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mark davies.....

Premier League Bolton Wanderers
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.....signs oh my lord what are we doing

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posted Jan 26, 2009

england player by end of next season, im gonna go put a tenner on that.

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posted Jan 26, 2009

"How come, if he's such an accomplished player, who can ' walk ' straight into a Premiership side, he couldn't even get on the bench at Wolves"

You have to ask our manager that question.

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posted Jan 26, 2009

First of the gang and all the rest of you...MD is an extremely promising player and a probable future England mid-fielder. Folks down here don't have much time for him as he has 'bitten the hand that fed him'.He has had some horrible injuries but Wolves stuck by him because they knew they had a gem.They sent him to Leicester for match-fitness.So he gets fit and slaps in a transfer request.I believe you have someone from Wolves on your coaching staff who saw MD rise through the Molineux system.Whether he will 'walk straight into your first team'is debateable but believe me Megson has bought you a very good player.

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comment by Andy (U2086347)

posted Jan 26, 2009

Another crock brought in by idiot Megson. After blowing the entire transfer kitty on Elmander and Muamba he is swayed by his buffoon assistant manager, another ex Wolves employee into buying this crank.Not impressed.

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posted Jan 26, 2009

I was very impressed by him at Leicester. Good awareness, creative, strong tackle, good positioning - the kind of player you'd want to build your team around, Gerrard or Gareth Barry esque.

Step up to the next level and the premiership is a question mark though...

However he's only 20, and now back at full fitness if he can keep this I believe he will improve rapidly, especially alongside Nolan, who will give him the ability to push forward more!

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comment by tomkwah (U7896304)

posted Jan 27, 2009

Davies played for England under 19's at just 15. Saw him at Leicester and he was a long way better than anyone else in league one. only reason he didnt play at wolves was because he spent 2 years injured and needed match fitness. also I heard he fell out with mick mccarthy. I'll hedge my bets on him being signing of the January window.

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posted Jan 30, 2009

I saw Mark Davies whilst he was developing at Wolves. If his form back then and during his time at Leicester can be repeated, Bolton have got themselves a gem. Good Luck Sparky

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posted Feb 2, 2009

What is the point of having a youth academy if we are going to give players away to the likes of Bolton.He walked into a premier league side and did not look out place.Why?

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