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England Team for Six Nations; Final Team

by blue4ever (U10633533) 27 January 2009
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This is the England Team voted for by 606- (Although sent home, D Armitage won the vote for Full Back with 84.8%)

1.Sheridan (87.5%)
2.Hartley (54%)
3.Vickery (86.3%)
4.Kennedy (100)
5.Borthwick (40%)
6.Croft (67%)
7.Armitage (48%)
8.Haskell (46%)

9.Care (76.7%)
10.Cipriani (43%)
11.Cueto (56%)
12.Geraghty (48%)
13.Tindall (57%)
14.Sackey (60%)
15.Armitage (84.8%)

16.White (now Stevens is out)

Last thing to do is vote for Captain, although MJ has already named Borthwick as captain. These are what i think are the choices. (use voting system to vote)
5 star for Borthwick
4 star for Vickery
3 star for Haskell
2 star for Tindall and
1 star for Cueto

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comment by Nathan (U9208515)

posted Jan 28, 2009

That team is terrible! Johnno gave cipriani 4 matches to prove he could play at test match level and he BLEW IT SO BADLY HE GOT DUMPED BEFORE NZ!

We may as well just pack up and go home if we're going to have the human turnstyle at ten!

Sergio Parise will be having wet dreams about running inbetween Cipriani and Geraughty. Did you guys even watch the autumn tests????

9, care
10, Geraughty

11, Monye
12, Tindall
13, Armitage
14, Ojo
15, Morgan

Thats a winning backline!

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posted Jan 28, 2009

Centre and Lock seem to be real problems for England eh? None of the viable partnerships really seem to make any sort of rugby sense. The most logical lock combo for me would be Shaw and Kennedy - but we can't leave skipper Borthwick out. Likewise centres would be a currenlty in vogue bash it up inside and line breaker outside, a la Tindall Tait. But we all know that wouldn't work - we call all remember how rubbish Tindall is as a passing 12. Thoughts?

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posted Jan 28, 2009

Agreed. Tindall is playing well at present but at 13 where I would prefer to see Armitage. Now, do you want a second play maker at 12 or a big biffer? Can't think of a latter so I would opt for Geraghty and let him and Armitage get game time together for club and country if Johnson can use his influence.

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posted Jan 28, 2009

England wooden spoonist, do me a favour, u r a clown!
i cant ever remember having that tag in my life, im sure we have, anyone know when it was?
Wales have certainly had it a few times, even when they avoid it its usually only on points!!!!
bar their 2 grandslams i dont think they have even finished in teh top half of the table.....
1 GS they think they are world beaters......

wont rate them till they win a RWC - wont happen, not in my life time!!

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posted Jan 28, 2009

Glad Cueto is back in the fold for his try scoreing, but he lost his place because his defence is poor. Unfortunately that bad trait is back as shown in recent club games where he missed vital tackles and the opponents scored. Bet that made MJ think !

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posted Jan 28, 2009

Hookyhooks - You are right about Wales never winning a World Cup. Not in my lifetime either. But that is not really the point of this article.

I like the fact the coaching team are giving Armitage, Kennedy and Tait game time. Although with Tait, I expect its more out of not being required. The other two should be starters and we need them sharp.

As for the centre debate - I agree that we lack any logical choice for a combination of reasons:

1 The selection over the last 5 years has been so myopic and bitty that one stand out contender never emerged. Just when Tait looked good - gone. Simpson Daniel - gone.

2 Style of play. It hasn't really mattered who we have at 13 when the ball rarely gets there anyway.

The first thing is to work out what we want the 12 and 13 to do. Then pick the best players for those roles. We have had Geraghty and Tindall at 12, Noon and Simpson Daniel at 13 - its stupid.

You can't pick a style of play then expect two completely different players to do the job! Thats insane.

5 years of pants rugby backs me up.

Johnson OUT

Me IN.

I will show you all!

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posted Jan 28, 2009

I noted the comment about England lacking leadership on the "trio released" article on the main website. The writer of that is absolutely right and absolutely worng. Right because England do lack leadership, wrong because he has been, like the rest of us over the 1999 - 2003 period, spoilt rotten. 1999-2003 had, in order of raw leadership talent: Dayglo, Johnson, Hill, Back, Dawson, Leonard and a pelethora of players who weren't afraid to have an opinion and collectively had a buring desire to win.
There is not that kind or depth of leadership in the current England squad, or indeed any other bar maybe NZ and SA and even then I would not think as much depth.
We have to be realistic. There is enough leadership developing in the English squad and with Rees back, that will be better again. Cipriani depsite my reservations about his attitude has leadership a plenty when he gets his swagger back and Haskell is the closest we have, despite his massive drop off in form, to Dayglo. I would not have Borthwick as captain, not because he is not a good captain, he clearly is else the players in the Bath, Sarries and England dressing rooms would have said something after all these years between those three. I just would not have him doing more than warming a bench, so he cannot captain from there. For what its worth, I'd have Easter as Capatin now. Watch him at Quinns. He is the heart of that side. Not the captain, but he is the heart - Evans may have scored, but on whose back did Quinns get carried up the paddock against Stade in both legs? WHat England need is heart, not tact, not well thought out speeches. Just follow me, heart on sleeve. Easter for England 8, the only player RWC champs South Africa would take from the England team, ergo our only world class player. Easter for captain it is then, ably assisted, when available, by Rees and Cipriani.

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posted Jan 28, 2009

Here we go, not even started and its falling apart!
Im worried about our front row options and leadership in general. As a Sarries fan I can say Im not convinced Borthwick is correct choice as captain or even England at all. White coming back will just give more penalties away I fear. I wonder how David Flatman is doing at Bath? I always thought he would make a good England front rower but suffered greatly with injuries. I think we are still mixing too much old with new? Long way to go still, hey ho dont give up!

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posted Jan 28, 2009

Just a thought on the Cipriani situation, I think his position at this stage of his career could well be 13. At outside centre he avoids the heavy traffic coming his way (he is getting very exposed by back rows and inside centres running down his channel). At outside centre he has the freedom to use his pace in attack, also a little more time to use his vision and passing game to bring others (namely our underused wingers) into the game.

His pace is also useful in defence here as he does not seem to have quite such defensive frailty when chasing back. If anyone watched Wasps v Castre over the weekend you will have seen Cipriai use his pace and extra time on the ball to pick on 2 forwrds in the opposition backline to score a great try. Wasps quite often use him in the 13 position when in attack to do just this.

It is also worth remembering that the 2 best outside halfs in the world at the moment (Dan Carter and Matt Gitau started international life as centres)

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comment by U13680919

posted Feb 1, 2009

By the way, - it is widely thought that England will lose so badly in the rugby series it will be a monumental embarassment. Read some of the rugby press on what they think. Ireland, Wales and Scotland all the way. England need to sack their executive, bring in those that know the game and take it from there. I even think Italy will kick their azzes, I can;t wait for that (popcorn in hand, beers in the chiller, shrimps and steaks on the barbie - cheers )but somehow, England may just eek a few more pens than Italy and steal another undeserved win, their only win I hope. yawns, zzzzzzzzzz, snoozes, please someone change TV stations - England are playing - arrrggghhhhhhhhhh. cheers

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