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Southampton Docked 10 Points

Championship Southampton
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So that's that then.

According to Sky Sports text I just got, we'll be docked 10 points if we manage to stay up this season (so we're down either way) or, should we be relegated this season without the deduction, we'll get the hit next season.

In many ways it's a bit of a relief and no-one will be risking their blood pressure this weekend or next. Still, it's sad to know that we will officially be playing in League One next year.

Still, let's get behind our club and build for the future.


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comment by Heyesey (U1624687)

posted Apr 24, 2009

What sense would there be in the Football League investigating something that didn't happen in the Football League?

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posted Apr 25, 2009

good attitude west London Saint, and you'll get an easy away game to go to at if brentford go up to league one (and you'd hope, 3 points). I think if the points hadn't been levied against you there would have been a lot more holding companies throughout the leagues next year and then the FL would have changed the rules to include holdco's. surely blood pressure will still be high so you can get out of relegation zone and suffer the ten points this season and not end up on munis ten at the start of next?

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posted Jan 8, 2010

Its all good now :) championship here we come! Rickie Lambert southamptons goal machine!

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posted Oct 8, 2010

Maybe this year?!

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posted May 3, 2011

It just happened!

No more JPT, no more 1st round of the FA Cup, the sun is shining, God's in his heaven and all is well with the world again. :) <cat>

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posted May 3, 2011

Now this isn't an article I ever expected to see pop back up again on my "recently commented upon" list on my profile page.

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posted May 4, 2011

It's been some journey over the last couple of years.

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comment by Adam (U10253300)

posted May 8, 2011

Wow, now heres an old topic.

Well done saints, now up one more level with ya and together with Leeds we can have some of the old Premier league battles again

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posted May 12, 2011

Nice to see my little article still attracting comments after two years!

I also clicked on this almost at random and then realised that this had been featured on the main BBC article, albeit one about us being docked points.

It seems quite extraordinary that all of this took place only two years ago. For many Saints fans, myself included, it seems like (mercifully) a lifetime away.

We have come an incredible distance thanks to the unbelievable benevolence of an amazing Swiss gentleman who very sadly passed away before he could see us back in the Championship.

I doubt many people would have backed us to bounce back as quickly as we have. With a strong squad, solid finances and the same barmy support we've always had, there are so many reasons to be cheerful.

Who knows what the future may hold - Pompey may even find eleven players to field against us next year!

For the first time in a long, long time, prospects in the red half of Hampshire are looking up and a great feeling it is too.

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posted May 15, 2011

Woop woop! Goes to prove a lot can change in a couple of years (witness the rise and fall of Hull, West Ham, the sk8s...)

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