Buyyyy??

Personally Valencia Are Going To Be Selling As They Are In Depth.. Y Not Spend Big Money N Get David Villa.. Get More Central Defenders..and Defensive Midfielders... Song, Diaby, Denilson Aint Good Enough For Playing Top 3 ( Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea)!!

Players Linked With Arsenal Also Fans Favourites To Sign According To Articles..

- 2 CB's - Lescott/ Mexes/ Richards/ Kolodin/ Bassong/ Upson
- 2 DCM - X Alonso/ Mescherano/ Yaya Toure/ Veloso/ Melo
- 1 CF - David Villa/ R.S.Cruz/ Benzema

Out Of the Above Who Would Your Top 5 Tansfers Be??
(2 CB, 2 DCM, 1 CF)

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posted May 12, 2009

i say arsenal should sign:

-a world class centre back
-Marcos Senna
-Banzema(after we sell adebayor to milan for 25min)
-And bring traore back from portsmouth

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posted May 12, 2009

comment by aka_Finesse (U13750289)
posted Yesterday
comment by No1-Arsenal-Fan (U9868881)

posted 14 Hours Ago

I think next season is crunch time. He MUST keep his promise of experienced players, although his idea of experienced and our idea could be compltely different.

If Wenger fails to keep his promise, I think I think it will be time for Wenger to hop off the team bus and let a new manager with different ideas in. Perhap Frank Rijkard, or perhaps Roberto Mancini.

We need 2 more defenders, a Flamini-type player, a winger and 2 strikers.

Perhaps Georgio Chiellini (Juventus), and that Hangeland bloke from Fulham, he's been quite good this year. We should get De Rossi for a defensive midfielder and for the winger perhaps Beckham. (I know Beckham sounds completely stupid, but he is the biggest name in football and he knows his stuff. He is quite inspirational, and to learn from him might appeal to the younger lads. Also, he's got a killer free-kick. Remeber Greece, 2004?) Up front David Villa and maybe Amir Zaki (I'm not sure if he's still on form, but if he is it could be quite a steal).

Of course, this is hell expensive. But, Mr Usmanov has a large wallet I hear...

Adebayor has got to go. So has Silvestre and probably Denilson too. Walcott can't shoot to save his life, the Villareal goal was only a tiny glimpse of what he should be able to do. Rosicky is good, but he just cant shake off this bloody injury can he? Even then, when he comes back, will he be the same as he was?

And lets not forget - donkey Senderos returns from loan too!


Maybe the worst post I have seen on here related to the username.

No1 Arsenal fan? Doubt you even watch the games.

"maybe Amir Zaki (I'm not sure if he's still on form, but if he is it could be quite a steal)."

Ridiculous. He isn't good enough for Wigan. Had a good run but since Christmas has done nothing.

"that Hangeland bloke from Fulham, he's been quite good this year"

Do you even watch Fulham or just heard some good things about him and seen bits on MOTD?

"Perhap Frank Rijkard, or perhaps Roberto Mancini."

Oh dear, you just don't get it do you. Why is it you want those managers, what qualities would they bring to the job?


Lol I saw his post and was contemplating replying but then realised it wouldn't make a difference cause he's obviously that dumb.

Thinking Chiellini would leave Juventus was funny, when I read on and came across signing Beckham and De Rossi I began to think it was a joke, got more chance of signing those players as Totti siging for Lazio.

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posted May 12, 2009

Bendtner, RVP, Eduardo and Ade are just as lethal as any other top four strikeforce.


im not an arsenal fan but how can you say that they are together as good as berbatov,rooney,ronaldo,teves?!

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posted May 12, 2009

Hi lads,

My Fab 4 wish list for Arsenal next year and why (your thoughts) :

1) Striker - Karim Benzema. If anyone can get him off the French, Arsene can. Aulus slapped a ridiculous tag on him last year (100 Euros) but he should be available for 40m on account that Ribbery is being flogged off for something in the 30m+ mark. Arsene should try and get Benzema for about 35M, maybe flog Gallas and Silvestre as possible replacements for Boumsong at Lyon.

2) Holding Midfielder - Xabi Alonso. Liverpool are gonna have to sell for the likes of Tevez, Downing and he has always been on the fringes of 'surplus to requirement'. Get him for about 10-12M. Sell Denilson (Villareal) and Bendtner to meke up for some of the diff.

3)Central Defender - Denis Kolodin. The Russian has great positioning and is built like a tank. He's about 28 so he's at his peak and also more importantly, he had a huge shot.

Together with Xabi and Toure, they will make a formidable screen just past the centre line when attacking and will be able to shoot from distance thereby drawing out the defences and allowing our flair players more room up field.

4) Right Back - Anticipating a possible move by Eboue, get Micah Richards. He's a little short for a centre half but makes good cover for Toure/Kolodin/Djourou. He is also versatile and will cover for Sagna on right or even as an alternate DM behind Xabi and Song.

Here's my guess on what it'll cost for the four :

1) Benzema After hard bargaining in French 35M
2) Xabi (Great pair up with Fab) - 10M
3) Kolodin - 5M
4) Richards - 6M

Total - 56M

Sales of dead wood (and possible destination) :

1) Adebayor - 22M (Inter?)
2) Bendtner - 5M (Bolton?)
3) Denilson - 3M (Villareal? Pires connection)
4) Gallas - 6M (Lyon?or Somewhere in Spain)
5) Silvestre - 2M (Lyon to pasture)
6) Eboue - 6M (Inter?)

Total : 44M

Out of pocket for season : 12M

Strikers - Benzema/RVP/Eduardo/Vela (Kids got something)

Centre Mid - Fabregas/Xabi/Song(Xabi understudy)/Ramsey

Right Mid - Nasri (His preferred position with link up to France colleague Benzema))/ Walcott (Still more an impact player and learning his craft)

Left Mid - Arshavin (Vodka nights can now be spent with Kolodin)/ Diaby (He's an awkward one but he has an unpredictability to his game which can be good)

Centre Defense - Toure (Captain)/ Kolodin/ Djourou

Right Back - Sagna/ Micah Richards Versatility

Left Back - Clichy/ Gibbs (He's tough I give him that much)

Keeper - Almunia / Possible future winter buy of Akinfeev (Russian goalkeeper) as a sub for Fabianski who is unconvincing. I wouldn't mind Dean Kiely either although he would be theoretically a third choice but at 38, Dean would probably step in ahead of Fabianski if Almunia gets injured. In which case, we could prob get Kiely's services in exchange for Hoyte or Simpson going the other way to Alboin.

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posted May 13, 2009

don't believe we need quite the overhaul some people are suggesting. With quality and size of squad we have 4th place and semis in europe is respectable. Players like Denilson, Diaby, Song should be improving but Denilson should not be starting 40 games in a season. 3 to 4 new players all defenders and defensive holding midfielders with experience will tighten up our leaky defence. We don't have a problem going forward, just need players who can cut out danger and win back the ball quickly to set up the attacks. Only more signings needed to replace any one leaving ie new striker if Adebayor goes. With 3 or 4 new experienced players who can walk into 1st 11 team will be strengthened and the younger players who at the moment walk into the starting 11 will have to work harder to earn a place. More pressure to get a start can only be good for any player if they really want to play for their team

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posted May 13, 2009

wengermite (U13961533)

Good Thoughts But Those Are Really Unlikelyyy! There Is No Way we Gna Get benzema, Xabi Barca Ain Gna Let Go...Kolodin & Richards We Myt Be able 2..

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posted May 13, 2009

Well thought out post wengermite, a true optimist.

Alonso is a must, I would also consider Toure to sit in the defensive midfield hole. He has the fight, bite and ability......too many of our young talent haven't got this fight (throw themselves into the fray), their heads seem to drop when the going gets tough. There's no doubting their technical ability on the ball, I just wonder about their psycological approach.

That leaves us needing more centre backs. Micah has always said how much of a gooner he is so he would be a welcome player i.e. we need players who 'want' to play for us.

I liked Lee Dixons view about having a backroom staff member to get stuck into the players (a Keown?), not to bully but to express a point which opposes wengers calm style.

Although I hate saying this, we need to appreciate the syles adopted by 'pool and utd in the way in which all players seem to track back and 'hunt' the ball with a ruthless yet fair(ish) way. Knowing when to move the ball around with pace and conviction and when to slow it down to draw the opposition to position you dictate then BAM up the tempo (So well demonstrated by Pires, Viera, Ljungberg, Gilberto, Henry, Bergkamp era combo). Arshavin, Eduardo, Walcott, Fabregas, Van Persie, Nasri can replicate this if our defense is reinforced and a quality holding midfielder is purchased.

Like so many other gooners I've spoken to, our prefered starting line up is near complete (barring injury) it's the squad in which we lack.

We WILL compete better next year....keep the faith!

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posted May 13, 2009


i love your optimistic figures for arsenal transfers..
"3) Kolodin - 5M
4) Richards -6m

4) Gallas - 6M ??
6) Eboue - 6M ??

so 2 top defenders in kolodin/richards and 2 dead wood dodgy defenders out 1 has been and 1 never will be and you make 1mill to boot!!!

why you should be in charge of funding for the EMIRATESPLC...LOL LOL

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comment by Rhys (U9868881)

posted May 13, 2009


I am not the only guy who thinks we could get Chiellini. I have read quite a few other comments saying Chiellini could sign for us, which would be fantastic.

And, what is so wrong with De Rossi? I saw him play the other week and in my opinion, he was very good.

I can understand Beckham being a bit of an idiotic suggestion, but we need players who are very well known, who the youngsters can look up to and will want to learn more from them.

And by the way, I'm not dumb, you fathead

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posted May 14, 2009


Spot on.

I was just thinking the same with regards to Toure. He's shown quite a bit of character and grit. Might make a decent holding midfielder (or at least an alternate)...that is if he remembers to come out in time for the second half!

Keown...what a lovely gent. Makes a right hairdyer he does, shout the gel right out of Cesc 's hair. Might even get Walcott to get a tad more aggressive (one hopes).I second that. Wenger's probably as intimidating as Mr Bean with a French accent...hang on...

Only down side would be if admitting Keown would leave the door ajar for the ascension of the holy trinity (Sorry Nigel) as and when Wenger decides to pack for the continent one day.

Could you imagine Adams (Manager), Dixon (Coach/part time punditry) and Keown (Motivational Speaker)???!!! Lord save us...;)

Here's to us playing with some pride and passion this weekend. I must be an optimist.

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