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Hatton's Dillusional

Pound for pound
by fireysuperjoe (U12683690) 29 January 2009
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Just watched an interview on sky where Ricky Hatton has claimed he will be the best pound for pound fighter in the world when he beats Pac Man. Is it just me or does anyone else find that laughable?

Even if Hatton does beat pac man (which I think he has a good chance of doing) surely he wont be recognised as the legitamte pound for pound king. After being systamatically beaten by PBF, he stumbled to a win against Juan Lazcano and then put on a good performance against Malinaggi. This is not the kind of run that would see him crowned the pound for pound king in my opinion.

If pac man does get beat in my opinion Juan Manual Marquez would take over the mantle of P4P number 1, with Hatton maybe in the top 5

Your thought appreciated

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comment by PNUT77 (U13806594)

posted Jan 31, 2009

D E L U S I O N A L , Dillusional is a pickle !

I agree. Even if he beat Pac-Man ,which he won't, it still wouldn't make him the P4P king.

What ,if anything,do you think the revelations of Margaritos cast wrapped hands do to Cottos P4P rating ?
I'd bet dollars to donuts that Margarito cheated in the Cotto and Cintron fights. After losing to Williams and the close fight with Clottey, he becomes the second coming of Trinidad ? Too suspect IMO. Why cheat vs an old,supposedly washed up Mosley and not against two young lions,who both looked like they'd been through a meat grinder after the fights ? I find Margarito guilty !

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comment by ted (U6576923)

posted Jan 31, 2009




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posted Feb 1, 2009

Ok. We chat b*****s! hahaha

Lets look at some FACTS! Not a loud of biased people talking rubbish!

-Hatton best lww in world. Which he has never lost at...fighting some big names such as Tszyu, Castillo, Urango, Phillips, Lazcano. (THIS IS THE WEIGHT PAC IS CHALLENGING THE GREAT THAT IS HATTON AT)

-HATTON is far more powerful that pac...if the fight turns into a punch fest then theres only one winner. Just like theres only one RICKY HATTON.

-Hatton is a better inside fighter. FACT!

-Hatton is stronger!

-Hatton has a better record, only losing 1 the mayweather. whereas pacs is terrible losing 5 (including the 2 he lost to jmm) with 1 draw. Hes beaten a spent force in dlh, beaten diaz (Average), beaten barrera (over-the-hill), then there arent many more names????????????

Hatton to win via k.o

if not then HATTON "THE PITBULL" to win via close majority decision.

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posted Feb 2, 2009

Hatton's a slugger, a very brave one with lots of heart and strength but a slugger nether the less.

I'd say he has a claim to be the 'hardest' boxer in the world but not the best.

I don't think he is the same man since his defeat to Mayweather. He went into it with a poor plan but even if he had gone in with a good plan he wouldn't have beaten Mayweather.

Hatton before the loss to Mayweather would be favourite to defeat Pacquiao; Since that loss I now make Pacquiao the favourite.

Hatton has proved himself in the top class but he has always had to dig deep. I do not beleive he has that resolve now and niether does he beleive it; his words sound hollow and he knows it.

Pacquiao on points by a decent margin and last fight for Hatton the Hero.

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posted Feb 2, 2009

Hatton will win this one....his speed is underestimated, Malignaggi was known as a speedy but light punching fighter, he was closed down quickly enough, and made to miss on a few occassions. Manny didnt beat the best lightweight in Campbell and Oscar garbage can De La Hoya was an obvious to all shadow of his former self, having not fought at such a low weight for nearly a decade. Manny is the P4P champ without doubt but Hatton at 140 wont be beaten by the Pacman, Hatton to win by stoppage!

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posted Feb 3, 2009

Agree with Skunky, Pacquiao is P4P because of his achievement. Hatton is a step too far at LWW and his punch resilience and then punching power will be too much for Manny's smaller frame. However this isn't Conkers, Hatton beating Pacman does not mean that Pacman's achievements become Hattons!

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comment by pugJay (U13813292)

posted Feb 3, 2009

Pacman has got to be favourite to win this one. Superior speed and footwork will be decisive. Hatton has fantastic bodyshots but whether he can get those off against Pacquiao, who certainly won't be hanging round to cop them, is another story. Needless to say it will be a corker!

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comment by ccfc05 (U2099292)

posted Feb 5, 2009

Pac Man will beat Hatton, should be entertaining both of them giving it a right go, but Pac man is the better fighter of the two. On the inside hes stronger and hits harder and on the outside hes quicker and he can take a punch or two, it will be interesting to see how Pac man copes if Hatton catches him a few to the body, should be a great fight, backing Pac Man to win by KO in the later rounds

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