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European Football AC Milan
by xaviniessi (U6800446) 01 February 2009
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beckham is playing really well again,this time against lazio and his assist has put milan 1-0 up at half a brazilian i am getting excited with pato and his recent performances i hope this boy is on form for the next world cup because we are going to need him as the main striker.

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comment by tru111 (U2869882)

posted Feb 3, 2009

This is funny!

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posted Feb 3, 2009


With your above post then - are you saying that you can compare Beckham to say a striker? Surely a forward can't be compared to a midfielder and a midfielder to a defender?

Maybe the only way you could compare them is with honours won? If so then Beckham could mix it with anybody!

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posted Feb 3, 2009

History will recall D B as a great player , a great captain ,a man who would never ever turn his back on the country he loves, only a bias fool would fail to see this, instead of holding him up to silly comparisoms with the likes of Ribbery, why dont you hold up the comparison with his attitude and that of people like Alan SHEARER or P Scholes two people who told their county thanks but no thanks.. BECKS would kill to play for his country, he is a man who has showed every one he will give everything for team and country..

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posted Feb 4, 2009

I think it's great for England and David Beckham to be back playing for the fantastic AC Milan no doubt the Beckham haters will say the manager Carlo Ancelotti and of course Fabio Capello are not as clever as them why would they pick someone who is past it can't run etc.etc.
Get a life boys watch Beckham you might learn something about commitment and dedication

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posted Feb 4, 2009

comment by closingcircles (U12214485)
posted 21 Hours Ago

comment by DeportivoPicto (U7402939)
posted Yesterday

Fair play to Becks. Never afraid of a challenge and gives nothing but 100% commitment.
all i did was give u an example of becks jumping out of a tackle. so dry ur eyes u patriotic gimps....i actually like beckham and he gives his all for his country ...england wont win anything with him a a winger would think a lesson would be learned

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posted Feb 4, 2009

england v argentina. WC2002

England win a penalty

and beckham steps up and scores.

you can see from his reaction what it meant to him, to gain retribution from 4 years before, to make it up to EVERY england fan.

Most players would have shy'd away from the responsibility, not becks, it just made him better

The man is a legend.

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comment by Red_5 (U1579027)

posted Feb 4, 2009

YOu have to give Beckham credit for trying to fight his way back into the england team, instead of enjoying the end of season sunning himself on holiday he is willing to work and show he can still cut it for England, this is not greed as some people has pointed out but passion to play for his country, something that is lacking sometimes with other players.

Yes agreed he is not as fast as he used to be but please name another englishman that is capable of precise passing?

I am not a beckham fan but its clear to see he has the desire and capability to get back in the england squad.

And for the people that think he is only interested in money, to move to Milan he will probably be taking a pay cut.

Nice one becks perfect way of answering your critics.

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posted Feb 4, 2009

I think it's great for Becks to be playing as well and for as long as he is. Not long ago there were those that stated he could not play at the level of football required to be part of the England squad. Hell, the way England has performed in the recent past is not saying much. Not that's he trying to disprove folks, but he is. His condidtion is great, his ball skills still as good as always. And the one thing he has that not one other player on the England squad has is the desire and love to play the game and represent his country. You could take all the money and possessions away from this man and if he could still play footy he;d be a happy man!!

Now for those to say that he's playing in a "geriatric league and fits right in" is garbage!! When will these Becks haters shut up! That league of geriatrics produced a World Cup winning side!

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comment by aflfan (U7799563)

posted Feb 10, 2009

Just another Ian Bell but in the football world.

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posted Feb 24, 2009

I can tell you one thing ab out David Beckham and that is that he woulsd not hold the FA to ramsom like Alan Shearer did over that business with Neil Lennon.Do you remember when he kicked Neil Lennon in the head and threatened to retire from the England team if the FA sanctioned him?

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