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Can it be a new era for privateers?

Formula One
by Majlis (U13892575) 29 March 2009
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In the recession and economical downturn, I believe it is the perfect time for the F1 privateers to come back after long time to prove that it is possible with limited resources and creative team on board to dominate at least couple of races.

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posted Mar 29, 2009

Brawn have not proven anything as an independent.

The BGP001 is the product of the capital investment from Honda F1, the facilities of Honda F1, the staff of Honda F1.

BMW could have been sold to a privateer three weeks ago and the car would still have performed equally aswell today.

The question is can Brawn stand the test of time? Can they keep up with the pace of development set by the manufacturer backed squads? How will they cope with a workforce reduced from 700 to 450?

It's a romantic image of Brawn fighting with the big boys but the reality is the big boys (ex Honda F1) have put Brawn where it is and the team will steadily decline without significant sponser/manufacturer support.

Sorry to burst the bubble but it's true.

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posted Mar 29, 2009

Jersey - spot on and to add, they have a proven Merc engine and now Lord of the flies Branson has pumped money into the team with more to come after a 1, 2 finish. Brawn GP are nowhere near where Minardi were after years in F1

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posted Mar 29, 2009

The real achievement of Brawn is twofold -

1. There was the foundation of a very good car already developed for Honda, but (presumably?) getting that chassis to work with the new Mercedes engine and other new parts on very little testing is still a big challenge.
2. This is the big one - for drivers who thought they were out of work in February to deliver the way they did in March (especially Button - Barichello was very lucky to finish second) is brilliant.

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comment by Majlis (U13892575)

posted Mar 29, 2009

Jersey and Mr Creosote, no doubt it is big boys’ game - and even the independent teams are no longer small in number of budget. And yes I admit it that Brawn GP and their win today is a result of Honda's big investment in 2008 for this year’s car.

But again I would say that today’s race was sort of a turning point for privateers to compete like early days – maybe it is the economical recession that made the big boys spend less or may it was the new FIA rules.

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posted Mar 30, 2009

I dont think it was as much honda's investment as people believe, Honda have been throwning money at F1 for years. The major factor that the car is so good is down to Ross Brawn, This is the first car that he would have directly been in charge of and it show's.

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comment by Dek (U6913204)

posted Mar 30, 2009

is that the 'very good car' of last year which erm... was a bit useless?

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posted Mar 31, 2009

It may be wise to be cautious regarding Richard Branson's involvement in the Brawn team. I have seen reports that his investment so far may be as little as £200k, which is fantastic value for him given the publicity so far. That sort of money would not come close to buying a seasons wheel nuts for some teams!!
Brawn will stand or fall on how much big hitter and long term sponsorship money they manage to attract. His team have never had do do that in the past given access to Honda's largese, I do wonder weather they are geared up to maximise potential investment in the current climate. I certainly hope so!!

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posted Apr 13, 2009

I'm sure Honda will come back one day with Brawn. Who knows Honda and Brawn deal? Honda has history of run way from F1 and come back again. The reason Honda suddenly quit the F1 was they do not want whole Honda company in red. The Honda was looking forward more than one step for Honda company not just Honda racing team. By the way, we must fully credit to Ross Brawn. He is the genius. That's why Honda let him develop 2009 wining car. Ross Brawn said they have wining car for 2009 When Honda was still finding buyer. He is the best F1 engineer out there at the moment. I want too see Brawn win F1 championship for 2009.

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posted Apr 14, 2009

Ross Brawn obviously knows whats he's doing, he's been there, done that and got several t-shirts to show.

Cant believe people are saying Brawn is a small team, they are re badged Honda with less people.

For a privateer to enter F1 they will need min of £30M entry fee just to enter the championship. Develop a car / run 2 cars for 17 races and pay 3 drivers. Cant see that being cheap or I would be in F1 with my own F1.

What it does, after the FIA changed regulations is allow all teams to start from a clean slate. This is why this season so far has produced different teams scoring points from previous seasons. Eventually, the team with the best / most resources will come out on top, its just matter of time.

Brawn might have the fastest car now, do you seriously think McLaren and Ferrari will stay static for the whole season?!

They are the 2 biggest teams with the most resources, I expect them to be close to Brawn once the European leg starts in Spain.

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posted Apr 14, 2009

I really hope so. F1 has degenerated in the last few years with more scandals and shambolic rule changes than the sport can sustain. In my humble opinion it is time for a root and branch review from the FIA down to level the playing field and make this a sport that is not ruled by the motor manufacturers and 'old worthies' of the sport.

The start to the season has been epic, well at least a lot more exciting than the last few seasons. The FIA's new and very good rule that restricts testing has in my opinion played into the hands of smaller teams with less financial and technical resource but far stronger cultures of lateral thinking for problem solving. Or at least that is my view.

It would be spectacular to see one of the indies win the championship and I hope that the FIA makes absolutely sure that the big teams are no longer in a position to dominate, including the split of the funds to make that absolutely fair - something I understand is not the case at the moment.

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