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Sorry and Thankyou Sri Lanka

International Tests Pakistan
by U13857130 04 March 2009
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As a long and very passionate fan of Cricket and the Pakistan Team, I would like to sincerely apolagise to the great people of Sri Lanka, not least their cricketers.

In a time of isolation and confusion the Pakistan Cricket team was really down and under for being left on the sideline for 12 months. Many Pakistani supporters have been depressed at the sight of their nation who has a history of producing some of the greatest cricketers of all time being left in the wilderness.

Australia, England, India and other nations refused to come and play in Pakistan. Most Pakistanis saw this as a betrayel to their nation from its cricketing world community. Never in a million years would any Pakistani believe a cricketer or team would be harmed in Pakistan.

Then came along Mr Arjuna Ranatunga who insisted Sri Lanka would not hesitate to tour Pakistan. This was a major boost not only to the PCB who were short on cash but to the 100 million plus Pakistan cricket fanatics around the world.

Sri Lanka then played 3 ODI's in Pakistan which were a good contest and passed safely. After returning back for the test series the Sri Lankan batsmen were on top form and played brilliantly even though the match ended in a draw, it was great to see Test Match cricket back in Pakistan.

Then we had the awful and shameful act of March 3rd. Thankfully all the Sri Lankan players survived this vicious attack. However our hearts go out the families of those brave policemen who died.

The protection and security was not how it should be and the Pakistan government has disgraced its nation in not fully living up to its promises of security.

Even after the incident the way the Sri Lankan players and their fellow countrymen responsed was very gracious and philosophical. This goes to show the type of great people the Sri Lankans are, one for coming to tour and secondly for the way they have reacted after this awful event.

As for Pakistanis we are grateful no Sri Lankan was hurt. We would like to thank them and apologise to them for having to suffer this terrible event in our nation.

We will never forget you Sri Lankans and never forgive those who tried to hurt and you wish you the best of success in your future cricket matches.


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posted Mar 5, 2009

I completely echo 90's's first post. We have not forgotten the support that we got from both Pakistan & India when Australia & WI refused to tour to SL for 1996 world cup. So lets hope that there will be some relief soon for Pakistan cricket.

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posted Mar 5, 2009

We feel very sad and sorry for the Pakistani people because they are very friendly, humble and kind people as I noticed during the two test match as well. They holding both S.L. & Pakistan flags with banners welcoming "S.L. Team". Friends, do not worry as we (Sri Lankns) will be the first to step into your holy land for sure to play cricket once everything back to normal. In the meantime, I am afraid, you team must travel abroad, Abu dahbi, England, Australia to play cricket. This is more sensible than not playing cricket at all.

Peace & Joy to the world!!!

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posted Mar 5, 2009

Just I'm delighted to see them in 20-20 World cup.

And I hope they'll come back with fully fitted,
To one of intellegenced bowler, Mendis,
and Superb batman, Samaraweera.

Hope to see you soon, in field.

and Oh Thank you jesus(or ala, else)
for no one was not really seriously hurted.

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comment by Toe2Toe (U6288427)

posted Mar 5, 2009

I'm proud of the Sri Lankan players who conduct themselves with humility and respect as ambassadors of the country.

I'm also desperately sad for Pakistan as it is, like Sri Lanka a cricket loving nation and has produced some of the finest exponents of the game.

I pray that international cricket will return to Pakistan in the not too distant future.

Peace to all.

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posted Mar 5, 2009

Beautiful post livepak001. I hope Pakistan will take all necessary actions to hunt down terrorism in their country.

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comment by U13857130

posted Mar 5, 2009


Sadly I don't think the Pakistan government is capable of making the country a safe place with its current policies.

However the Pakistan government is not the only one to blame for the current situtation in the country.

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posted Mar 5, 2009

Are you guys nuts!!! Enough of this ass kissing. If any of the Sri Lankan players were mortally wounded we wouldn't be having this reaction to this incident. I think that the Sri Lankan government and the Ranatunga led SLCB made a very bad decision in sending their national team to Pakistan. No offense to Pakistanis, but I think you should think about why Australia, South Africa, and India refused to play in your country.

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posted Mar 5, 2009

As a cricket-loving Sri Lankan, it is great to hear that the team is recovering from their injuries.

However, I think the scars of Cricket in Pakistan will take longer to heal.

Whereas I doubt that we will ever truly know what really went on in those terrible minutes, and even though Chris Broad has condemned the security forces, what is known is that several officers gave their lives to protect the players and officials, and that should never be forgotten.

Added to the civilian deaths, it seems as if the locals were the hardest hit. I can't imagine what would happen if cricket in Sri Lanka was suspended, and likewise I can't imagine what the Pakistani fans must be feeling right now.

All I can say is that Pakistan have our full support in this time, and whilst Pakistan must put up with playing abroad for now, I do hope that the ICC, and all the other major governing bodies, along with the Pakistan government, will come together to form a proper solution for the future.

Pakistan zindabad...

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posted Mar 6, 2009

What sort of debate is this? a mutual backscratching. Look what Murali had said? and listen what Mr Butt had top say on Murali's comments and Broads comment, if you haven't had a scratch you have no bsiness to comment. So only when you die or take a bullet you have right to comment rather posthumously.
BCCI has always been kind to PCB and has helped them to clear their losses and make profits by arranging tours, but when you send another team to mumbai for carnage, its too much for us to tour.
And imagine what would have happened had it been Indian team instaed of lankans.
Moreover some people in pakistani establishment had a gaul to blame India for these attacks.
You guys will put the ostritch to shame.
Why wasn't the bus bullet proof? why wasn't an armed escort present in the bus?
Why weren't there layers of security?
Poor Policement died doing their duty.
I admire Pakistani cricketers and its sad to see their cricket suffer like that.
Guess who do their board blame? BCCI

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comment by Shaka (U7778711)

posted Mar 6, 2009

I as a Pakistani and a cricket fan would like to say sorry to the people and cricket team of Sri Lanka.

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