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The spanish side

World Cup England
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The passing from some of the spanish tonight is something really special.

But anyway watching the game was thinking that compared to most other teams around the world (national sides) I think every one apart from Beckham in the England squad plays in the premier league. When Spain have got Fabregas Alonso and Torres playing abroad for example. Just thinking that England must be the most populated locally side in the world, only team i could think to rival it would be Italy perhaps?

Cmon staticians! (spelling)

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posted Feb 12, 2009

Why are people saying England are way off being a great side? They only fielded a reserve team last night!
John Terry and Ashley Cole were the only ones who started the game that are guaranteed starters.
Rooney, Gerrard, Ferdinand, Joe Cole, Walcott, Brown/ Neville, Owen, Hargreaves all missed the game. And Lampard only came on as sub.
All these players are world class and are major players.
Imagine how Spain would cope if you took Torres, Villa, Iniesta, Xavi, Ramos and Cassilas out of the team and played the remaining of the team against Englands best 11! I think it would be a major blow to the spanish, just like England having 7/8 first team starters missing last night.
England have a great team and you can only judge them when they have the majority of the team fit and playing.
We should have learned by now that England don't do friendlies!
It will be alot different when they field the strongest team in a competetive game.

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posted Feb 12, 2009

When we couldn't pass through Spain we had to go for the long-ball, Agbonlahor couldn't catch a few of those and wasn't used fairly.

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posted Feb 12, 2009

Sorry mate, I think you are wrong, I wish England would have played with their best 11. But remember, Spain played 35 mins without Villa, Torres and Casillas. Silva wasnīt there from the start. Puyol and Fabregas didnīt play at all. Spanish bench is as impresive as the main team.

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posted Feb 13, 2009

Firstly... Beckham.. when he came on was by far our best player... correct.. he didnt come on and set the world on fire, but in the whole 45 mins he played he only give the ball away once. He was also the guy who made the "killer" pass to cole, who spurned his oppertunity. You ask any top class manager.. Ball retention is vitally important to success. However, What really sickens me is this constant over rating of players... Barry... SWP... Jagielka...Johnson.... Carrick. All were terrible. Just look at how often they gave it away. England also seemed to lack invention... i blame the personnel... barry n carrick arent creative... Xavi n iniesta were mentioned in the same vain as ronaldo and Kaka last season... we had Barry n carrick. And all of you expect us to compete??? hmmmmm.

Oh n who was at fault for the 2nd Goal..... no never... not the hero.... not the legend John terry.... nooooooo!!! Oh yes!!

Basically... Englands loss was down to 2 things... basic footballin errors i.e ball retention and marking, and also, the lack of quality in major positions.. i.e Gaz Baz and SWP.

Now i aynt slatin the team.... i slate the fans who over value the mediocre players we have.. and yet under value the beckhams of this world.

But it will happen again... the minute we lose a game to n e 1... capello will be blamed! SAME OLD SAME OLD!!!!

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posted Feb 13, 2009

Giggs' Curliest Chest Hair (U10656928) - if Beckham is so kack why is it that Ancelotti is urging Milan's owners to do whatever it takes to sign Beckham ?? <doh>

Beckham has brought a genuine spark to their side, they have not been on top form. His recent goal ensured a 1-1 draw for them.

To all those claiming England were without many key players, lets look into this:

Lampard - when was the last time he had a good game for England ?

Gerrard - when was the last time he had a good game for England ?

Hargreaves - played as right back and holding midfielder for his last few England games, not in a creative role. Carrick is holding midfielder of choice at Man U and he got made to look like a boy.

Walcott - had one good game for England against Croatia, now all of a sudden he is amazing.
Ferdinand - solid defender, but then, so is Puyol who also didn't play, evens that one out.

Owen - doesn't even get picked for England anymore.

Rooney - can't hold up the ball and his scoring record in the last 2 years is abysmal. Heskey provides more in attack than he does.

Brown/Neville - are you having a laugh ????

HYPE, it's a 4 letter word that some of you follow religiously, I suggest you put the tabloid press away and get a 'real' understanding of football. English players are NOT as good as you think.

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posted Feb 13, 2009

Spain started with their best 11 available apart from Silva! Fabregas is not a starter for them. He was a sub in the whole of Euro 2008 and only played in the final because Villa was injured.
Puyol is not in the same league as Ferdinand! Anyone who is a regular watcher of Spanish football knows this. There are constant question marks over his head by journalists and coaches. They would bite your hand off if they could have a Terry or Ferdinand in exchange.
And yes Spain took off their best players with 35 minutes to go, but the game was being played at a testimonial pace because of all the changes. It was a makeshift England team and you can't just expect them to click in a few minutes of football.

Frank Lampard- Described by Jose Mourinho as the best midfielder in the world. I guess he must be wrong then!

Steven Gerrard- Gus Hiddink said he should have won world player of the year! He must be wrong to!

Gary Neville- Described by Alex Ferguson as the best right back in the world! He must be wrong to!

Wes Brown- Played the whole of last season at right back for the team that won the League and Champions League. If he that bad, how come someone as smart as Ferguson plays him?

Hargreaves- Was the best player for England in 2006 World Cup in the holding midfield role! The only reason he played at right back was because he is an athlete and can do a good job when Brown and Neville was injured. Those were the words of Ferguson. And I guess you're saying Fergusson must be a mug because he already had Carrick before he bought Hargreaves. I think that tells you who he thinks is the chosen first choice. The only reason Carrick is a regular is because Hargreaves is injury prone.

Walcott- Destroyed Milan, destroyed Croatia and made the Liverpool defence look a joke in last seasons Champions League. And he plays every week for Arsenal this season. It's a bit more than one good game.

Owen- hasn't been fit for any of Capello's squads. There was only one squad where Owen could have possibly been considered when he had played 3 games for Newcastle. But Capello said he was not fit enough. Anyone who's ever played football knows you need atleast 6 games to be be considered mmatch fit. Everyone knows a fit Owen is a world class player. His record speaks for itself.

Rooney- Keeps Tevez out of the Man U side. Enough said!

Anyone who says that a team can have all these players missing and not have it affect them is having a laugh. They don't earn hundreds of thousands a week playing for the best club sides in the world for nothing.
According to Hothead somebody should tell Ferguson and Mourinho to put their newspapers away and get a real understanding of football. Because Rooney, Gerrard and Ferdinand aren't as good as they think!

Because of one bad game people are already putting England down. They should try watching Argentina or Brazil and see how they can't win a game to save their life in their qualifiers. Watch their games and see how many rubbish sides they've drawn to.

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posted Feb 13, 2009

Oh, and add Joe Cole to the England players who missed the game. The same Joe Cole who won the Chelsea player of the year.
A Chelsea team that got to the Champions League Final and only lost on penalties and only lost out on the league on the last day of the season.
But then again, people will probably jump on the bandwagon and say he's over rated to!

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posted Feb 13, 2009

if Beckham is so kack why is it that Ancelotti is urging Milan's owners to do whatever it takes to sign Beckham ??


Because Beckham is for PR, marketing and promoting.

Celebrity endorsement?

Just look at what he did for Madrid? Why do you think they stuck with him for all those years? He didn't do much on the pitch?

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posted Feb 13, 2009

Puyol questioned??? You make me laught.
Apart from that if you say that Puyol is not in the same league as Ferdinand, he should be one above. He is in the UEFA EURO 2008 Team of the Tournament, as Marchena is, who didnīt play until the min. 75.
Your comments about the English players might be right, they might be the best in the PL, but you should have a wider view. The world is big.

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posted Feb 13, 2009

Mate, I live in Spain! I watch La Liga every week!
The spanish would laugh at you if you said Puyol is better than Ferdinand and Terry! And they are spanish! Why on earth would they say that?
And as I said, coaches and journalists aren't convinced by him. Barcelona aren't a great team because of their defence. Pique couldn't even get a game for Man U yet he starts every week for Barca and is now in the Spain squad.
And remember Ferdinand is the heart and sole of a Man U team that haven't conceded a goal in 11 games.
Sergio Ramos on the other hand is up there with the best in the world!
And as for them getting in the Euro 2008 team, that's hardly suprising as the defending in that tournament on the whole was poor! Nearly every team in the tournament was leaking goals for fun.
I personally think Puyol is a good player, but he's definitely not as good as Ferdinand or Terry.
Both Xavi and Iniesta have said they think Gerrard and Lampard are the best central midfielders in the world.
As for your comment about players in the Premier League, it is by far the best league in the world. Other than the top sides in La Liga, the others are on a small budget. Therefore the majority of Europe's top talent plays in England. And that is proven by the domination of the Champions League by the english teams. And the England players in those teams are the back bones. Gerrard, Ferdinand, Rooney, Lampard, Ferdinand, etc, etc.
The world is big, but the best play in the Premiership. Apart from the top teams like Barca, Madrid, Milan etc. And this summer more top players will come and play in the Premiership. Already Aguero, Eto, Villa and Silva are heavily linked with moves to England for next year.
Spain are a great side, in my opinion the best in the world! But my argument is that England's best 11 is as good as anyone in the world. In a competitive game they would give any team a good game with their best team out.

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