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I have read some of the other posts and find it quite laughable that people are saying that Barcelona were the better side over the 2 legs. They only had 1 shot on target in this match (albeit the one they scored with so I dont like to talk about it too much). Apart from that what did they do. Yes they had more posession but they did nothing with it.

It is also really funny that people go on about Drogba being the most disgraceful player and diving all the time. Were these people not watching the Barca players over the 2 legs. The amount of times they dropped to the floor was rediculous. And if you're talking about diving then there are some premiership players that rank as the worst Ronaldo and Gerard being them.

What tonight has shown me more than anything is how much we are hated. The commentators always favour the english sides in europe except for when it is Chelsea. When Liverpool or Man U are playing they are always cheering them on but today they were only cheering on Barca. What happened to supporting your country. Just for the record I will now be cheering on Man U in the final. Partly for them being the english club but also because I just cant stand to see Barca win.

The ref was awful tonight and how we did not get a penalty is beyond me. Chelsea were the better and more deserving team but once again we have been robbed.

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comment by roger (U8099826)

posted May 8, 2009

comment by ooodaveydavey (U13894245)
posted 2 Hours Ago

Eto's handball it him on the higher penalty

maloudas foul started outside the box...freekick

Drogba shirt pull in box.....questionable

The only real penalty shout is the pique handball....this equals one bad decision. Along with abidals red card this makes one bad decision on each side. making the game still equal. so although chelsea fans and players may claim they were unlucky and yes on another night it may have gone the other way. but it all boils down to the fact they were playing negative football and sitting on a one goal lead.


abidal red card was equal to Eto handball (upper arm is still handball), Malouda, or Droba call (which would also have resulted in abidal seeing red)

the pique handball -- everyone -- including you who are biased, everyone in the cheapest seats in the stadium, the ball boys, my legally blind grandmother...EVERYONE...pique was not in crowd...the ball hit his hand not his arm...the ball changed direction...100 out of 100 referees would have called a penalty...yet nothing called....why???

UEFA, the football world, and the match official wanted to see Barca in the final...few wanted another all England final (I am from in the Americas not England)...but I hate this injustice...

the true anti-football are those fans who condone this gross injustice and UEFA who delivered the "dream" final

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posted May 8, 2009

I think Drogba should have a small punishment, but only the ref is punished too, which won't happen seeing that platini <devil> <monster> probably jumped for joy when Iniesta scored, because this is the best club competition in the world plus it is a knock out so one mistake could cost the trophy-even though this was lots. PS most of these people who say that they were not penalties are probably liverpool fans and actually chelsea DID play better just ask phil mcnultie.

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posted May 8, 2009

A ball hitting an arm is not "handling the ball" and not necessarily a foul.

It is a foul if someone plays the ball with an arm or hand, but just because a ball touches an arm doesn't make it a foul.

FIFA has been pounding that into the heads of referees for years now, but fans don't seem to understand.

The Drogba foul was probably the best chance, but when a player has a history of diving, they don't always get that call.

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posted May 8, 2009

I never said Gerrad dives more than Drogba but to say that Gerrard has not dived in games were liverpool were struggling seems to be a pretty biased comment.

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posted May 9, 2009

i dont actually believe Chelsea can loose like that. we were much better then barcelona. we had more chances, we should of been given atleast 2 penalties. one of them the referee had one of the best views in the whole ground. its unbelievelble but you cant do anything about it. everyone knows chelsea were better even barcelona!! we will always be better. next year i hope we meet them again but we embarace them!

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posted May 11, 2009

maloudas foul started outside the box...freekick


Yes the foul did start outside the box, however, Malouda still clearly hand the advantage. He doesn't lose the advantage until he is hauled to the ground, which was inside the area. Therefore, a penalty should have been given.

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posted May 12, 2009

Iniesta actually hadn't been booked in the game but had he been booked, as he should have been, then yes he'd have received a suspension and missed the final! What are the rules about that as it's a massive error by the ref?

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comment by olulim (U13977744)

posted May 21, 2009

First of all,I'm glad Barcelona went through and Chelsea didn't.

However,I also think people need to think first before saying things.

Yes,the referee got some decisions wrong.But Chelsea have benefitted from those before e.g in 2005 when Carvalho fouled Valdez & Chelsea won 4-2 at the Bridge.Did any Barca(or even Chelsea) person having a go at ref Collina?

So,I see no reason for such petulant behaviour from Chelsea players.I think the players should be punished accordingly.

If Chelsea can not beat a team (who had 10 men for more than 20 mins) at the Bridge and who only had one shot on target in the whole match,then they do not deserve to be in the final and they certainly have no cause to complain or moan.

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