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Premier League Arsenal
by TopGooner91 (U13783978) 19 February 2009
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posted Feb 19, 2009

Wind ups aside you have to laugh at how Arsenal fans are trying to say Eduardo is worse than all the injuries United or anyone else had currently or in the past.

Alan Smith snapped his leg just as bad if not worse and he was our emergency cover (a striker) for Keane who had a broken foot and Giggs who was out long term injured, Scholes was blind in one eye for ages. Neville has been out for well over a year and he's our captain and Hargreaves is now out for the season and he cost us 17m and played in the CL final! How ARSEnal fans can say he's nto a regular or 1st teamer is beyond me. Hardly a fringe player is he.

Difference is with United we have other names an playes to come in. We don't moan, well I don't we just get on with it. How many times have people gone on about Hargreaves? Even when our whole defence was out we brought people in and got on with it.

We had to face KAKA/AC Milan in form with big defensive injuries but we're not going on about "what could have been" another CL final because we got over it and got to another semi final/final and WON IT.

Come on Arsenal admit it, you don't have any big named players any more. Just in form nobodies. Van Persie is the ONLY played I'd have for our squad, not even you beloved Fabregas and certainly not Gallas the baby.

On their day Arsenal are a good team but they have no outstanding players, no flair or excitement.

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comment by renoog (U13513755)

posted Feb 19, 2009

Sirmattsway (U7847609), great example of why Man Utd fans are the most loved across the country

"...we are the best..we don't guys are babies...your players are rubbish etc etc etc"

Wouldn't surprise me if you were another southern Man Utd fan who claims to support them because your grandad did

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posted Feb 19, 2009

Erm, Sirmatt - I think you'll find that Fergie himself put the 12 point lead you lost to Arsenal in '98 was due to injuries (he wasn't moaning - neither am I, just stating), and that he also said Arsenal lost too many players to injury last season - that's Fergie saying that.

The 4-0 fa cup didn't kill us off - why would the low of that not be surpassed by the high of spanking Milan 0-2 a few days later, the game we were obviously focusing on?? I think Utd lost in the next round, hardly dented their confidence???

I am not putting it all on Eduardo, but he was the straw. It left us too light along with everyone else. yes, all teams get injuries, not many teams lose 4 players off their team sheet for half a season (Diarra forced his way out, we didn't have time to replace him) along with all the other injuries.

If you'd lost the likes of Ronaldo long term last season and perhaps Tevez, you may still have won but it would've been harder. Anyone who believes you can win with your second team haven't got a clue.

Chelsea won 2 leagues when their team barely had an injury. I read that last season Arsenal had 74 injuries overall, United 50 odd, and Chelsea about 40. That stat doesn't take into account for how long or whatever but it makes a difference.

Utd are a great team, no doubt, but please don't make out they're streets ahead of everyone else. If Arsenal had beaten Utd at OT or if Terry hadn't slipped, you would've won nothing last season. It's a fine line, not a big gulf.

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comment by Ohound (U5480169)

posted Feb 19, 2009

injury shminjury. he is just taking a well earned rest.

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posted Feb 19, 2009

Sir matt's way is clearly the wrong way - Massive posts saying the same thing over and over again equals boring drivel. Go wa*k over fergie and man united somewhere else mate.

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posted Feb 20, 2009

The argument doesnt follow that Arsenal can blame their lack in the season to injuries. Arsene Wenger is said to be the wizard of managing players from nothings to somethings, which in turn enhances Arsenal. When one drops out, then there is another to replace. Look at Man Utd. Neville drops out, Brown fills in, or Rafael. Evra drops out, O'Shea fills in, Ferdinand drops out, Evans came in, Welback slots in upfront, Tevez comes in if Berbatov or Rooney drop out. The absence has hardly been noticed due to the quality in the squad.

We dont have the same as such with Liverpool. One or two areas are still questionable but what we do have is grit and determination. Arbeloa is versatile to cover both full-back slots, we usually play three central midfielders but if one drops out we can revert to two ina 4-4-2. Kuyt, Riera, Babel, Benayoun can operate on the wings, El Zhar too, while there is also Babel and Ngog upfront in the absence of Torres along with Kuyt.

Arsenal should have been able to manage with Wenger at the helm. Many have chosen to snap at Rafa for Liverpool not pushing for the title stronger than they should have been. Arsenal fans have pointed at Wenger previously, could it be there where the season has dropped rather than at the missing players?

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comment by dazzler (U6744199)

posted Feb 20, 2009

The fact is Wenger can't obtain levels of brilliance from his squad players as SAF does from his own crop. Like Arsenal, Wenger is just overhyped!!

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posted Feb 20, 2009

simple as this we would have won the league if the incident did not happen to eduardo

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posted Feb 20, 2009

comment by henry_eduardo (U9347758)
posted Just Now

simple as this we would have won the league if the incident did not happen to eduardo
it's not as simple as that though is it?

wenger will go down as one of the greats and it's important to remember where they were before he arrived........ nowhere near challenging for championships or even the top four.

he has an incredible record of bringing youngsters through but it catches up to you when you lose players of the calibre that arsenal have lost.

players like a thierry henry, a patrick viera or an ashley cole for example, don't grow on trees

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posted Feb 25, 2009

comment by henry_eduardo (U9347758)
posted 4 Days Ago

simple as this we would have won the league if the incident did not happen to eduardo

Sorry to be drawn on this issue.. but i felt the need to comment. First of all, in relation to the comment i have copied and pasted.. are you admitting that your a one man team, as your saying Eduardo's ill fate was your downfall? One player...

Second of all, for all those fans who say injuries to their teams are the reason that they cannot push on as much as they would like.. take a long hard look at Everton! Yakubu, Saha, Cahill, Pienaar, Osman, Vaughan, Anichebe, Hibbert. 8 Players there who are first team quality, and have all had lenghty spells on the sideline.. Yakubu, Hibbert, Vaughan and Pienaar certanly have lenghty spells.. but as a unit.. our team pulls together.. Versatility is a feature... as we have had Cahill playing up front, Neville playing right mid, right back and centre mid this season.. we don't have any "special" players to the standards of the "sky 4", but we just get on with it!

So ill finish with a question.. if a squad as bare thin as "cash-strapped" Everton can be pushing for Europe... and pushing Arsenal for 5th place... with all them injuries i mentioned, and no money to cover the vacant positions... how can Arsenal not seem to be able to do this?

I personally admire Man Utd.. and as an Everton fan that might sound strange.. but the fact that Utd have had injury concerns this season.. Ronaldo, Rooney, Ferdinand, O'Shea.. Neville, Brown, Etc... yet they are going to win the title this season! And i hope they do... hats off to them.. To the rest, mainly Arsenal and Chelsea fans... get a grip of yourselves, and admit to the fact that maybe your team aren't worthy of winning the title!!!!!

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