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Froch re-ignites feud with Calzaghe.......

Super middle
by Robbo7Legend (U13801317) 22 April 2009
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Former Super-Middleweight Champion Joe Calzaghe think Jermaine Taylor will have too much for Carl Froch, the retired Champion just can't seem to retire into obscurity and let Carl get on with his career.
Froch said "Joe is never going to say anything nice about me, is he? After all, he ducked fighting me for years so it won't come as any surprise to hear him saying stuff like that. Joe is done and dusted and retired, the fact that he vacated his Title rather than fight me says a lot, everyone knows this.
It would have been the fight the British fans would have wanted, but after years of fighting bums of the month in his very own back yard, he decided to call it quits, says it all.
Unlike him, I'm not interested in defending my Title for the next five years against nobody Fighters. On Saturday I would achieved something in my first defence that Joe waited eight years to do, by fighting someone outside my comfort zone"

Personally, If Carl beats Taylor then IMO his Career is as decorated as Joe's in terms of opponents. If Carl wins and has another couple of successful defences, Joe might have to fight him if he wants to put the 'Credibility' issue behind him..

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comment by Qoxiivi (U1335061)

posted Apr 22, 2009

"Give him a chance to answer Qoxiivi!"

No! Never! It's just that I've taken a second look at his post and the content/writing style is markedly different to how I'd expect my friend (well, brother in law and friend actually) to write.

I could be wrong but I don't think I am. Well, I was with my first post but not with the second. Or this one. I think.

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posted Apr 22, 2009

(well, brother in law and friend actually)

Well I suppose you ought to know then!

Have you told your brother-in-law not to show you up and not to discuss Khan or Calzaghe!!

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comment by Qoxiivi (U1335061)

posted Apr 22, 2009

Nope - I just jumped the gun that's all. I hadn't seen the user before so assumed he was new, put 2 and 2 together and made 7.

Having looked at his profile, he's been on here for a while (which he also alludes to in his post; something I would have picked up on had I bothered to read it properly the first time) and apparently runs 10k a day. Which my brother in law does not.

So, in summary, this has all been a massive waste of time and effort that I somehow have managed to drag several posters into except the one person who was relevant to the initial point. Which was incorrect - meaning he in fact isn't.

Happy Wednesday everyone ale

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posted Apr 22, 2009

Qox, I found that reading stuff properly is seriously over-rated (unless that nasty rash you got simply won't go away no matter how much special cream you use. "Apply to affected area"? Affected by what? Crime? Recession? Unseasonably heavy rain?)

Hey, at least we don't have to listen to TRUSSMAN.

Clouds and silver linings and all that

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comment by Neil (U9701706)

posted Apr 22, 2009

Personally, If Carl beats Taylor then IMO his Career is as decorated as Joe's in terms of opponents
so JC beats eubank woodhall brewer mitchell reid kessler and hopkins all world ranked in their weight division and froch beats taylor and he is his equal?

Froch should worry about guys who are
1) in his weight class
2) not retired.

There are enough big names in and around his division for him to beat eg kessler,mundine without worrying about a retired guy in JC

PS Why would JC say anything nice about a guy who has rubbished him for years?

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posted Apr 22, 2009

Sorry for length of time it's taken me to reply Qoxiivi - been to get the bonce cut in my lunch hour! Pretty sure i'm not your brother in law, your name doesn't sound familiar - if that is your real name (tough one to pronounce when you've had a shandy or two i'd imagine!!!

Can't remember who berated me for the comment about Calzaghe fighting and beating who was put in front of him but anyway, the point i was trying to make is that over a 15 year career to remain undefeated is no mean feat no matter who you've fought and he's fought some awkward and very tricky opponents (granted as well as a fair few duds) such as Bika, Salem and Hopkins who a lot of fighters may well have come unstuck against. And given the division he was in, i don't really think he can be accused of ducking - maybe just unfortunate to be around just after the prime guys were around - Watson, Eubank (peek), Benn, McCallum, Collins (who it's widely known backed out of their proposed fight and retired). Marciano didn't always fight the best but his acheivements are remembered due to defences of his title and not losing in his career, which is a major acheivement!

This isn't a pro Calzaghe rant, i'm simply stating that Froch needs to be careful because at the moment he has the support of the Nottingham fans and the general fight fans but trying to belittle Calzaghes acheivements won't win him any new support. Calzaghe was voted Sports Personality of the Year which would indicate the general puclic respect him. Public appeal wins fans and generates interest which generates MONEY! Come on Froch, play the game - you come across as a smart guy, now let the fact that Calzaghe didn't give you your day in the sun drop!

Calzaghe would have won a landslide 12 round decision and totally outboxed him anyway!

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comment by Qoxiivi (U1335061)

posted Apr 22, 2009

"Sorry for length of time it's taken me to reply Qoxiivi - been to get the bonce cut in my lunch hour!"

No worries, and yes I was mistaken. Have to say, pretty much agree with you in regards to the whole Calzaghe/Froch situation though.

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posted Apr 22, 2009

I posted this in another thread but it is probably more suited to this one so i will paste it again:

I hope Froch wins as he is British and fighting an American so i am behind him and hope he can do it. What I don't like about him though is his constant obsession with Joe Calzaghe. he is ALWAYS banging on about JC ducking him, running scared etc. He must realise deep down that it would NEVER have been worth fighting him as far as JC was concerned. Even in the UK, it's only boxing fans who know who Froch is where as even my mother knows who Calzaghe is. Despite what Froch thinks there would never have been sufficient interest in the fight to generate the sort of money Joe could get by moving up to LH and going to America and that's why he did it, not cos he was "running scared". Froch also seems to take every opportunity to point out that JC fought an old over the hill 42 year old when he fought Hopkins. That's the same Hopkins who totally took Kelly Pavlik to school. The same Kelly Pavlik who beat Jermaine Taylor twice. The same Jermaine Taylor that Froch seems to think is a quality opponent and a "marquee name". It's funny how people's opinions differ so much isn't it??

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posted Apr 22, 2009

I like Froch i really do i think his style and power in the ring brings about something most fight fans enjoy, a good old tear up.

But, an this is a pretty important but, he has to quit with the Calzaghe bashing. 1) the Americans don't care abut Calzaghe so to them he's wasting air time. 2) Calzaghes gone now so its wasted air time for us. 3) He has a point but he's starting to sound like Junior Witter with Hatton and no one wants that.

I do in my opinion think Joe ducked Froch, and i'm a fan of Joe's i saw him fight Manfredo and saw him beat Hopkins. And from what i have seen i don't think you can argue too strongly that Joe has a spectacular history of opponents. Yes he beat Eubank, but not in his prime, nor did he beat Hopkins anywhere close to his prime, i think old popkins threw about 6 punches the entire fight and i could see them coming from 20 rows back! Roy Jones... forget about it there's more fight in a corpse.

Now Joe is a legend, based purely on the longevity of his career and i respect that. I respect that he has gone out there and beaten experienced fighters. But please dont build them up when we all saw the fights and saw how washed up some of his opponents were. Calzaghe got his legacy for the length of time he held the belts, his undefeated record and 2 stirling performances, Lacy an Kessler.

Froch on the other hand has 1 stirling performance, Pascal. So he isn't comparable yet. Notice the yet. I think he has the guts to give it a go. And if he demolishes Taylor like i think he will he'd have two big names on his list and 2 in their prime. Which in itself puts him not far behind Calzaghes opponent credentials. All he has to do now is build the legacy hopefully it won't take him 15 years.

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posted Apr 23, 2009

Another thing that puzzles me with Froch is where will he go with his career to prove himself as better than Calzaghe?? At the moment he is fighting a blown up middleweight who has been beaten twice by someone B Hop destroyed and Joe beat Hopkins so while i applaud Froch for having the heart and desire to go to the USA in his 1st fight, i don't think a win over Taylor will prove as much as he thinks. Kessler is widely regared as the No 1 operator in the super middle division so to be thought of as the best, Froch needs to beat him but even if he does, what will it prove??? Calzaghe beat him pretty easily bar a shaky 3 opening rounds and according to Froch Calzaghe was the "worst world Champion ever" so using Froch's logic it isn't really a great achievement. Unless he shuts up soon i think his comments could actually start to affect his own career / legacy if he is ever to have one!

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