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New front runners in Shanghai

Formula One
by straitsfan (U9701085) 18 April 2009
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Well nice to see new front runners in shanghai as its proven that other teams are doing their homework and catching up with Brawn & Co. Vettel and webber proved their mettle to Adrian Newey once again. Both Ferrari and Mclaren have to go back to drawing board. Alonso again proves himself very clearly. Good show. It should be an interesting race to morrow.

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comment by karl27 (U6714350)

posted Apr 18, 2009

straits fan- yes its good to see ppl catching up but red bull has done some canges wich is good to see. yes ferrari do need to do alot of home work and in the pit lane on when and if to send drivers on another sprint on lap. as we saw last race massa wen out in quali 1. look again bad decsion from ferrari pit lane team esp after changen the fron man. still cant get massa out. mclaren i dont no what u mean they need to do there home work they have done lewis is alot faster than he was in previous races and done alot of changes if you look at quali 1 and 2 for lewis he was alot faster and very close to top quali 3 yes lewis has dropped alot there but you have to think about fuel they are carryin. red bull are running very short fuel brawn are runig more than red bull. the resaon for red bull doin this is to get as far away from rest of pack on lighter fuel so when they pit they could still be in the lead when come out if it works. lewis has got a heavier fuel load as he has since the start of the season. its all about how far they can go on the fuel and what they can do with the car. lewis can do alot same as brawn. for redbull i will be very shocked if they finish in the top3. why loo at the erros red bull are maken in the races. but we will all see a good race tomoz

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posted Apr 18, 2009

Well, we now know how they did it. I don't think they'll be able to get far enough in front of the Brawn cars in 9 0r 10 laps but we shall see.
One thing is certain this year, is we are going to continue to see fresh faces upfront, whilst the old guard are in some trouble.
One more thing seems certain. Whoever wins this title is going to have to drive their socks off and should be well deserved champions.
Methinks the FIA have finally got the rules about right for good exciting racing.

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posted Apr 18, 2009

Alonso is not really in the frame, very light on fuel, it looks like a Button, Barachello, Hamilton podium to me, possibly in that order, the VMM has lots of fuel on board and has improved pace.

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