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De jong = signed

Premier League Manchester City
by BlueJack (U12710631) 21 January 2009
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Just incase you didn't notice :)

Just what we needed really, better signing than Kaka in a way.

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posted Jan 22, 2009

The FA are a disgrace for allowing this all to happen. Let me give an opinion here from a football neutral, my team are in the championship and playing extremely poor but at least we make our own money, spend fairly wisely and move about our business quietly.

Man City are becoming a laughing stock and quite frankly I am becoming fed up with this non-stop money spinning circus which dominates football at the moment - it is getting beyond a joke now and the FA should start doing something about it. I think salary caps along with maximum money transfers per season needs to come into play otherwise the likes of Man City and Chelsea will ruin young professionals coming through the ranks, the national team and stop lower league teams going bust.

I for one am becoming more and more despondent with football with all this ridiculous money being thrown about it is ruining the game

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posted Jan 22, 2009

You've got to laught at them, paying 18M for a player they could have got for 1.8M in 4 months time. Genius piece of business. Having said that, i agree with the post that in some ways this could be a better signing than Kaka may have been.

p.s....14M for Bellamy...roflmao.

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posted Jan 22, 2009

OH MY GIDDY AUNT! Furious St George, well pointed out, 18m for a player who will cost 1.8m in 4 months is stupidity.

For all the muppets moaning about money and wages, If the club as a business want to spend it, it is their business. At the end of the day, YOU all could have put the effort in to sport as youngsters and be earning those wages.

Our young players will see the rewards available at the top, and should be working hard to achieve it. If you want to win, you need the best players, if the best are foreign so be it, if the best are english, let them prove it.

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posted Jan 22, 2009

Yes, thevoiceofsport, this country's going to the dogs!
disgrace! outrage! If you ask me...! etc etc etc blah blah
do you write letters to the Mail by any chance?

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posted Jan 22, 2009

As far as I know he had signed a new contract with HSV in december. Jol is very disappointed to see him leave anyway. Glad HSV got paid well for one of their main players.
Its disgusting to have players leave in the middle of the season.

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comment by Dr Wang (U7768869)

posted Jan 22, 2009

I have to agree that there is a lot of rubbish on this thread. E.g. CPKAHL:-

"Manchester City - currently 11th in the Premier League, not in Europe, knocked out of the FA Cup;"

UEFA have correctly entered Manchester City into the knockout stages of the UEFA Cup so it's a shocker if they're not in europe.

The point is Hamburg may have a great history but City are now very, very, rich.

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comment by Rob (U7927081)

posted Jan 23, 2009

The country's ruined, footballs ruined, the end of the world is nigh!

I remember all this rubbish being spiouted when the Chelski revolution happened. did the world fall apart? No.
Have we got one of the best premier leagues in the world, with 4 english teams making the Champions league finals?

Shut ur trap you whinging nobodys - i for one welcome all the money and another team (even if it is citeh) joining the "big four". more big games, more competition, more satisfaction when United still thrash the whole of Europe.

peace out and grow up all jealous haters.

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posted Jan 24, 2009

I say stop the moaning, everyone keeps going on about how its going to effect home grown talent etc but can anyone remember when we had a ton of home grown talent? every few years we get a few players i.e your shearers in the 90, gerrards, lampard, rooneys in early 00s. Now its the ashley youngs, glen johnstons, walcotts of this world.

Why care who has the money to spend? im a Pompey fan, we were laughing last year with money, now look at us? these things go in circles with most clubs. Maybe City will stay rich for a while, bring some great players in and make the EPL a bit more entertaining, or maybe they wont. Im not a City fan, i dont care, i like good football even if that costs more than a small country - as long as its not tax payers money (are you listening Mr Brown) whos the loser?

Just think when you next fill up your car (except UTD fans) - maybe a few pence of this litre will help buy KAKA or whoever the next superstar signing could be.

Leave them to it, enjoy the footbal, shrug at the media circus! Ill only dislike City for a few days after they beat us but judging by this season that wont be anytime soon!

Peace :)

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posted Jan 26, 2009

De Jong will be a good signing. You can buy all the flare you want but without balance it is no use. He was good at Euro 2008 scrapping in the middle of the park and giving the ball to the attackers. Thats what you want, it allows the other players freedom to get forward.

Good signing, although paying 10 times what they could get him for in a few months is a bit of a joke.

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posted Jan 27, 2009

im so happy about this signing, i used to be a man united fan but now that city have all the money i decided to be a city fan, they have such a better future than man united. I am a glory hunter and i do admit it! What do you think about this?

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