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Transfer and Salary Caps

European Football Arsenal
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Europe's leading clubs and the game's European governing body Uefa have started preliminary discussions on curbing the amount of money that can be spent on player transfers or wages. (The Independent)

Is this a good thing? I think it probably is. We're no longer in a world where you simply have rich clubs and smaller clubs. Man U have always had money for example but other clubs have always competed, even if it came down to buying young players and building a team. But we're now in an era where mega wealthy foreign owners simply have no regard for prices and bid 100mm+ for players and offer them 500k a week because always it's an off market transaction, the sums are nothing compared to their wealth.And in the current economic climate, now seems as good a time as any to bring a dose of reality back to football.

I'm not sure how what is "too much" will be determined and that seems like a sticking point to me. But I like the principle. Of course, Platini's hatred of English clubs is behind this but things are getting out of hand...


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comment by millzi (U1800324)

posted Feb 7, 2009

thanks man!!

here was a chance for journalists to ask these questions!!
as its there job to ask tough questions but they seem to be all chummy and not question him...

now this part of his talk i'd question..

"There is big power in the Premier League and they do what they want, sometimes against the statutes of Fifa, but there isn't a bad rapport, it's a different philosophy."

yes as prem lets teams have nazi flag, signs,
monkey sounds groups in grounds!!

the journalists did not to there job...pra-ts

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posted Feb 7, 2009

Its wrong to compare banks to football clubs as they was most of the populations money with their reckless spending and if a club was go under like a bank they wouldnt get a state handout.

There are vested interests in UEFA that needs to be served.

They should of banned AC milan for 5 years from the champions league for corruption and relagated.

Sort out the 100 fines for clubs where fans cause trouble. Bring it upto 1m+ then you will see a difference.

Get rid of the europa league, i hate it.
I loved the UEFA Cup.

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posted Feb 7, 2009

If France had a league as successful as the Premiership and was generating the same money, excitement and world wide interest then Platini wouldn't be banging his drum.
This is just another example of the jealousy on the part of the French who resent the English success, they and the 'commissars' of EUFA will through Platini attempt to clip the wings of the Premier League and stop it being the world leader that it is.
The Russians tried a thing called Communism a few years back, restricted competition, made everything a level playing field with everyone equal, more attention payed to rules/restrictions than to ability and reward.....I didn't work.

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posted Feb 7, 2009

People are actually being anti- french here.Who said the french are jealous of the british? Well, go to france, and you woud realize they admire the premier leauge, but love their system,though low income generating, but highly efficient as it never fails to produce footballers who put france high in the football world.
Let Platini do his job of protecting european football from financial extravagance,and presserve football as a form of entertainment first, before income.True enough, some of his proposed policies seem strange to the brits.voice your concern instead of insulting people.
Like some people said,let the FA get out of UEFA.It's absolutely their won't be news that britain is towing away from an international organization......

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posted Feb 7, 2009

its well known frnech like to give others some lessons let him talk all he wants it smells like jealousy and hypocrisy

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comment by Ryan (U9328198)

posted Feb 7, 2009

All the transfer cap mean is that the top clubs won't get the players bought from them... its just a way to protect the real madrids, ac milans, barcelona's etc etc.

I never heard all this crying when real bought zidane.

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posted Feb 10, 2009

As a Manchester City supporter, I feel that Platini should keep his nose out of City's business. What right has he got to threaten teams with exclusion from European competitions because he doesn't approve of the way we do business? Does Sepp Blatter threaten some countries which exclusion from the World Cup because he doesn't like the way the countries are being run? NO so shut up Platini!


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posted Feb 10, 2009

It does seem like Platini is again just trying to spoil English success in football. But I have to agree that if he can somehow make a more level playing field, it would be more interesting. I also agree that bidding 100M+ for one player is immoral. On the other hand, I think the whole of the Aston Villa first eleven didn't cost that much all together, and are 3rd in the PL above Chelski and Arsenal! Maybe it would be more fair to try to introduce a wages cap, but not based on club income, as this is going to play into the hands of ManU, AC Milan, Real Madrid and Barcelona. There again, how can you police a wages cap? Some players contracts are very complicated, including "pay as you play" or bonuses for club success.... How would you control that? Besides all of this, How are you going to get around the rules of the EU? Any EU citizen can work anywhere, for any wage? If Bank CEO's who have bankrupted a company, and have to be bailed out with public money, and STILL give themselves bonuses, how on earth do you expect to control International Football clubs? I think he can rank and rave as much as he likes, his hands are firmly tied behind his back!

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