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Congratulations to both sides

by Gazarago (U13722331) 14 February 2009
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What a game of rugby.
The type of contest which make us love this game so much.
Right team won mind!
Can we dream of another Grand Slam!!!

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posted Feb 16, 2009

Having got a ticket at 9am on Saturday I was of course delighted. The game was great full of passion and desire from both sides. England may well have silenced their own supporters! The score in my opinion did not reflect the possession we had, but thats the way its goes. Personaly another 10 to 15mins and we would have scored again. Our fitness is up there with the best of, if not the best!

By the way there was a fiar amount of English support in the ground!!!!!

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posted Feb 16, 2009

This was a fantastic test match. I am disappointed by English fans who thought that they should have won the game. We English have never had the ability to lose graciously.
Wales were the better team, 'managed' us better and changed the game plan when England were clearly well briefed/coached to Wales' strengths and weaknesses.

This might not be the new dawn for English rugby. The French and Irish will be tough challenges. The Major

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posted Feb 16, 2009

Here's a quote from one poster. Have I missed something?

"The pass for the Welsh try went forward but that does not make it a forward pass actually. Forward momentum does that to the ball in the air and if you watch TriNations and Super 14 you see that sort of pass all the time now."

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posted Feb 16, 2009

The pass which made the Welsh try was not forward.

Have a squint on iPlayer to confirm.

Tee hee!

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posted Feb 16, 2009

The pass that made the Welsh try may othave been forward but the move was started by a Welsh player entering the uc from the side and not being punished. At least that is wat it looks like on BBC interactive replay.

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posted Feb 17, 2009

I don't know if this unbiased or just me being... well me, but I hope England beat Ireland and Italy beat Scotland and obvioulsly Wales beat France. Not too sure about any of those results though

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posted Feb 18, 2009

How refreshing to hear the Saes moaning about the ref.
It's frankly quite wierd but I think all the downplaying of England's chances during the build up(almost entirely by Ex English Internationals) contributed to the slight bias.
Gatland has pointed out this phenomenon in the past ie when a ref hears that one team will be favorites and the other can only win through spoiling then he's extra vigilant and most 50/50 decisions go against the underdogs.

The irony is that I've been pointing this out for years when it's gone against Wales and for England, and there's been nothing but gloating, guffaws and accusations of being a sore loser.

We had the best of the 50/50s on saturday but England deserved both their yellows and Wales were worthy winners in the end. Long may it continue.

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posted Feb 23, 2009

cafnyfelin (U1719262)

Probably too late to read this. Since this blog looks like it has ended.

However, I must pull you up on the point about yellows. Firstly, Andy Goode did not deserve his for two reasons - firstly the ridiculous forward pass in the build up by Wales should have been blown up before Goode's tackle - then the offence should not have been deemed as such, because Goode was on his feet.

The ref was itching to blow his whistle.

The ref did have a very poor game, and I suspect you are right - From the word go, Kaplin was eagre to blow up everything England did.

That aside though, England did not lose because of the referring - they lost because they cannot play intelligent rugby. They simply cannot respond to what is happening in front of them.

They didn't challenge the lineout, Goode kicked too much, and the Second Rows are not used at all to the level they should be.

Quite poor really.

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posted Feb 23, 2009

End ELV Rules befor e thy dtry the game for good

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posted Feb 23, 2009

That was supposed to read
End ELV Rules before they destroy the game

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