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Nadal best ever?

Masters Series
by oscarmcmc (U13777083) 18 April 2009
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Is Nadal able to become best of all times?

Age 22 and already did something that the likes of Federer didn't, this is winning a Grand Slam on each surface. Not to mention that he has already 6 GS and over 30 titles. His game seems to improve faster than the rest. What do you guys think?

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posted Apr 19, 2009

Nadal could be the greatest of all time. Obviously not yet, but could be.

It's silly to predict the future, though. Remember when Federer was in his prime years, how people were predicting he'd reach 17/18? And his game deteriorated so rapidly.

I do hope Nadal plays for a long time though, he is a magnificent talent. His mental toughness would is beyond legendary.

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comment by ko8720 (U13924483)

posted Apr 19, 2009

Surface. It's all about surface. So far, so good. I'm a Rafa man all the way.

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posted Apr 19, 2009


We are waiting for to to add a comment to your "Barry Cowan: Disgrace" article

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posted Apr 19, 2009

Well some times its ridiculouis to think just by winning one or two tournaments that murray will be the future world No.1. I dont think so. As far as nadal he didnt become world No.1 as easy as anybody you guys think he played every ball,every match as if its last ball or match in his life against federer. He fought bravely as in wimbledon,australian open to bring down the fall of roger.

He is the architect behind the fall of roger. Thats not easy as you guys think.He dislodged federer both mentally and physically.But both guys reserved their best for slams. May be roger playing bad in any other tournaments but when grand slam come he become some what invincible to every other player including murray except Rafa.

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posted Apr 19, 2009

The brand of tennis being played by Nadal is simply.....awesome....breathtaking.......incredible...incredulous......out-of-this-world.....
Having equalled Fed's record in the elite master's's only a matter of time that the grand slam's records will come tumbling down by the fierce might of Nadal's NADAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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posted Apr 20, 2009

Hi guys, and gals.

I've been reading the debate with interest. I do like the way you guys bring stats to bear on the debate. But one stat is pretty much foremost in my mind.

Murray is the most improved player on the tour. No argument, no question.

He played the best ever clay courter today and had him in trouble in the 2nd set.

Given that Murray's modus operandi is working out a players game and then gradually taking it apart, would this second set not give some strength to the argument that Murray, whilst a novice on clay, has in some way begun to get the measure of Nadal?

I am a Murray supporter, and you can read into that what you wish, but I am also a Nadal supporter. Federer not so much now.

I think the question that needs to be asked, and it is pure conjecture, but that's what's so fun about this, the question is - When Murray beats Nadal on clay for the first time, and he will at some point in there respective careers, the next game he plays against Nadal will tell us far more than the initial win.

Murray has developed a habit, a very good one, of picking apart the other top players game. For instance, how many of you would, if asked, be prepared to bet your house/salary etc on Djokovic beating Murray, on any surface? Or for that matter bet in favour of Federer beating Murray on any surface?

Once he beats someone he tends to continue beating them.

I accept that he froze/took stagefright at the US against Fed, but then, that was the last great match that Fed played in my opinion.

Murray's reputation on the tour is that of the best player at taking apart another players game. Can you see Roddick beating Murray again? Can you see Verdasco beating Murray again?

All these things may be possible, but they seem pretty unlikely, to me at least.

I posted here a while ago that I reckoned Murray would be world No.1 within 2-3 years. Nothing I saw today changed my mind.

Slams will come. Murray is very like Federer in his 'slow starter' style. I mean by that his career, not just his matches. But again, once he wins one slam, just like once he beats a player, I think he'll take multiple slams.

Nadal can stop him, at the moment I don't see anyone else out there that can, over a period of time.

He will have setbacks, every player does. But everything I see still points to Murray being No1 in the not too distant future.

And of the subject of gentlemen - Nadal is the most respected player on the tour, for his ability and his attitude. Everyone respects Federers record, but his attitude has been less than magnificent recently.

May the best man win.


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posted Apr 20, 2009

Has in common with Andy Murray? Its andy that idlizes Nadal, not the other way round..

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posted Apr 23, 2009

I think Nadal will remain at the top for perhaps a year or so. But it does appear that Murray will catch him. Rafa is not only injury-prone and has a tendency to become really exhausted by the end of the year, he also wants to do other things with his life. He wants to play soccer, fish and spend time with his family. I think he will burn out faster than Fed or some of the other great champions. Also, he is so competitive that I imagine he will want to retire when he begins to drop from the ratings.

Still love Federer and hope he comes back to win at least those two slams and RG, but Rafa is going to be king for awhile.

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posted Apr 25, 2009

NADAL you are truly magicbubblyrose for you

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posted Apr 25, 2009

Nadal was awesome again today.

Who cares what surface it is on?? Federer fans hail their hero as the best on grass, yet Nadal's imperious record on clay is somewhat negated as second rate.

The man is a tennis genius, love him or loathe him, he's the greatest of this time........

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